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Careers in Metalworking

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Careers in Metalworking. Metalworking Technology I. Factors to Consider in Selecting a Career. How much schooling or college education is required? Will the occupation still exist when you finish your education? How well does the occupation pay?. Factors to Consider in Selecting a Career.

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careers in metalworking

Careers in Metalworking

Metalworking Technology I

factors to consider in selecting a career
Factors to Consider in Selecting a Career
  • How much schooling or college education is required?
  • Will the occupation still exist when you finish your education?
  • How well does the occupation pay?
factors to consider in selecting a career3
Factors to Consider in Selecting a Career
  • Is steady employment available?
  • Is the work dangerous?
  • Is there opportunity for advancement?
  • What is the chance of starting your own business?
1 unskilled workers
1. Unskilled Workers
  • Workers who require little or no special training for the tasks they perform.
  • Example: floor sweepers, loading dock workers
2 semiskilled workers
2. Semiskilled Workers
  • Workers require some special training. This training may last several days up to a year.
  • Example: assembly line workers, inspectors, machine operators
3 skilled workers
3. Skilled Workers
  • Workers employed in a trade. Usually requires two to five years to learn.
  • Example: welder, sheet metal worker, machinist, tool and die maker
4 specialized
4. Specialized
  • Complete very complicated tasks
  • More education and experience is required
  • Have strong job security
  • Have better paying jobs
  • Example: Tool maker, Die-maker, Programmer
methods of learning a trade
Methods of Learning a Trade
  • Apprenticeship
  • An apprentice is employed to learn the trade. (Education and work at the same time.)
  • Need: high school education or equivalent or vocational degree.
  • Background: science and math are very beneficial.
completing the apprenticeship program
Completing the apprenticeship Program
  • Once completed, the person is considered a Journeyman.
  • Journeyman has met the minimum qualifications to become a skilled tradesman.
  • Description: Makes metal forms or patterns, called dies, that are used in punch presses to stamp out forms in metal.
  • Example: makes dies used to stamp out automobile fenders.
forge operator
Forge Operator
  • Description: Runs a forging press. Hot, heavy, dirty, and noisy work. Danger of being burned.
  • Examples: makes axles, wrenches, machine parts.
machine operator
Machine Operator
  • Description: Trained to operate or run one specific machine.
  • Examples: Drill press operator, lathe operator, milling machine operator.
  • Description: Make precision metal parts, and repair and construct machine tools.
  • Examples: Setup machines for operators
sheet metal worker
Sheet Metal Worker
  • Description: makes and repairs sheet metal products.
  • Examples: furnace ducts, ventilators, signs, eave troughs, metal roofs, and
  • Description: requires application of scientific and mathematical principles. Work under scientists and engineers.
  • Description: Plan, design, and direct construction and manufacturing concepts.
  • Examples: roads, bridges, machines, engines, roads, tunnels, dams, factories
  • Description: Prepare students to enter workforce as a skilled machinist
  • Requires a four year degree and/or experience in the field
  • Excellent way to serve your country and become a skilled worker at the same time
  • Offer programs to pay for college tuition after you have served
words to know
Words to Know

Apprentice Die-maker Engineer

Forge Operator Heat-treater Journeyman

Machine operator Machinist Technician

Sheet Metal Worker Semiskilled Worker Technologist

Skilled Worker Unskilled Worker Trade