march 2011 capt danelle barrett senior ip detailer l.
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March 2011 CAPT Danelle Barrett Senior IP Detailer . IP Community Brief. NPC Team. Branch Head, CDR & Senior Detailer CAPT Danelle Barrett ( )  IP OCM CDR Julie Schroeder ( julie .s )

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march 2011 capt danelle barrett senior ip detailer
March 2011

CAPT Danelle Barrett

Senior IP Detailer

IP Community Brief

npc team
NPC Team
  • Branch Head, CDR & Senior DetailerCAPT Danelle Barrett ( 
  • IP OCM

CDR Julie Schroeder (

  • 1600 Junior, LCDR Milestone, NPS/War College, LCS & New Accession Detailer:  LCDR Wilfredo Cruzbaez (
  • LDO/CWO Detailer & NNFE/DISA Placement:LCDR Earl Wooten (
  • Deputy PERS 47

Mr. David Fisher (

PHONE: (901) 874-3512 DSN: 882


MAR 2011

  • IP Career Path
  • IP Officer Distribution
  • Fill Priorities and Billet Opportunities
  • IP Community Initiatives
  • Career Topics
    • Career Fundamentals/Big Ticket Items
    • Statutory/Admin Screening Boards
    • Selection Board Take-Aways
    • Detailing Challenges
  • Questions

MAR 2011

current 1600 career path
Current 1600 Career Path

Information Professionals … Connecting the Fleet!

MAR 2011

current ip 6420 career path























Current IP 6420 Career Path



Operational Tour(NR FLT CDR N6, CSG N6)


Operational Tour(CSG Dep N6, ESG N6, CVN CSO, LHA C5I)

Shore Tour(NCTS/DCMS XO, Joint C4I, SPAWAR)

Operational Tour(CSG COMMO, CVN CISO, LHD ISO)


Operational Tour(CVN/LHA/LHD/LPD COMMO/ISO, FLT Commo)


1st Sea Tour/1st Shore Tour




MAR 2011

ip cwo career path
IP CWO Career Path

(NCTAMSPAC, Joint C4I (PACOM), LDO/CWO School, Office Navy Research)

4 CWO5 billets in the community




1st Sea Tour/1st Shore Tour




MAR 2011


IP Officer Distribution

  • 551 IP Bodies 597 Valid IP Billets
          • 130 IP Sea Billets
          • TOTAL IA/GSA 57
          • 40 GWOT GSA/IA’s (as of DEC2010)
          • 17 Currently in Country GSAs
          • 25 NPS/NWC/CFEF quota’s
          • 16 LCS Billets
          • 20 Shore Leadership Billets (CO/XO)
          • 09 Leadership OIC Equivalent
          • 103 Joint jobs for 04-06 - Mandatory to get JQO qual.

MAR 2011

fill priorities
Fill Priorities

1) AFPAK Hands

2) GWOT GSA Billets

3) Operational Billets (Ships, Squadrons, Deployed Staffs)

4) CNO Mandated Fills (War College, NPS, SSG, QDR, CO)

4) Joint War fighting (Standing JTF/Joint HQ)

5) SECNAV/OPNAV/non-HQ Joint Billets

6) 4-Star Navy Staffs

7) War College/USNA/NPS Staffs

8) All Other Staffs

9) Other Funded billets

10) Unfunded requirements (99990)

80% Fill at Navy Commands, 85% at Joint Commands

CNO Mandated

100% Fills

MAR 2011

ip sea billet opportunities
22% of 1820 Billets at Sea

30% combined LDO/CWO Billets at Sea

Predominantly O-3 and Below

Potential changes to LCS manning and CM looking to gain other afloat opportunities

IP Sea Billet Opportunities

*** 136 IP Sea Billets and 184 LDO/CWO Sea Billets

MAR 2011

gwot augmentation opportunities
GWOT Augmentation Opportunities
  • GSA vs. IA: CHANGE AS OF 03/12/11 – GSAs being converted to IAs – PERS47 working to retain assignment control over those opportunities
    • GSA assignments are negotiated as part of a member’s PCS move and are designed to give member’s flexibility in selecting an assignment to meet their career needs while still supporting the communities augmentation requirements.
    • IAs are driven by FFC when the GSA process does not provide a suitable candidate.
  • Most Afghanistan and Djibouti billets 365 days boots on ground (BOG)
    • Joint Staff has approved some 365-day billets to fulfill joint tour requirement
    • Recent support of CDR/LCDR billets to Bahrain
    • 4 new 6 and 7 month GSAs
    • Iraq GSA requirement is very limited.
  • Orders written as TDY from ECRC
    • Operational Tour credit for 04 and below. AFPAK Hands only GSA billet for Operational Leadership credit.
  • Proposed GSAs by rank:

