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Look up and see. Look back and know. Look forward and expect. Look up and see. They should still, their faces downcast. Faith is certain… of what we do not see. Fix your eyes on Jesus. The adventure had only just begun . Look back and know that God has a plan.

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Presentation Transcript

Look up and see

Look back and know

Look forward and expect


Look up and see

They should still,

their faces downcast

Faith is certain…

of what we do not see

Fix your eyes on Jesus

The adventure had only just begun


Look back and know that God has a plan

God is faithful to those who love him

Has God ever let you down?

Look back and know

God keeps all his promises


I am going to send you what my father promised

What are we looking forward to?

When was the last time your heart burned?

What are you praying for?

Look forward and expect


Would you pray with me for a great awakening that results in hundreds coming to Christ, marriages being reconciled and

renewed, wayward

children coming

home, long-standing

slavery to sin being

conquered, spiritual

dullness being replaced by

vibrant joy, weak faith being

replaced by bold witness,

disinterest in prayer being

replaced by fervent intercession,

boring Bible reading being replaced by

passion for God’s word, and lukewarm worship being replaced by zeal for the greatness of God’s glory?

I will pray for you every day to this end . . . and more.

Lord, open the heavens while I am gone.