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  • Updated On : Tannaim. “Repeaters” of Torah + tradition. Collected in Mishnah. MISHNAH: continued to attract commentaries:

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Tannaim l.jpg

  • “Repeaters” of Torah + tradition.

  • Collected in Mishnah

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MISHNAH: continued to attract commentaries:

Now traditional to print the MISHNAH along with respected commentaries made in Middle Ages.

Mishnah l.jpg

  • Discusses “HALACHAH” Jewish Law.


  • Uses Bible, but does not discuss it directly.

  • NOT essays, but discussions.

Mishnah 2 uses l.jpg
Mishnah: 2 uses

  • Mishnah: A collection of discussions

  • mishnah: each discrete discussion

  • The Mishnah is made up of all the mishnahs…

First mishnah when to recite evening shema l.jpg
First mishnah “When to recite Evening Shema?”

R. Eliezer, “From when the priests enter to eat offerings, until end of first watch”

Sages, “Until Midnight”

R. Gamaliel, “Until dawn”

Resolution l.jpg

Gamaliel, “If it is not dawn yet, you must

recite Shema, even if Sages say you have

only until Midnight.”

Why did sages say until midnight l.jpg
Why did sages say until Midnight?

  • “To keep a man far from sin.”

  • “Fence around the Torah”

2 when to recite the morning shema l.jpg
2. When to recite the morning Shema?

  • When you can tell apart blue and white.

  • R. Eliezer says, “Blue and Green, and do it before sunrise”.

  • R. Joshua says, “within 3 hours of sunrise: like reading Torah”.

    • NO RESOLUTION. First option preferable

3 recline or stand for shema l.jpg
3. Recline, or stand for shema?

  • Shammai: evening you must recline morning you must stand

  • “When you lie down and when you rise up.” (Deut. 6:7)

  • Hillel: However you want

  • “And as you go about your way”

If hillel is right then why does bible say when you lie down rise up l.jpg
If Hillel is right, then why does Bible say “when you lie down… rise up”

Majority position: since Shema-time is about the time people go to bed and wake up.

Very simple answer, but it needs to be said.

R tarfon l.jpg
R. Tarfon down… rise up”

  • Recites according to Shammai

  • Moral: following Shammai is dangerous…

  • But Hillel’s position is not binding on everyone.

4 number of blessings l.jpg
4. Number of blessings down… rise up”

  • “They” say no changes to the custom.

  • “Seal off a blessing” No description of what this means.

5 exodus at night l.jpg
5. Exodus at night? down… rise up”

  • Unclear references.

Issue l.jpg
Issue: down… rise up”

Mishnah not final word

more questions raised than answered

Interpretation l.jpg
Interpretation. down… rise up”

  • Mishnah requires study, interpretation.

  • Rabbinic interpreters recorded their work over the centuries.

Tannaim17 l.jpg
Tannaim down… rise up”

  • “Repeaters” of Torah + tradition.

  • Collected in Mishnah

Mishnah discussed by the l.jpg
Mishnah down… rise up”Discussed by the


Famous discussions remembered

Others hypothetical

“R. So-&-so would have said…”

Discussions gemara traditions l.jpg
Discussions down… rise up”Gemara= “Traditions”

of the Amoraim

concerning Mishnah

Gemara collected l.jpg
Gemara collected down… rise up”

  • Gemara discussions on particular mishnah paragraphs are collected with the Mishnah quotations.

New tradition l.jpg
New Tradition: down… rise up”


Discussions stemming from Mishnah.

Mishnah gemara talmud l.jpg
MISHNAH down… rise up”+ GEMARA----------------TALMUD

On handout diagram, A & B sections are the Talmud properSurrounding sections are later additions by medieval commentators, etc.

2 talmud s l.jpg
2 Talmud down… rise up”s


  • 4th c. CE6th c. CE.

  • YerushalmiBavli

Bavli l.jpg
Bavli down… rise up”

  • Longer

  • More Authoritative

  • Better edited

  • “THE Talmud” usually refers to Bavli.

Extent l.jpg
Extent down… rise up”

More than ½ Mishnah discussed

Each mishnah followed by Gemara

Gemara on short mishnahs can go on for pages…

Gemara on mishnah berakhot 1 l.jpg
Gemara on down… rise up”Mishnah Berakhot 1.

  • T: When to recite evening Shema?

  • G. Where is the Tanna standing? Why start with evening? Start with the Morning!

G answer l.jpg
G. Answer down… rise up”

Tanna stands on scripture: “When you lie down … rise up”

Amora adds: he can also argue from creation: “Evening and morning” (Gen. 1:5)

Proof text l.jpg
Proof-text down… rise up”

  • Reference to a passage to prove a halakhic opinion.

  • Bible

  • Early Rabbinic discussions outside Mishnah

    • Tosefta

    • Midrash

Amora l.jpg
Amora: down… rise up”

  • Troubled by lack of concern for proof by the Tanna.

  • Assumes Tanna MUST have had a biblical reason for his opinion, so Amora fills the need.

Goal of talmud l.jpg
Goal of Talmud: down… rise up”

  • Mishnah and Written Torah MUST be shown to be inter-related.

  • Show Mishnah to be consistent.

Problem l.jpg
Problem down… rise up”

  • Mishnah puts:

    Evening first in 1.1.

    Morning first in 1.4.

    Amora in Gemara first proved 1.1 based on Torah, now 1.4 disregards the principle!

Solution l.jpg
Solution: down… rise up”

  • Simple, but must be made clear:

  • Tanna spoke of evening then morning, but continued to talk of morning since he was on the subject… Then returned to the evening

  • “CHIASTIC” structure.

G question when is it evening l.jpg
G. Question: down… rise up”When is it evening?

  • Tanna mentioned the offerings?

  • Why?

  • Amora assumes that Tanna knew: evening was when the time the stars come out.

  • Answer: to teach something else: the time of the priests ate the offerings.

Digression l.jpg
Digression: down… rise up”

  • Ritual impurity

  • Does the coming of evening remove some impurity?

  • Yes

Back to the point l.jpg
Back to the point… down… rise up”

  • Mishnah refers to offerings

  • A baraita refers to a poor mans evening meal.

  • Solution: both events were simultaneous.