MAR 2011


Revised Career Path and Admin Guide

  • IP Admin Guide Changes
    • Major revision, read through it all
    • New sections on Training, Mentoring and obtaining credit for promotion while in an Operational Leadership job etc.
  • Career Path/Billet Changes:
    • Flag approved billet validation criteria
    • Elimination of the 04 Milestone Screening board, still do the O4 Operational Tour
    • Cross Detail Billets and Command/Command Equivalent billets
    • Minimum of ONE operational tour at every rank (more is better)
      • Operational Tour 04 and Below
      • Operational Leadership (formally Milestone) 05 and 06
      • GSAs count for 04 and below
      • AFPAK Hands only 05 and above Operational Leadership
      • Can nominate jobs for consideration then request credit

MAR 2011


IP Community Priorities

  • Sustained superior performance in all assignments
  • AFPAK Hands – 05 Operational Leadership credit
  • GSA and sea billets
  • New IP Basic PQS and IDC PQS
  • IDC driven changes:
    • IDC “Common” Board
    • IDC PQS and Warfare Qualification
    • IDC Cross Detail Assignments
    • Designator Change – 1820s effective 01OCT10

Expect more changes within the next year

MAR 2011


Where to Get the Latest Info?

  • NPC 47 Web Site for authoritative information on:
    • IDC documents
    • IP instructions, detailing tools, lateral transfers, promotion statistics, etc.
  • IP Currents monthly newsletter via NPC or NKO sites
  • NKO
    • IP PQS training information
    • Links to IP billet lists and slates until NPC Sharepoint is up
  • IP email Listserv (NCF Joe Sullivan POC)
  • IP Twitter -!/USNavyIPs
  • Facebook sites:
    • Information Dominance Corps Self Synchronization
    • US Navy Information Professional Officers Network
    • US Navy IPs

IP Community Working Group for Information Distribution

CAPT Diane Boettcher lead

MAR 2011


Where to Get the Latest Info?

Remember to login in to see billet slates!

MAR 2011

career fundamentals
Career Fundamentals
  • Timing is critical - The clock does not stop
    • When will you be in zone?
    • Do what you MUST do first – compare your record to board stats
    • Plan to do a GSA/IA early- none at 06 and only two 05 now
  • Qualifications - Document progress
    • BQ before O4, IQ before O5, AQ before O6 – most done sooner
    • IDWO Qual
    • Time between quals, time to earn quals
    • Finish JPME Phase I before mid-04
  • Location vs Job – Stay flexible
    • Career diversity and professional growth
    • Some homesteading is OK but multiple AORs gives your more operational breadth/depth
    • Figure out your family-work balance and think ahead in career planning
    • When selected for OP LEAD or Command be ready to go where the Navy needs your skills

MAR 2011

career fundamentals19
Career Fundamentals
  • FITREPs – Don’t be surprised by what you read
    • Have URL reporting senior talk to a Senior IP
    • Soft breakouts with URLs/other services
    • Write in terms of OUTCOMES that make sense to non-IPs
    • Run your input by your mentor!
  • IP Training
    • IP Basic School in Pensacola
    • IDC Senior Leadership Seminar at the IDC COE at NPS
  • OSR / PSR – view on BUPERS Online, Web Enabled Record Review (WERR)
    • What the board sees
    • Update your record yearly
  • Negotiation Window
    • 12-18 Months Contact Detailer
    • 12 Months Negotiate
    • Billet list will be updated every other week and posted to web

MAR 2011

ip big ticket items
IP Big Ticket Items
  • O3/O4/O5/O6 Operational tours - 24 months
  • Technical masters degree - 24 months @ NPS (NOB) or on your own
  • IP Qualifications CI/BQ/IQ/AQ and IDC Qualification
  • GSA/IA assignment
  • Leadership tours CO/XO/CSO/OIC - 24 months
  • JPME Phase I - (12 months @ NWC or at NPS or on your own)
  • Major Staff, DC, Joint - up to 3 years
  • JPME Phase II/JQO
  • …. And in the future IDC Cross Detail

MAR 2011

idc cross detailing
IDC Cross Detailing
  • Cross-detailing is an important part of the Information Dominance Corps (IDC) career path in order to ensure IDC officers are prepared to lead in a variety of positions at senior levels
  • Cross-detailing involves assignment of an officer of one designator in a billet of another designator within the IDC
  • Most IDC Cross Detail assignments are at 05/06
  • The intent is to broaden IDC officers’ skills, experience and competencies across the IDC disciplines

