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Focuser-secondary assembly

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Focuser-secondary assembly - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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MOONSILVER V: 6” f/5 t abletop telescope By Ross S ackett.

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6” f/5 tabletop telescope

By Ross Sackett

Commissioned for my brother-in-law Matthew, my design challenge was to build a compact telescope that fits in an airline-legal carry-on duffle, with enough room to spare for a weekend’s worth of clothes, a compact star atlas, and red LED flashlight.

This telescope is the fifth in my Moonsilver series, featuring a lightweight single-pole structure, compact focuser board and secondary assembly, and hybrid Dobsonian-fork mounting. Like a standard Dobsonian this is an “alt-az” telescope that moves vertically in altitude and horizontally in azimuth. However, unlike a conventional Dobsonian telescope, instead of two altitude arcs this design replaces one of the arcs with a pivot tightened by a tensioning knob, making it easier to hold the scope pointed at a particular elevation.

It uses a conventional Newtonian optical design, with a 6” f/5 primary mirror and small flat secondary. The commercial 1-1/4” helical crayford focuser is lightweight and compact.

The telescope is built of solid African mahogany and Baltic birch plywood covered in mahogany veneer. The dobsonian bearings are high-pressure laminate (Formica) running on Teflon pads. The azimuth and altitude pivots are brass bolts run through bronze bushings with brass washers and plastic knobs with nylon locking inserts.

Focuser-secondary assembly

Red-dot finder



Altitude pivot and

Knob (hidden)

Focuser lock


Primary mirror

Eyepiece lock

Secondary mirror

(partly hidden)


Altitude arc


Azimuth knob

Glare shield



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