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  2. What is the Flu • Another name for influenza • Contagious respiratory illness • Attacks people of all ages • Illness is mild to severe • Complications can lead to death • In the USA 5% to 20% of people get the flu every year • About 200,000 are hospitalized a year • About 36,000 die from the flu a year

  3. Complications of Flu • Bacterial pneumonia • Ear infections • Sinus infections • Dehydration • Worsening of chronic medical conditions asthma, diabetes or congestive heart failure

  4. Signs and Symptoms • Fever • Cough • Sore throat • Headache • Chills • Muscle aches • Fatigue • Vomiting /diarrhea Occurs more in children than adults

  5. How Long Can the Flu Last • Symptoms such as a fever, chills, sore throat, headache, runny nose, loss of appetite can last 3 to 7 days. • Cough and fatigue can last up to 2 weeks. • Contagious- 1 day before & up to 5-7 days after symptoms appear

  6. Cold vs. Flu Cold Milder than flu Stuffy nose Runny nose Headache Sore throat Cough Flu worse than a cold Fever /nasal congestion Muscle or body aches Extreme tiredness cough/sore throat Headache Vomiting/diarrhea More common in children

  7. How Does Flu Spread Through droplets when you cough, sneeze or talk By touching objects contaminated with the flu virus then touching your eyes, nose or mouth poor hand hygiene

  8. Why Receive the Vaccine • Adults need it to protect the children. • Children need it to protect the elderly. • We all need it to protect each other!

  9. You Can Catch & Spread Flu In School • Water fountains • Sharing drinks • Kissing • Close contact with others • Sharing cigarettes • Locker rooms

  10. You Can Take Home the Flu If you catch the Flu in school, you can take it home to your family.

  11. You Can Spread it to Your Loved Ones Parents Brothers & sisters Grandparents Newborn baby Relatives Friends Even with a simple hug or kiss

  12. You Can Spread Flu to Others • Infected family members can spread the flu everywhere they go

  13. Let the Flu Stop With YOU • Wash hands frequently with soap and water or use alcohol based hand sanitizer • Avoid close contact with sick people • Stay home when you are sick

  14. Let The Flu Stop With You Cough into your sleeve Use tissues when sneezing. Throw used tissues in the trash.

  15. The best way to prevent the flu is to get VACCINATED!

  16. Who Should Get Vaccinated Everyone 6 months and older

  17. Who Should Not Get Vaccinated • Allergy to chicken eggs • Severe reaction to previous flu vaccine • Developed Guillian-Barre syndrome 6 weeks after flu vaccine • Younger than 6 months • Moderately or severely ill with fever.....wait until your symptoms lessen

  18. When Should I Get The Flu Vaccine Every year Flu season can run from October to May. Usually peaks in January As soon as it is available Never too late Vaccinate throughout the season

  19. Two Ways to Vaccinate! Injection Nasal Spray

  20. Injection • The “flu shot” is an inactivated vaccine, which means it contains a killed virus. • It is given with a needle. • Injection site is in the upper arm.

  21. Nasal Spray • A vaccine administered through the nose. • Licensed for ages 2-49 • Cannot receive if pregnant. • It is a live virus vaccine called “FluMist.”

  22. Risk Factors Associated With Both Vaccines • Allergic reactions are rare, and usually occur within minutes to hours. • These include difficulty breathing, hoarseness, hives, paleness, weakness, rapid heart beat or dizziness. • Seek medical attention immediately

  23. This Video Tells How Seasonal Flu that includes H1N1 Can Impact Your Lifedouble click in center of black screen below

  24. Where To Get The Flu Vaccine • Allegheny County Health Department • Health Care Provider • Health Clinics • Health Fairs • Local Pharmacies • Urgent Care Centers • School Vaccination Clinics

  25. Interested in Learning More? • Go to • call 1-800-CDC-INFO • Talk with your health care provider • Talk to your school nurse • Contact your local health department

  26. “Community Immunity” Art Poster Contest Sponsored by the Allegheny County Immunization Coalition (ACIC)

  27. Incentives • Cash prizes • Scholarship opportunities • Resume builder • Opportunity to display your art in a gallery • Publicity

  28. Entry Requirements • See your school nurse for complete details • Deadline for submission November 11, 2010

  29. Works Cited • • Video web address for: “I never get the flu”. February 2010. • Cold and the Flu-What to ask your Doctor-Adults. MedlinePlus Encyclopedia. • Is the Flu Vaccine a Good Idea for Your Family?. Kids Health. Nemours. • For Consumers: Flu. U.S. Food and Drug Administration. August 20th, 2010. • Influenza Vaccine. MedlinePlus Encyclopedia. • Key Facts and Information About Influenza(Flu) and the Flu vaccine. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. August 20, 2010.

  30. Created by Students of UPMC Mercy Hospital School of NursingElizabeth BlasiBethany ConwayNicole JordanSteve KlaykoKimberly MedinaSarah ReedAnn ShaughnessyJen VlahosJaime ZurawskyInstructorMrs. Patricia Robinson, RN, MN1400 Locust StreetPittsburgh, PA 15219with contributions from the Allegheny County Immunization Coalition