MAR 2011

idc cross detailing22
IDC Cross Detailing
  • Cross Detailing billet opportunities posted to the PERS 47 web page
    • Constituent informs detailer of interest
    • If the person has completed all designator specific requirements and is the best and fully qualified candidate, they are nominated for the position
    • Nominations forwarded to IDC Flag Panel for approval
    • Individual training tracks worked by Detailers
  • AQDs being developed to identify Cross Detailing experience
  • IDC officers should also seek to obtain Cross IDC exposure via existing training and participation in exercises etc. Document in FITREPs

MAR 2011

statutory boards
Statutory Boards
  • Promotion Planning
    • Number of projected vacancies (OPA vs. Inventory)
    • Opportunity – # select vs. # in-zone
    • Flow point – years/months commissioned when promoted
    • Zone
      • Change each year – Lat xfer in, retirements, recalls (can differ 1 year)
      • Balance between opportunity & flow point- Below zone picks affect flow points

MAR 2011


Operational Leadership Boards

  • Each Screening Group – three looks
    • 50% of quotas allocated to first look
    • 30% to second look
    • 20% to third look
  • First eligibility period
    • Year of selection for promotion to CAPT or CDR Year of selection for lateral transfer or reserve recall in grade of O4/O5/O6
    • Bank of selected officers
  • IDC Milestone Board – first one in fall 2010, next in 2011 - includes Command screen for 05 and 06 (Command screen by designated year groups) – screen to opportunity- no bank, currently two looks

MAR 2011

fy11 06 selection stats
FY11 06 Selection Stats
  • Board Target Opportunity 65%
  • IP's in Zone 18
  • IP's Selected 11 (2 above zone, 1 Not Previously Considered, 1 below zone)
  • IP Opportunity 61%
  • 7/11 completed 05 Milestone, 3/11 in 05 Milestone when the board met
  • 2/11 completed 05 Command Tour, 1/11in Command when the board met
  • 10/11 had Technical Masters Degrees
  • 11/11 had completed IP Advanced Qual
  • 7/11 had JPME Phase I
  • 5/11 had JPME Phase II
  • 3/11 are JSO qualified
  • 4/11 had completed an IA Assignment (GWOT)
  • Key discriminators were sustained superior performance at sea, qualifications, education and jobs. It was a very competitive board and small discriminators are important.
  • In the absence of hard breakouts amongst fellow 1600s, soft breakouts among the entire paygrade pack are important and help to understand overall competitiveness.
  • Reporting senior averages are important. A detaching 1 of 1 EP with a mark at the reporting senior's historical average doesn't say early promote, its say the officer is average.

MAR 2011

selection board take aways
Selection Board Take-Aways
  • Most important – Sustained, documented superior performance
    • Regardless of job, designator, paygrade, location
    • Past performance is a predictor of future performance
    • Especially, sustained superior performance AT SEA or IN COMBAT
    • Operational Leadership at previous paygrade – timing Critical observed FITREPs
  • Education
    • Technical Masters Degree
    • Joint Professional Military Education

MAR 2011

selection board take aways28
Selection Board Take-Aways
  • Qualifications
    • IP and IDWO quals
    • Document completion or % complete in FITREP
  • GSA/Individual Augmentation
  • Balance
    • Operational Leadership (CSG/ESG/# Flt/Ship’s Comp)
    • Leadership
    • Joint
    • Major Staff / DC
  • Record accurate / Up-to-date
    • Photo as an 1820 in your current rank with IDWO pin
    • FITREPs / Awards (especially most current, no gaps)
    • Quals
    • Letter to the Board President

MAR 2011

ldo update
LDO Update
  • Off Ramp
    • IDC Community ramp off starts FY-13
    • LT and above Off Ramp (6-8 Years)
    • Awaiting approval from IDC Flag Leadership
  • Lateral Transfer Until Off Ramp in Place
    • LDO college degree within six months of selection
    • LTR from college showing good standing & Degree Plan
    • Encourage your LDOs to keep applying – Numbers Game
  • Advice for LDO/CWO applicants
    • FITREP Breakouts at sea LPO/LCPO
    • College degree
    • Sustained Superior Performance

MAR 2011

swo ip option program and lcs
SWO-IP Option Program and LCS
  • Program Authority 101G MILPERSMAN 12120-050 OCT 2009.
    • 2 at-sea DIVO tours unless on LCS track.
  • Automatically Redesignation as 1820 upon:
    • SWO qualification, completion of one at-sea DIVO tour if on LCS track or SWO qualification and within 6 mo. of promotion to LT if not on LCS track.
  • LCS EMO 02/03 Operational Tours
    • 36 month tours, 12 month training 24 mo. in hull. SWO-IP volunteers get choice of follow on assignment to valid non nominated funded billet.
  • LCS CSO 04 Operational Tours 0-4 Operational tour credit
    • 36 month tours, 12 month training 24 mo. in hull.

