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METAL FINISHING MODEL SHOP PROGRAM. by Evelina Rayas Senior Hazardous Substances Scientist DTSC And Dale Watkins Sheffield Platers A partnership project developed to create a “ model shop ” program to achieve pollution prevention goals at metal finishing businesses. Partnership Program.

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metal finishing model shop program



Evelina Rayas

Senior Hazardous Substances Scientist DTSC

And Dale Watkins

Sheffield Platers

A partnership project developed to create a “model shop” program to achieve pollution prevention goals at metal finishing businesses

partnership program
Partnership Program
  • Cal/EPA Department of Toxic Substances Control
  • City of Los Angeles, Department of Public Works Bureau of Sanitation
  • Metal Finishing Association of Southern California
  • City of Burbank Public Works
  • Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County
  • Orange County Sanitation District
program goals
Program Goals
  • Encourage the implementation of pollution prevention (P2) strategies at metal finishing businesses to achieve P2 goals
  • To provide compliance assistance to the participants to achieve model status
  • To be a multimedia P2 effort at metal finishing businesses
eligibility requirements
Eligibility Requirements
  • Any small, medium or large metal finishing business
  • Has NO pending enforcement action from any local or state agency*
  • Has fulfilled all terms of any prior enforcement actions taken against the business
  • Undergoing corrective action and is in good standing with their Consent Agreement

*May participate on a case by case basis as a condition of a settlement agreement

application submittal
Application Submittal
  • Upon receipt of a completed application DTSC conducts the following:
    • Review the application for completeness
    • Contact the applicant
    • Research the compliance history of the business. Coordinate internally with the various DTSC programs as well as externally with the various local agencies (i.e. US EPA, Sanitation Districts, CUPAs, etc.)
a commitment
A Commitment
  • As President and Environmental Officer, I spend 30% of my valuable time managing environmental & safety issues.
  • Why ? Because the nature of Metal Finishing businesses require a substantial commitment from the ownership to comply with the myriad of overlapping regulations.
  • My goal at Sheffield Platers is sustainable compliance

of our environmental & safety compliance programs.

  • My desired result is to have a family business sustaining environmental compliance for generations to come.
  • The same choice is yours.
initial p2 assessment
Initial P2 Assessment
  • Schedule a site visit
  • Meet with the business and assist them in the completion of the P2 self assessment
  • Provide P2 recommendations
  • Discuss with the businesses any observations of concern
  • Industry specific P2 training will be provided to the program applicants
  • Training will focus on those available P2 strategies as well as hazardous waste management compliance
verification assessment
Verification Assessment
  • P2 regional Seniors will conduct a Verification Assessment
  • Verification Assessment Checklist will be utilized to:
    • Verify P2 strategies implemented by the business
    • Ensure the business meets compliance model status
  • Checklist is point based system
  • Participants must achieve a minimum number of points (i.e. 150pts./200 pts.)
business recognition
Business Recognition
  • Business will receive a certificate of Pollution Prevention Achievement issued by DTSC
  • Recognition of the business will take place during National Pollution Prevention Week in September

or during April on Earth Day

  • Recognition will take place during a formal venue such as City Council Meeting, Industry

Association Meeting

  • DTSC will prepare and distribute a press release
  • A write up on the business’ P2 achievement will

be placed on the DTSC public website

benefits to program participants
Benefits to Program Participants
  • Receive formal Departmental recognition
  • Receive four hours of compliance assistance
  • Receive industry specific P2 training
  • Reduce the amount of pollution created by the business by implementing P2 strategies
metal plating loan guarantee program
Metal Plating Loan Guarantee Program

Nestor Correa

Pacific Coast Regional Financial Development Corporation representing the Business Transportation & Housing Agency

facility 9850 waples st san diego ca 92121
FACILITY 9850 WAPLES STSan Diego CA 92121
  • 20,000 sq ft Total
  • 150 Process Tanks
  • Zero Discharge to the POTW
tank waste treatment layout
Tank & Waste Treatment layout

Z:\Facilities\Floor maps Process Maps\FloorPlan.Map. Master Copy.xls

zero discharge to the potw
Our Choice !!!

Zero discharge to the POTW

No tiered permitting regs, if you recycle.

No industrial discharge permit

Cost of turnkey system $140,000+

Build yourself $40,000 to $70,000

OUR Technology


Carbon polishing

Ion exchange

Multi media


Hydroxide precipitation

Water Distillation unit

All other up-stream waste minimization techniques

City water use- 600 GPD

ZERODischarge to the POTW
the facility day to day activities
House keeping is critical,always paint floors, walls, containment walls, electrical conduit, tanks,roof. Everything needs to be painted.

Clean your floors, tanks, pumps, walls, pipes, tables, and work stations.

Train and re-train everyone for everything.

As an owner, I need to walk the floor hourly to check on all possible issues.

I tell my team associates that if you wouldn’t sleep with it or eat it, consider it hazardous waste.

Check all logs daily to ensure they are being properly maintained.

We must be intimately involved at all times.

When inspected, do not fight your battles at the door.

Join organizations that can help you fight the battle .

THE FACILITY Day to Day Activities
Video and DVD on Pollution Prevention for Metal Platers
  • The videos available on this web site are not downloadable. If you would like a copy in DVD format, please contact Natalie Marcanio via e-mail at or by calling (510) 540-3943.
road to complaince in conclusion
  • All platers must do their very best to comply and go beyond the regulations.
  • Call them in before enforcement show up.
  • We must fight a truthful and honorable battle for common sense regulatory burdens.
  • We must be active in our communities.
  • We must educate the public about our businesses.
  • We must invest the time to understand and comply with the regulations.
  • Our goal is a mutual beneficial relationship between platers and regulators, and the public
metal finishing model shop contact information
Metal Finishing Model Shop Contact Information

In Southern California

Evelina Rayas

Metal Finishing Model Shop Coordinator-Southern California

Cal/EPA Department of Toxic Substances Control

9211 Oakdale Avenue

Chatsworth, CA 91201


In Northern California

Natalie Marcanio

Metal Finishing Model Shop Coordinator-Northern California

Cal/EPA Department of Toxic Substances Control

1001 I Street Mailing Address: P.O. Box 806

Sacramento, CA 95812-28