Nanotechnology today tomorrow
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Nanotechnology Today & Tomorrow.

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Nanotechnology today tomorrow
Nanotechnology Today & Tomorrow

promise of broad societal benefit from pursuing nanotechnology R&D, including an anticipation of $1 trillion per year by 2015 of products where nanotechnology plays a key role, which would require 2 million workers with nanotechnology-related skills. .....the rate of market increase is expected .... a 25% increase per year .... estimate that by 2020, there will be about $3 trillion in products that incorporate nanotechnology as a key performance component. The nanotechnology markets and related jobs are expected to double each three years.

Mihail Roco 9-30-10

Center for nanotechnology education and utilization
Center for Nanotechnology Education and Utilization

  • Home of the Pa Nanofabrication Manufacturing Technology Partnership

  • National NSF Center for Nanotechnology Applications and Career Knowledge (NACK) since September 2008

The Commonwealth`s Land Grant institution sharing its World-class Expertise and Facilities to create a Nanotechnology Workforce in PA. Applying the Morrill Act to 21st century technology and economics

Nanotechnology today tomorrow

What is the Pennsylvania NMT Partnership?

A joint effort among Pennsylvania (PA) post-secondary institutions, industry, and the State with the mission of developing a PA nanotechnology workforce and of incorporating nanotechnology into PA secondary education, post-secondary education, and industry.

Nanotechnology today tomorrow

Develop a workforce for existing and emerging micro- and nanotechnology-based PA industries

Bring the high-paying jobs of nanotechnology to Pennsylvanians

Encourage the use of nanotechnology by PA industry

Create a nanotechnology-knowledgeable PA citizenry

PA NMT Overarching Goals

The pennsylvania nanofabrication manufacturing technology nmt partnership

A National Model for Nanotechnology Education nanotechnology-based PA industries

The Pennsylvania Nanofabrication Manufacturing Technology(NMT) Partnership

PA Associate & Baccalaureate Students

Grads to local PA Industry

“Hands - On” Capstone Semester @ PSU

  • Semester long - 18 credit hands-on experience offered at Penn State

  • Integral part of the 37 associate and 21 baccalaureate degree programs at partner institutions across PA

  • Covers broad applications of micro- and nanotechnology

  • Cost effective means of bringing nanotechnology training to every corner of Pennsylvania

  • Student pays their home school tuition and partial room and board

    • remainder of the true cost is covered by the PA DCED

  • 626 Capstone Semester graduates to date

  • 99 PA Institutions have hired Capstone grads for micro- and nanotechnology jobs

  • 1132 Educators & Industry personnel have completed nanotechnology workshops

Nanotechnology today tomorrow

Summary of Skills Taught in the PA Capstone Semester nanotechnology-based PA industries

  • Basic Nanotechnology EHS Awareness

  • Basics of Chemical and Material Properties—Role of Scale

  • Chemical and Materials Handling, Storage, and Disposal

  • Nanotechnology Health, Safety, and Environmental issues

    Nanotechnology Equipment and Processing Foundation Skills

  • Chemical Hoods and Glove Boxes: Use and Maintenance

  • Cleanrooms: Use and Maintenance

  • Pumps, Flow Control Systems, Scrubbers, Sensors: Use

    and Maintenance

  • Vacuum Systems: Use and Maintenance

  • Plasma Generating Systems: Use and Maintenance

  • Furnaces, Ovens, and Rapid Thermal Annealing Equipment: Use and Maintenance

  • Chemical Facilities and Maintenance

  • Contamination Control

  • Process Integration

  • Introduction to Statistical Process Control

  • NanotechnologyPatterning: Foundation Skills

  • Optical, e-beam, and Ion Beam Lithography

  • Stamping and Imprinting Lithography

  • Block co-polymer and SAM techniques

  • Nanotechnology Fabrication Skills

  • Top-down Fabrication

    • Reactive Ion, Sputter, and Wet Etching

    • Chemical Vapor and Physical Vapor Deposition Systems

    • Ion Beam, Plasma, and Chemical Materials Modification

    • Nanoparticles: Etching and Grinding Approaches

  • Bottom-up Fabrication

    • Chemical, Physical, and Biological Self-Assembly

    • Nanoparticles: Colloidal Chemistry

    • Nanoparticles: Plasma Approaches

    • Nanoparticles: Chemical Vapor Deposition Approaches

  • Nanotechnology Characterization Skills

  • Optical Microscopy

  • Scanning Probe Microscopy

    • Atomic Force Microscopy

  • Electron Microscopy

    • Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM and FE-SEM)

    • Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM and FE-TEM)

  • Chemical Characterization

    • X-ray (EDS)

