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When to wear skinny ties? PowerPoint Presentation
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When to wear skinny ties?

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When to wear skinny ties?
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When to wear skinny ties?

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  1. When to Wear Skinny Ties? A Guide By: Bestow Mens Fashion Ltd. 7350 Inverness St Vancouver , B.C, Canada V5X 4G9 https://bestowneckties.ca

  2. Skinny tiesare back to make fashion statements. They are a hit among fashion circles and also those who want to go the retro way. These are also popular among fashion designers. However, do not wear them in business circles and formal occasions. This guide will help you to decide when to wear them. https://bestowneckties.ca/

  3. Skinny ties are not a common sight these days. In fact, they were in fashion in the 1960s but soon faded out. The normal wide and slim ties are a more common sight. However, solid color skinny ties, especially in black, have made a comeback. But they are still not worm as commonly as say, a slim tie. https://bestowneckties.ca/

  4. What is a Skinny Tie? A tie with a width of 1.5 – 2.5 inches is normally classified as a skinny tie. But there are some who even classify a tie of 3 inches width as a skinny tie. However, the general trend is to classify such ties as a slim tie and not a skinny tie. Skinny ties are worn only by a few and that too on special occasions. https://bestowneckties.ca/

  5. 1. Skinny ties are mostly worn on a casual occasion. They are not a common sight in business circles and work places. They are worn mainly as a retro style or to give the outfit a retro look. 2. Skinny tie is not a formal accessory but actually a fashion statement. Men who are into fashion team them up with a dress shirt with narrow collars and a pair of jeans. The knot used for such ties is also different from what is usually tied. They are tied slightly loose and asymmetrical on such occasions. https://bestowneckties.ca/

  6. 3. Skinny ties are a hit among celebrities. They are often spotted wearing them on the red carpet. So you can also wear one on a casual night out. But do not wear it for a black tie event. Solid black neckties made of either silk or leather are a preferred choice among celebrities for such events. https://bestowneckties.ca/

  7. 4. Fashion designers have started making their female models wear a skinny tie with their outfits. These ties are a bit shorter to ensure the right length. Solid black and bright pink are the most used colors for women ties. So girls can choose to wear a skinny tie for casual occasions. Take a cue from the designers’ pictures to know how to dress up. https://bestowneckties.ca/

  8. 5. When it comes to body type, skinny ties suit slim and tall men better. But a bulky man can also try to sport this look if he is trying to go for a retro look. https://bestowneckties.ca/

  9. 6. When choosing the style of a skinny tie, the solid colored ties look best. You can also go for stripes but nothing too experimental. It is best to keep skinny ties simple. https://bestowneckties.ca/

  10. Basically, skinny ties and casual occasions go hand-in-hand. A solid color skinny tie is the best and the safest bet when it comes to choosing one. But a skinny tie will look out of place if your dress and accessories are not in coordination with it. With a skinny tie, it is all about achieving the right look. https://bestowneckties.ca/

  11. A Guide By: Bestow Mens Fashion 7350 Inverness St Vancouver , B.C, Canada V5X 4G9 +1 (604) 365-3988 sales@bestowneckties.ca https://bestowneckties.ca/