An introduction to our dashboards
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An introduction to our dashboards - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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An introduction to our dashboards. Designed especially for non-Chinese viewers. How to start. Open the dashboard: “1. Restaurant Advisor”. Top 10 restaurants by category. Click on a category. Top 10 restaurants in the selected category sorted by:. Select one restaurant here.

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An introduction to our dashboards

An introduction to our dashboards

Designed especially for non-Chinese viewers

How to start
How to start

  • Open the dashboard: “1. Restaurant Advisor”

Top 10 restaurants by category

Click on a category

Top 10 restaurants in the selected category sorted by:

Select one restaurant here

Categories (like Chinese restaurants, cafeterias) and their popularities this month


Rising speed


Click here to open the homepage of the selected restaurant

History of the per capita expenditure, rating and popularity of the selected restaurant

Click on one dish

Top 10 dishes

Select a category

Top 10 dishes from this category

Top 10 restaurants featuring the selected dish

Trends on rating (X-axis), per capita cost (Y-axis), and popularity (bubble size) for the top 10 restaurants listed above



Restaurants that meet the specified requirement, sorted by the number of recommendations


Cost range

Pick a restaurant here

Information on the selected restaurant

Click here to open the next dashboard:

“1a. Customized advisor”


Driving distance from you (min.)

Num. of buses you need to take to get there



  • After clicking on that link, you should see:


Select the bus stops that are near your current location

The default answer are bus stops near the CTC office

Let’s rock!


They are calculated based on the bus stops you selected in the prompt

How to start1
How to start

Put all of your restaurants here

  • Open the dashboard: “1. Restaurant Advisor”

  • Open the dashboard: “2. Restaurant Monitor”

    • You should see:

Put all of your competitors’ restaurants here

Let’s rock!

List of your restaurants scaled by popularity

Major reasons for customers to go there

Most recommended food for this restaurant

Click on any restaurant

KPIs by month

Trends on rating, popularity and cost for this restaurant

Top 10 recommended food in your restaurant

Number of recommendations contributed by each of your restaurants to the food you selected on the left side

Click on any food

Historical trends on the popularity of the food you selected, with contributions made by each of your restaurants

Overall performance:

my restaurants vs. my competitors’

There are two lists of restaurants on the left, you pick one restaurant from each list, and get two corresponding lines on the right.

Can you figure out how did we achieve that?

(For users living in the future who think we are dumb: We were using MSTR v9.0. In our world, there were no such things like “Logical OR”/ “Set union” connector among selectors …)

Select one of your restaurants

Select one of your competitors’ restaurants

Side by sidecomparison of both restaurants: The blue line is for your restaurant, and the red is for your competitor’s