    • Secondary Ion Mass Spectroscopy

    • Auger Electron Spectroscopy

    • Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy

  • Electrical Characterization

    • Current-Voltage Measurements

    • Capacitance Measurements

    • Opto-electronic Device Measurements

  • Physical Characterization

    • Spectrophotometer

    • Profilometer

    • X-ray Diffraction

  • Nanotechnology Professional Skills

  • Team Building

  • Problem Solving

  • Project Organization and Planning

  • Research Skills

  • Assessing Cost of Ownership

  • Presentation Skills

  • Technical Reporting and Documentation

  • Handling and Generating Intellectual Property

Nanotechnology today tomorrow

PA Institutions That Have Hired Nanotechnology

NMT Capstone Semester Graduates

For Micro- and Nanotechnology Jobs

II-VI Corporation


Adhesives Research

Advanced Acoustic Concepts

Advanced Gas Technologies

Advanced Powder Products




Allied Electronics

Alden Products

AMAX Minerals


Apogee Photonics

Arrow International

Avail Technologies


B. Braun


Carbon NanoProbes


Correge Sensors

Cosmos Technologies



Dana Corporation

Doucette Industries

Drexel University

DRS Laurel Technologies

East Penn Manufacturing

Eastman Chemical Company

Ex One

Fairchild Semiconductor

Fincor Automation

First Energy

F.S. Elliott



Hale Products

Hershey Medical Center




Johnson & Johnson

Johnson Matthey

Judson Technologies

Keystone Communications

Keystone Engineering

Kongsberg Defense

Kurt J. Lesker

Kyowa America

LCM Technologies

Lehighton Electronics

Lockheed Martin

Lucent Technologies

Lutron Electronics

Maxima Technologies

Meadow Burke Products

Membrane Assays



North American Hoganas


Philips Medical Systems

Philips Respironics




Probes Unlimited


PSU Applied Research Lab

PSU Dubois

PSU Electro Optics Center




Rohm and Haas

Ross Technologies

RJ Lee

Schroeder Industries

Scientific Systems

Seagate Technologies

SI International

Solar Innovatioins


Spectrum Technologies

Strategic Polymers

Structure Probes


Textron Lycoming

Thermo Electric PA


Tyco Electronics

University of Pittsburgh

Vectron International

Western Digital

Westfalia Technologies

Westmoreland Mech. Testing & Research



Nanotechnology today tomorrow

PA NMT Results Nanotechnology

PA Companies who have hired Capstone Grads

Nanotechnology today tomorrow

PA NMT CONTACTS Nanotechnology

Stephen J. Fonash


112 Lubert Building


Osama Awadelkarim

Associate Director

407D EES Building


Terry Kuzma

NMT Instructor

114 Lubert Building


Dave Johnson

Laboratory Coordinator

114 Lubert Building


Sebastien Maeder

Outreach / Research Associate

114 Lubert Building


Lisa Daub

Administrative Assistant

112 Lubert Building


Susan Barger

Administrative Support Assistant

112 Lubert Building


Robert Ehrmann

Director of Education & Outreach

112 Lubert Building


Bringing Nanotechnology to Education & Industry!

Nanotechnology today tomorrow

The Pennsylvania State University Nanofabrication Laboratory ,

An NSF National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network Site

Website: Director of Operations: William M. Mansfield (

Introduction: The Penn State Nanofab, located in the MRI building at Innovation Park, and soon moving to a new facility in the Millennium Science Complex on the University Park campus, is a full service micro- and nanofabrication user facility supporting all aspects of ‘top-down’ and ‘bottom up’ fabrication. The site provides users with access to facilities that enable fabrication of a wide range of electrical, optical, and micromechanical devices to support fundamental and applied research in diverse fields spanning electronics to medicine.

Millennium Science Complex


Lithography: Electron beam, Nanoimprint, Optical Step and Repeat, Optical contact, Optical contact with backside IR alignment.

Deposition/growth: Atomic Layer Deposition, Thermal and e-gun Evaporation with ion assist, Low pressure chemical vapor deposition (CVD), Plasma enhanced CVD, Standard and high temperature sputtering, Parylene polymer deposition

User Interaction, Fees:

Company employees trained to work in cleanroom or remote use of contractors or Nanofab staff. Daily cleanroom access fee with per run and hourly equipment charges.

Intellectual Property:

All IP developed by the user belongs to the

user. All IP developed by the user and staff is jointly owned with PSU.

Etching:Reactive Ion Etching, Magnetically enhanced RIE, Inductively coupled plasma, Wet chemical etching, Focused ion beam etching

Characterization: SEM, FESEM, four-point probe, optical microscopy,

I-V/C-V,FTIR, probe station, ellipsometry, profilometry

Substrate, deposited and processed materials: Si, poly and amorphous doped and undoped Si, Ge, SiO2, SixNy, low stress SixNy, porous Si, AlGaAs, InGaAsP, PMN-PT, PZT, LiNbO3, sapphire, glass, quartz, PDMS, spin-on dielectrics and others.


Extensive training and education on equipment operation and processing is available to any user if needed.

Contact Information:

Jaime Reish

Administrative Assistant 188 MRI

(814) 865-7348