MAR 2011

education opportunities
Education Opportunities
  • Senior War Colleges
    • USAF SR War College Maxwell AFB Montgomery, Alabama 1
      • CDR/CAPT Gives MA and Phase II
      • Report every June for 11-12 months
    • USN SR War College Newport, Rhode Island 1
      • CDR/CAPT Gives MA and Phase II
      • Report every February for 11-12 months
      • Report every August for 11-12 months
    • USMC SR War College Quantico, Virginia 0
      • CDR/CAPT Gives MA and Phase II
      • REPORT every July for 11-12 months
    • USA SR War College Carlisle, Pennsylvania 0
      • CDR/CAPT Gives MA and Phase II
      • REPORT every July for 11-12 months
    • ICAF of the Armed Forces Washington, DC 2
      • CDR/CAPT Gives MA and Phase II
      • Report every July for 11-12 months

MAR 2011

education opportunities32
Education Opportunities
  • Junior War Colleges
    • USAF JR War College Maxwell AFB Montgomery, Alabama 1
      • LCDR Gives MA and Phase I
      • Report every July for 11-12 months
    • USN JR War College Newport, Rhode Island 1
      • LCDR Gives MA and Phase I
      • Report every August for 11-12 months
    • USMC JR War College Quantico, Virginia 1
      • LCDR Gives MA and Phase I
      • REPORT every July for 11-12 months
    • USA JR War College FT Leavenworth, Kansas 1
      • LCDR Gives MA and Phase I
      • REPORT every July for 11-12 months

MAR 2011

education opportunities33
Education Opportunities
  • Naval Postgraduate School Curriculums
    • Command and Control (2 Quotas)
      • Curriculum Number 365 Required APC 334
      • Report every September for 24-27 months
    • Space Systems Operations (4 Quotas)
      • Curriculum Number 366 Required APC 324
      • Report every September for 24-27 months
    • Computer Science (4 Quotas)
      • Curriculum Number 368 Required APC 325
      • Report every March for 24-27 months
    • Information Systems Technology (3 Quotas)
      • Curriculum Number 370 Required APC 325
      • Report every March for 24-27 months
    • Space Systems Engineering (2 Quotas)
      • Curriculum Number 591 Required APC 323
      • Report every September for 24-27 months

MAR 2011

education opportunities34
Education Opportunities
  • CYBER Fellowships OPNAVINST 1500.79
    • Provide IDC Officers the opportunity to increase their understanding of IT/CYBERSPACE policy development and decision making at the highest levels of government.
    • Carnegie Mellon
      • Pittsburg, Pa
      • Report every August for 11-12 months
    • Potomic Institute
      • Washington, DC
      • Report every August for 11-12 months
  • NDU CIO Cert
    • The Chief Information Officer (CIO) Certificate Program, sponsored by the DOD CIO, is the recognized graduate education for Federal CIO leaders.
      • Students earn the CIO Certificate by successfully completing eight (8) courses that satisfy the following: Policy, Acquisition, Security and Information, Project management, strategic planning, Capital Planning, Process improvement, Technology assessment.

MAR 2011

detailing challenges
Detailing Challenges
  • Fiscal Constraints
    • Continuing Resolution PCS Impacts
      • 60 days for orders, prioritized (Sea Duty, GSA, CMD etc.)
      • Some orders to be pushed back to next FY
      • Contingency plans being worked if now more funding comes this FY
    • Normal Budget
      • Don’t plan on Time on Station Waiver (tour lengths for PCS cost moves 3 years CONUS and OCONUS shore)
      • Plan to do full three year joint tours
      • En route Training set and funded by Gaining Command
      • Orders release 4 months prior for CONUS PCS & 5 months for OCONUS

MAR 2011

detailing challenges36
Detailing Challenges
  • Manpower Controls
    • Resignations
    • Retirements
  • Individual Desires
    • Housing stability
    • Family, EFM, Dual Military, IA Bundled Detailing
  • Community Manning / Billet prioritization

MAR 2011


MAR 2011