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Introducing Vivo

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Introducing Vivo
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Introducing Vivo

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  1. Introducing Vivo A Teacher Guide

  2. What is Vivo? • Vivo is an online rewards system • Teachers award pupils Vivos (electronic points) for good work, effort etc. • Students save and spend their Vivos on the rewards they want from an online catalogue • Every student gets a personalised Vivo card, very much like a bank card • Students can check their Vivo balance by logging on to their account through the website (for primary schools) or website (for all others)

  3. Our Rewards Tariff Academic 10 V Effort 10 V Form Time – equipment 10 V Form Time – punctuality 10 V Form Time – uniform 10 V Homework 10 V Participation – action 10 V Participation – attendance 10 V

  4. Using Vivo • This presentation will take you through how to use the system as a STAFF user, specifically how to: • log-on • reward a student or students • correct mistakes • post “Extra Earner” messages • check on a pupil’s or a tutor group’s progress

  5. How to log-on • Go to • Enter your username, password and domain (school name) as detailed on your welcome letter • Click on the login button • When logging in for the first time, you will be prompted to enter an email address so you can be sent a reminder should you forget your login • Once logged-in, please change your login details to something more memorable and keep it safe!

  6. Rewarding a student or students • EITHER: Type in the name of the individual student who you want to reward. All names will come up intuitively. Then click Reward. • OR: Click on the class you are teaching to award multiple students in that lesson.

  7. Rewarding a student (2) • STEP 1: Click on the student(s) who you want to reward • STEP 2: Click on the category you want to reward for. This will automatically default to the number of Vivos this category is worth. • STEP 3: Write a more detailed explanation if required • STEP 4: Press Submit.

  8. What the student sees • Details of this transaction will appear on the student’s account the next time they login:

  9. Your Vivo budget • You will be given a budget of Vivos to award each week • Please try and use your full weekly Vivo budget allocation • Please note that any unawarded Vivos will NOT carry over • If you need more Vivos in a particular week, please contact your Vivo co-ordinator • You can easily keep track of how much of your budget you have used from your homepage:

  10. Creating groups of students to award • You will be able to build up your own lists of students to award by using the Lists feature • Create and add students to a list • Any lists saved will appear under your lessons for easy access

  11. Your awards • To see a full list of the rewards you have issued, click on the Transactions tab on your homepage • If you realise you have made a mistake after pressing the submit button, click on the relevant transaction and then edit or cancel the transaction.

  12. “Extra Earner” Offers • You can give your students the opportunity to earn extra Vivos in return for their help, or for turning up to extra classes for example. • STEP 1: Click on the Extra Earners menu tab on the homepage • STEP 2: Click on the Add offer button • STEP 3: Fill out the offer and press Submit.

  13. What the student sees • Once submitted, this will appear on the “Earn Extra Vivos” board on a student’s homepage the next time they login. • Remember to subsequently reward those students who respond to (and fulfil) your offers.

  14. Vivo Records • You will be able to view every student’s Vivo record • Click on the Search Users tab on your homepage to find the required student. • To monitor a tutor group, click on the Groups tab on your homepage and scroll down to the group you require.

  15. And finally . . . • We hope you find Vivo an easy-to-use and valued tool • The success of the system relies on EVERY staff member using it on a daily basis • The system is under constant development. We very much appreciate all feedback – please email your comments to • Thank you and GOOD LUCK! • And remember: Every Vivo Matters!