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The Modern World: 2001 - 2012

The Modern World: 2001 - 2012. 2001. George W. Bush. US spy plane lands in China. 9/11. US invades Afghanistan. Enron scandal. Shoe bomber. Deaths of 2001. Dale Earnhardt Timothy McVeigh Aaliyah George Harrison. 2002. Shuttle Buran. GameCube. WWF becomes WWE. The Beltway Sniper.

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The Modern World: 2001 - 2012

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  1. The Modern World: 2001 - 2012

  2. 2001

  3. George W. Bush

  4. US spy plane lands in China

  5. 9/11

  6. US invades Afghanistan

  7. Enron scandal

  8. Shoe bomber

  9. Deaths of 2001 Dale Earnhardt Timothy McVeigh Aaliyah George Harrison

  10. 2002

  11. Shuttle Buran

  12. GameCube

  13. WWF becomes WWE

  14. The Beltway Sniper

  15. Nord-Ost attack

  16. Dave Thomas Chief Wahoo McDaniel Lisa Lopes Davey Boy Smith John Gotti Ted Williams Johnny Unitas Jam Master Jay Deaths of 2002

  17. 2003

  18. Columbia disaster

  19. SARS scare

  20. US invades Iraq

  21. Three Gorges Dam

  22. The Governator

  23. Myspace

  24. Same-sex marriage in Massachusetts

  25. Saddam Hussein captured

  26. Curt Hennig Fred Rogers Strom Thurmond Uday & Qusay Hussein Bob Hope Johnny Cash Deaths of 2003

  27. 2004

  28. Oops, no WMDs!

  29. Facebook

  30. Madrid bombing

  31. Abu Ghraib

  32. Genocide in Darfur

  33. Martha Stewart to prison

  34. Tsunami

  35. Knightdale High School

  36. Abu Abbas Estee Lauder Pat Tillman Ronald Reagan Ray Charles Rick James Fay Wray Ray Traylor Christopher Reeve Yasser Arafat Reggie White Deaths of 2004

  37. 2005

  38. YouTube

  39. Pope Benedict XVI

  40. London bombings

  41. Hurricane Katrina

  42. 1st Face Transplant

  43. Terri Shiavo Pope John Paul II Luther Vandross Rosa Parks Eddie Guerrero Richard Pryor Deaths of 2005

  44. 2006

  45. Fidel Castro out

  46. Saddam Hussein executed

  47. Wii

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