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Lost Colony Detectives

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Story. Game Directions. Lost Colony Detectives. Cards. Play the game. Objectives. By Shenise Clyburn. Credits. Copyright Notice. The Story of the “Lost Colony Detectives”.

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lost colony detectives


Game Directions

Lost Colony Detectives


Play the game



Shenise Clyburn


Copyright Notice

the story of the lost colony detectives
The Story of the “Lost Colony Detectives”

A group of detectives decide to travel back in time to solve the mystery of the Lost Colony. The first detective back to the present with a suspect, a motive, and the crime will win one million dollars. They will have solved a mystery that has puzzled historians for years. Will you crack the case?

Home Page

game preparation
Game Preparation

Print out 9 of each color clue card

Print out Motive, Suspect and Crime Cards

Print out Gameboard

game directions
Game Directions

To win the game you have to make it back to the present day with 9 clue cards, your suspect, motive, and crime to solve the mystery of the Lost colony.

2-4 players

To begin…

You cannot launch your time machine until you roll a 3 on the die for the three attempts to make Roanoke a colony. After you make it to 16th century America, you roll the die to determine how many spaces to move ahead. If you land on a question space answer the question. If you answer correctly you keep a clue card. If not, it’s the next players turn. After you gather three clue cards you choose a color coded crime card. After the next three clue cards you choose a motive card that is the same color. To win you must determine a suspect using the motive and crime cards as well as using the questions you just answered. Once you land on the Gather Your Evidence space, if you don’t have your 9 clue cards and the crime cards you will use your remaining turns on that space until there is a winner or until you gather the materials. To make it off the colony you must roll a 3 to move to the Time Travel Arrival Center. Are you ready to solve this mystery?


detective notebook
Detective Notebook

The first English Colony of Roanoke was founded in 1585, by Sir Walter Raleigh who received permission from the Queen of England to make a colony in America.

The Colony ran out of food and Sir Richard Grenville, who had transported the colonists to Virginia, returned to Britain for supplies. Sadly Greenville took a long time to return to the colony. When another sailor named Sir Francis Drake went to Roanoke he picked up the men but left 15 of the sailors who came with him on the island. No one ever saw the men again.

Two years later, England sent over men, women, and children to make Roanoke a colony. Three years after that, they disappeared along with their homes and supplies. The only clue left was the word “Croatan” carved on a tree. English and Spanish sailors, as well as many historians today have searched for answers to this mystery. Now it is your turn!

Home Page

Game Directions


Home Page

  • Copyright 2007 Shenise Clyburn
  • Permission to copy this game at no cost is granted to all teachers and students of non-profit schools.
  • Permission is also granted to all teachers and students of non-profit schools to make revisions to this game for their own purposes, on the condition that this copyright page and the credits page remain part of the game. Teachers and students who adapt the game should add their names and affiliations to the credits page without deleting any names already there.

Home Page

sir walter raleigh went to roanoke island to
Sir Walter Raleigh went to Roanoke Island to…
  • Find gold
  • Form a colony
  • Find the end of the world
roanoke was
Roanoke was…
  • In the mountains
  • On the coast
  • In the valley
settlers treated the indians
Settlers treated the Indians…
  • Like friends
  • Like enemies
  • Both at some point in time
john white is
John White is…
  • A sailor
  • A prince
  • A governor
when john white s men launched an attack on the indians
When John White’s men launched an attack on the Indians
  • Their friends, the Croatoans
  • Their enemies, the Powhatans
  • An unknown tribe
who was the first child born on roanoke island
Who was the first child born on Roanoke Island?
  • John White’s granddaughter
  • Elizabeth Dare
  • Both a and b
why did the croatoans stop giving the colonists food
Why did the Croatoans stop giving the colonists food?
  • The colonists attacked them by accident
  • They didn’t have enough for them
  • They forgot to give them food.
why didn t john white come back right away
Why didn’t John White come back right away?
  • He didn’t feel like it
  • The war between the Spanish and the French slowed him down
  • He was scared
what was the only thing john white found when he returned
What was the only thing John White found when he returned?
  • A little house
  • His granddaughter
  • A tree with a word carved into the trunk
what was carved on the tree
What was carved on the tree?
  • Elizabeth and Johnny
  • Croatoan
  • Tommy was here


Get a clue card. If this is your third clue card get a crime, motive, or suspect card.


Sorry next players turn.

educational objectives
Educational Objectives

Competency Goal 3

3.03 Examine the Lost Colony and explain its importance in the settlement of North Carolina.

Home Page




Croatoan Indians


Friendly Croatoans




Created their own tribe


Invited settlers to live with them


Made them Slaves




Anger and Betrayal






To Protect Village