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Digital Literacies: Explanation texts

Digital Literacies: Explanation texts. Kevin Cummins 2010. Welcome to Explanation texts.

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Digital Literacies: Explanation texts

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  1. Digital Literacies: Explanation texts Kevin Cummins 2010 www.edgalaxy.com

  2. Welcome to Explanation texts • In this lesson you will be reading a number of explanation texts watching some videos that explain how and why things happen. The second part of this activity will be creating a explanation Text of your own. • The total lesson time should take around 2 hours and you will need a web enabled computer to complete these activities. www.edgalaxy.com

  3. What is an Explanation Text? • Quite simply an explanation text explains how something works or why something happens. For example why does snow fall? www.edgalaxy.com

  4. How stuff Works How Stuff Works is the worlds greatest database of explanations of simple to complex phenomenon around the world. There is a video section for you to take a look at or else you can simply browse the site. Your task is to get a really good understanding of something that appeals to you and put it into an explanation text of your own. www.edgalaxy.com

  5. Get Writing You might wish to take some notes about your topic you are going to explain. You can produce your explanation text in any form you like either written, a podcast or even a video of your own depending on your time. www.edgalaxy.com

  6. Points to Remember • Introduce your Topic • You must provide a brief description of what you are discussing for example if you are going to explain how to brush your teeth you might like to explain why we brush our teeth in your opening paragraph. • You might like to remind your audience to brush their teeth regularly in the conclusion. www.edgalaxy.com

  7. Points to remember • Explain important points in order. • New Paragraph for each Point. • Write from the second or third Person Perspective. • Keep it Simple. For detailed planning tools and further information on Explanation texts please visit www.writingfun.com and visit the Explanation Texts section. www.edgalaxy.com

  8. Check your work Before you finish be sure to compare your explanation text to the examples on www.writingfun.com For hundreds of free lessons please visit www.edgalaxy.com www.edgalaxy.com

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