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This presentation may contain some forward looking statements, particularly regarding operational prospects in 2008 and beyond, which involve a number of risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially. These risks are listed from time to time in the Company’s SEC filings.
bovie electrosurgery

Surgical instruments in the OR that are related to electrosurgery are called by the name “BOVIE.”

Branding the “Bovie” name within the medical community

Over 32 million surgical procedures in U.S.

Targeted towards the Gastroenterology market.
  • Over $150 million market including accessories growing 7-9% per year
  • 13,000 operating centers
  • Icon platform provides the basis to develop customized generators for other specialties (ex. Oncology $200 million).
MEG/Polaris™ Instruments

The only product that can compete in three markets and address all areas of minimally invasive surgeries:

  • Arthroscopy Instrument Market $200 million Laparoscopy Instrument Market $300 million
  • Vessel Sealing Market $500 million
Arthroscopy Instrument
  • Market research indicates little to no innovation from top five companies in this space over the past 15 years.
  • The only modular arthroscopy instrument available.
  • Can dramatically reduce cost to the end user.
  • The only arthroscopy instrument with a flushing port for cleaning.
  • One tip design can replace multiple instruments.
Laparoscopy Instrument
  • Handle accepts inserts from 2mm to 12mm
  • Cancelable ratchet feature can be activated either left or right handed.
  • Ergonomic handle reduces fatigue and creates more leverage.
  • Modular design can significantly reduce cost
  • Metallic handle is electrically isolated to increase instrument life.
Vessel Sealing Instrument
  • Only modular designed laparoscopic VS instrument
  • Handle can accommodate both “open” and laparoscopic instrument tips.
  • “Seal and Cut” design.
  • Can be used with existing vessel sealing generators or user can gain enhanced benefits with Bovie generator.
  • Significantly reduces costs.
  • Largest (total market size $500 million) and fastest growing (10-15%) segment with highest margins.


  • 360 Rotation of cartridge
  • Electrode quick attachment-detachment
  • Can be controlled by three triggers:
    • Jaw trigger
    • Coagulation + sealing trigger
    • Powered blade trigger

Handle & Bovie VS generator provides:

    • Cartridge recognition and initial setup
    • Automatic bipolar cut upon blade advancement
    • Modulated vessel sealing automatic cycles
    • Minimal charring and adhesion
suitable for a variety of endoscopic bipolar and monopolar or inert applications like
Suitable for a variety of endoscopic Bipolar AND Monopolar or Inert applications like

Vessel Sealing


Endo GYN



Thoracic Endoscopy


and many other open surgery adaptations

tissue resection device
Tissue Resection Device
  • Delivers RF current & sterile saline for resection, hemostatic sealing and coagulation
  • Lowers blood loss, procedure times and cost savings for hospitals
  • Liver, pancreatic, kidney tumor removal
  • Orthopedic and laparoscopic surgeries
  • Worldwide market size in 2009 approx. $500 million
icon gs plasma system
ICON GS Plasma System
  • J-Plasma is formed by holding a sharp conductive point at High Voltage and High Frequency, over which an Inert Gas, such as Helium, flows.
icon gs plasma system19
ICON GS Plasma System
  • Produces a stable thin focused beam of ionized helium gas
  • Provides minimal invasiveness and precision
  • No conductive currents during surgery
  • One working electrode
canady technology agreements
Canady Technology Agreements
  • Worldwide distribution and manufacturing agreement for Canady’s plasma related devices and accessories.
  • Canady Technology will assist in the clinical development of Bovie’s J-Plasma technology.
  • Canady Technology was the first to demonstrate the utilization of tissue coagulation by argon plasma coagulation via flexible endoscopes.
bovie medical financials
Bovie Medical Financials

Amex Symbol: BVX

  • Fiscal year 2007 revenues rose to a record $28.78 million.
  • Net income for fiscal 2007 was $2,400,591 or $.14 per diluted EPS.
  • 17,600,000 diluted shares outstanding.
  • 10% insider ownership.
contact information
Contact Information

Bovie Medical, Inc.

Suite 207, 734 Walt Whitman Road

Melville, NY 11747


Buttonwood Advisory Group, Inc.

15705 Framingham Lane

Huntersville, NC 28078