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Our School
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Our School

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  1. Our School A short presentation of Gimnasium no. 44 in Warsaw By Class IIIC

  2. In the beginning – Our School I

  3. A description of the School • Gimnasium is a Junior High School and it’s a specific kind of school in Poland. • Gimnasium has got 3 classes, so every student stays in Gimnasium for 3 years. • A typical class consists of about 25-30 students. • Every class has got it’s basic teacher – Tutor.

  4. History • Our school wasn’t Gymnasium but High School at the beginning • In 1905 there was walk-out organized in which students wanted Polish as a teaching language and change of the school programme. Because of that our school was one of the first Polish schools in our country and in 1905 it was the biggest High School where 1400 students studied in 27 classes. • in the same year High School moved to Smolna 30 street where it is located to these days • 1940 and 1941 - during World War II the school was closed by Germans • 1960 - building of the High School was divided into two parts: Jan Zamoyski High School and Elementary School. • 2000 – school system reorganization.This reformintroduced three year Gymnasium and in place of Elementary School our school became our Gymnasium number 44.

  5. Location • the center of Warsaw • the quarter Srodmiescie • Smolna 30 street • Near the Tango&Cash music club, Charles de Gaulle’a roundabout, National Museum, railway station

  6. School Year in Poland • The school year in Poland is divided into 2 terms. • We’ve got brakes for holidays and a 2 week brake between terms. • We especially love summer holidays -2 months of freedom (or not sometimes)

  7. Types of Schools in Poland

  8. Grading(in our school) The grading in our school is decided upon the number of percent and WSO – the school system of grading.

  9. We in Our School

  10. Schedule & Bells Here is the schedule of our class in the last term:D& bells :D

  11. Our Group • We are in the last class of gymnasium –junior high school. In this year we have to pass the gimnasium exams and decide about Liceum – high school, which we want to go to. • We are nice and funny, practically always.. • And.. Now You’ll see the description of ourselves.

  12. I My name is Filip. I live in Warsaw, Poland.I’m 15 and I’m the third class of gymnasium. I like squash and Italian food. HI, my name is Kamil. I’m in the third class of Junior High School, so I’m 15 years old. I’m interested in dancing, volleyball and music.

  13. II My name is Julia and I’m from Warsaw in Poland. I’m in the third class of Junior High School. I’ve got a mother Bogusia, a father Jarek and my younger brother Kuba. I practise rowing in the club “WTW”. I row in a boat with my best friend Asia. I like sport very much. My name is Asia. I’m 15 and I live in Warsaw. I go to school in Smolna Street. I like geography and PE. I’ve won the second place in the Polish rowing competition. I like sport very much.

  14. III My name is Marcin. I’m 15 years old. I live in Warsaw with my parents and an older sister. I like playing football and meeting with friends. My name is Piotr. I’m 15 years old and I live in Warsaw. I like playing computer games and playing football. I have older an older sister, whom I like.

  15. IV My name is Patrycja. I’m 16 years old and I’m keen on music. Ornithology and animals are my hobbies. In my free time I take care of my animals and play on the computer. I like walking and observing nature. In the future I want to be a vet. My name is Madzia, but at school nobody calls my like this. My friends call me Lisek or Gruszka:P I’m 16 years old. I love dancing, singing, meeting and fooling around with my “Dream team”:P However the best thing I like is smiling to other people and laughing with my class. I really love them

  16. V My name is Paulina. I’m 15 years old. I’m in the third class of gymnasium. I like playing basketball and volleyball. I like music and playing guitar too, I love meeting with my friends! My name is Marta. I’m 15 years old and I’m in the third class of gymnasium. My interests are playing basketball, volleyball and other sport, listening to music, watching TV. I really like meeting with my friends and going to the cinema and bowling with them.

  17. VI My name is Stasiek. I live near Warsaw in Sulejówek. I’m an only child of my father Boguś and my mother Ela. I like playing computer games and reading books. I’m 15 and I’m a student of gymnasium 44 in Warsaw. And at the end me – TM. My really name is .. never mind :D I’m interested in art (especially music and architecture). I’ve got few small net projects and I want to be an architect in my future. Now I’m learning professional drawing skill.

  18. VII Filip Piotrowski Maciek Malinowski

  19. VIII Our teacher – Mrs Anna Zawadzka

  20. Events in Our School • In our school there are lots of events and special days. • We will try to show some of them to You.

  21. Tanc Buda • In our school we have a dancing competitioncalled „Tanc Buda”. It’s started 4 years ago. • It’s one of the biggest events in our school. Many groups started in TB and the best one can win a Warsaw level competition in dance. It’s a very interesting and funny competition.

  22. Competitions • We have many sport competitions in basketball, volleyball and football between classes. During the first day of spring we have a sports day. Our school has a girls team in basketball and volleyball and a boys team in football.

  23. School trips • We go on many trips around Poland and in the begining of the third class we went to London.We visit fantastic, interesting, magical and beautiful places. We were in the mountains, Cracow and many other places.

  24. Films monthly • Once a month we have a meeting in the cinema called a film education, where we watch interesting old films. We always talk with Mr Andrzej, who is a film reviewer. On the one hand, it’s hard work, because we study about film and we have to write reviews about these films. On the other hand, it’s nice and amusing, because we sometimes watch funny films.

  25. Students hobbies We have got many hobbies. We’ll try to show you some of them...

  26. -drawing • When students don’t have any work to do in their houses, they like todraw something beautiful... or not. >>>

  27. animals • Some of students like animals and they’re keeping them in their houses...

  28. chemical experiments • Several people in our school like do some chemical experiments (for example F.Felbór).>>>

  29. modelling • A fine hobby is modelling and model building. You can build models of tanks, vehicles, planes or locomotives.

  30. sport • Sports like running, riding, football, volleyball, basketball, skiing, snowboarding and many other are very popular. Students like them too.>>> 

  31. books • Many students like reading books, even trying to read books in English for example: „Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” (Kamil did it)

  32. The END • Thanks for watching. • Production: TM & Class IIIC