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Silk Fabric - Know About Its Different Types Before You Buy The Best One For Your Needs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Silk fabric know about its different types before you buy the best one for your needs

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Whether you are in need of silk fabric for making garments or are planning to use it to design furnishings and home

décor items to use in your space, it really cannot hurt to know more about the stuff that you are buying. Silk is

definitely one of the most versatile and beautiful fabric choices available out there - one that can out a royal classy

twist on just about anything! The uncontested first choice of designers and decorators alike, silk is a beautiful fabric

to use in all kinds of creations - whether it be curtains, throws, cushion covers or even a tapestry! So here is a simple

round up of the most common and popular types and varieties of silk fabric that you will find out there in the

market. Read on to understand the basic properties of each type and make an informed decision as to which one will

be the best for your project:

Silk Chiffon:

This variety is known for its stretchy capabilities and slightly coarse feel. The weave of this fabric type is such that the

surface of the cloth takes on a slight pucker. It is extremely lightweight and pliable and can be used in a variety of


Silk Charmeuse:

Charmeuse features a rather shiny and reflective look to it. Due to the way the silk is woven, the front of the fabric

carries a satin like gleaming and shimmering look. You'll find that charmeuse is among the more expensive types of

silk weave. This silk fabric is so soft that you wouldn’t be able to keep your hands off it! It also has an elegant fall

which makes it a great choice for curtains and throws.

China Silk:

China silk is what you will find most people referring to when they are talking about silk in general. It is the most

common, most popular and most affordable variety of silk fabric available in the market. Most fabric stores stock

this silk variety in a lot of different thread counts and weights. It is made with a standard weave and is pretty robust,

thereby becoming a more preferred choice for use around the house, especially when it comes to furnishings and


Doupioni Silk Fabric:

Doupioni is among the finest weaves of silk fabric. It has a lustrous satiny sheen and can be identified by the uneven

and irregular slubs running across the fabric. The finest Doupioni silks come from Italy, China and India. You will find

this variety to be more on the expensive side. It will also prove to be delicate and will require a lot of careful


Other types of silk

Apart from the above, there are various other types and varieties of silk available, suitable for different applications

and with different features. Your choices include brocade, crepe, faille ribbed, sheer crepe and matalasse.

Online shopping for silk fabric or any other variety can become easy and satisfying if you keep these aspects in mind.

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