freeport generating project project description
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Freeport Generating Project Project Description

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Freeport Generating Project Project Description - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Freeport Generating Project Project Description. Modernization projects at Power Plant #2 Developers – Freeport Electric and Selected Development Company

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freeport generating project project description
Freeport Generating ProjectProject Description
  • Modernization projects at Power Plant #2
  • Developers – Freeport Electric and Selected Development Company
  • Adjoining Facilities – (2) General Electric LM-6000s, simple cycle design represents state of the art efficient and clean power generation technology
  • Output
    • Freeport Electric 45-50 MW
    • Development Company 45-50 MW
  • Fuel – Natural Gas with a back up of Low Sulfur distillate oil
  • Decommission diesel units 1&2
  • Retention of existing combustion turbine for backup, emergency use only
freeport generating project village project purpose
Freeport Generating ProjectVillage Project Purpose
  • Meet Freeport Electric’s Installed Capacity Requirements for Long Island-based generation set by NY Independent System Operator (NYISO)
  • Replace older diesel generation at PP#2
  • Reduce Emissions
  • Moderate energy costs during peak load periods
  • Eliminate deficiency payments for Capacity
  • Improve Operating Capability
  • Provide capacity for future load and economic growth
freeport generating project developer project purpose
Freeport Generating ProjectDeveloper Project Purpose
  • Supply power utilizing environmentally competitive technology
  • Produce power at market competitive prices
  • Develop project with high level of reliability and operating flexibility to meet regional Long Island demand
  • Create generation resource base to support market objectives
freeport generating project key environmental permits and approvals
Freeport Generating ProjectKey Environmental Permits and Approvals
  • New York State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR)
  • New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Air Permit
  • Natural Gas Pipeline Route (New York State Public Service Commission – Article VII Review)
freeport generating project other environmental areas of concern
Freeport Generating ProjectOther Environmental Areas of Concern
  • Threatened and Endangered Species
  • Wetlands
  • Stormwater and Seasonal Storms
  • New York State Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation
freeport generating project air quality improvements
Freeport Generating ProjectAir Quality Improvements
  • Retirement of two existing, older, Fiat diesel generators
  • Installation of two efficient and clean firing GE LM6000 combustion turbines
  • Use of clean burning fuels to minimize emissions of sulfur dioxide (SO2) and particulate (PM10)
    • Natural gas as primary fuel
    • Low sulfur (0.05%) distillate oil as backup fuel if gas supply is interrupted
  • Use of state-of-the art emissions control systems
    • Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR) to control nitrogen oxides (NOx)
    • Oxidation catalyst to control carbon monoxide (CO)
freeport generating project air quality improvements1
Freeport Generating ProjectAir Quality Improvements
  • Use of higher stacks (170 feet above local ground level) near Good Engineering Practice stack height defined by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will minimize local impacts of emissions
  • Maximum predicted impacts of proposed LM6000 combustion turbines considered insignificant under EPA criteria
  • Potential to improve existing air quality on Long island through the displacement of power generation from existing, older technology and less efficient power plants
freeport generating project emissions controls
Freeport Generating ProjectEmissions Controls
  • New combustion turbines at Power Plant #2 will use state-of-the-art emissions control technology, good combustion practices, and clean burning fuel
  • New combustion turbines will achieve significantly lower emission rates relative to existing, older technology power plants
  • Advanced technologies (Selective Catalytic Reduction and water injection) will be used to control nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions
  • SCR control technology injects aqueous ammonia (solution of 81% water and 19% ammonia) to control NOx emissions
  • Aqueous ammonia has been transported to and used safely for more than a decade for a wide variety of purposes (e.g., agricultural uses, power plants)
  • An oxidation catalyst will be used to control emissions of carbon monoxide (CO)
  • Clean fuels (natural gas with very low sulfur distillate oil backup) will minimize emissions of sulfur dioxide (SO2) and fine particulate matter (PM10)
  • Continuous emissions monitors (CEMS) will be used to continuously monitor emissions of NOx
freeport generating project noise
Freeport Generating ProjectNoise
  • NYSDEC noise guidance document recommends increase in noise be limited to no more than 6 dba over existing levels
  • Village ordinance limits commercial industrial sources at neighboring residential-zoned uses, locations where people congregate, and other industrial zoned uses
freeport generating project project infrastructure requirements
Freeport Generating ProjectProject Infrastructure Requirements
  • Water Supply: 160,000 gallons / day (Peak Use)
  • Process Wastewater Discharge: 750 gallons / day
  • Solid Wastes (Non-Hazardous): No net change Above existing conditions
  • Traffic
    • Construction Phase
      • Impacts from Construction Traffic will be short term effects. Construction is scheduled for a maximum of 5-6 months.
      • During the peak construction period there will be a maximum of 150 workers per shift.
    • Operation Phase
      • No net change above existing conditions