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S cary Christmas . By Corbin Goodwin D ecember 13, 12. My perspective…. O n Christmas, on any holiday for that matter, is to make it as horrible and scary as possible. You always see people happy for no reason, when you do, you want to smack them just. My perspective… (continued).

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S cary christmas

Scary Christmas

By Corbin Goodwin

December 13, 12

My perspective
My perspective…

  • On Christmas, on any holiday for that matter, is to make it as horrible and scary as possible. You always see people happy for no reason, when you do, you want to smack them just

My perspective continued
My perspective… (continued)

so they have a bad day, instead, you scare them so they aren't in that happy mood and are more aware of other people, and how they might not like someone all up in their face about how happy they are.

Main points
Main points

  • Music

  • Food

  • Nightmare before Christmas

  • Scary Christmas


  • Classic Christmas music is probably one of the most common forms, old carols, country, and instrumental.

  • Rock, your listening to it right now, if you like it, like most people do, you’ve probably herd it before.

  • Parodies, mostly making fun of Christmas, parodies are usually humorous or funny.


  • Food is a major part of Christmas, it doesn’t really ft into my PowerPoint as far as scary Christmas goes but for as long as I remember when I went to a family Christmas one of the things that everyone was going on about was the food.

Nightmare before christmas
Nightmare before Christmas…

  • Tim Burton, director, poet, wrote a poem that eventually turned into one of the best movies, in my opinion, ever to be introduced to the public. Jack is a skeleton, he has a longing to find something that is missing though he doesn’t know what it is. Sally is a rag-doll, she loves jack but jack doesn’t realize it. Oogie-boogie is the boogie man, he wants to destroy Christmas…

Scary christmas
Scary Christmas…

Scary Christmas is a twist on a usually merry holiday, that I've turned into, in other peoples minds, as a demented, twisted, horrible day that no one should remember. I love it, they hate it. It is basically Halloween on Christmas, without trick-or-treating, and about twice as scary.

I may
I may…

…have a different perspective, but that’s what the world needs for understanding. Not enough people care, or understand others and that’s why the world is such a messed up place. I have these ways of looking at things to make people think about why they don’t do it, and so they have a more open perspective about life.

Works cited
Works cited…

  • All pictures came from www.google.com and I do not own any of them, drawings were done by me, Corbin Goodwin. Music was made on apple garage-band software by Corbin Goodwin.