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Important Consideration While Buying A Used Car PowerPoint Presentation
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Important Consideration While Buying A Used Car

Important Consideration While Buying A Used Car

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Important Consideration While Buying A Used Car

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  1. Some Common Information That You Should Consider While Buying A Used Car Are you planning to buy a new car? If you don’t have proper knowledge of various important things, then you might get into trouble and will come up with the wrong car. As per the research, 30% of users provide wrong information while selling their car. This is not intentional but it can be a mistake. • Build Year vs Model Year • Factory-Fitted Options • Two-Wheel-Drive vs All-Wheel-Drive

  2. 1. Build Year vs Model Year • Do you know about “MY”? What is this stand for? If you are not aware of “MY” while buying a used or new car then you will end up with really a costly mistake. This is the “Model Year” and this is the specification to which a car was built. • 2017 MY18” means the car was built in 2017 and it has the specification of a 2018 mode year car. • information is vital because if you buy MY18 model cars then you may get the updated pricing, revised styling, more features, and new equipment compared to MY17 model. Before making the decision, you should make sure which model you want to buy. • After knowing the build date, you can double check it with an online vehicle database. With this information, you can see the model year it corresponds to.

  3. 2. Factory-Fitted Options • If you are buying a used car then it’s really important to confirm the specific factory options that will tell you the exact information about car fitting. • Some fittings you can see with your eyes such as leather or satellite navigation. • you can’t identify things such as premium audio or adaptive headlights. • If you are planning to buy a car from a private sale, then you should check whether the advertised options are indeed included or not. Visit More

  4. 3. Two-Wheel-Drive vs All-Wheel-Drive • You Have The Option To Buy Sedans, Utes, And Suvs In 2WD As Well As AWD. • The Cars Have Different Models And Variants That’s Why It’s Possible That The Car Owner Mistakenly Advertises Their Car With The Wrong Drive Type. • Check The Drive Axles By Sick Your Head Underneath To Confirm Whether The Car Is Actually 4×4 Or Not. • Some Cars Come With “4x4” Badge On The Back But It’s Not Compulsory.

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