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Outdoor Barbecue Grilling Tips For A Memorable Backyard Part PowerPoint Presentation
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Outdoor Barbecue Grilling Tips For A Memorable Backyard Part

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Outdoor Barbecue Grilling Tips For A Memorable Backyard Part - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Who doesn’t love outdoor barbecue parties? However, we cannot disregard the fact that we have to be cautious when cooking outdoors to prevent accidents. This presentation features tips that will not only make such an event memorable but also safe for you and your family. Read on and learn. Visit:

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Outdoor Barbecue Grilling Tips For A Memorable Backyard Part

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Outdoor Barbecue Grilling Tips For A Memorable Backyard Party 1-800-338-1323

    2. Hosting backyard parties has long been a part of our tradition. And what’s our favorite menu? Of course, BARBECUE! So how do you ensure that your party turns out a blast?! Here are some tips to help you! Call 1-800-338-1323

    3. Always prepare your food items for grilling ahead of time. Don’t wait until the day of the get-together to do the shopping and the food prep. Call 1-800-338-1323

    4. Make sure that you’ll be cooking fresh food. If you want to go with frozen, just choose items that haven’t been in the shelf for so long. Call 1-800-338-1323

    5. Don’t forget to use barbecue rub and sauces. They are the life of your barbecue. Call 1-800-338-1323

    6. Only use a clean and well-greased grill. This will not only avoid food burning but also prevent food poisoning that may be caused by dirty cooking utensils. Call 1-800-338-1323

    7. Set up your charcoal grill at least 10 feet away from your house to prevent accidents. Safety is always a priority. Call 1-800-338-1323

    8. Keep flammable stuff away from the grill. Call 1-800-338-1323

    9. Create a delicious menu. Don’t forget to add veggies or even fruits such as pineapple on your barbecue menu. They’ll give your feast a twist. Call 1-800-338-1323

    10. Never serve hot food. Your meat, seafood and veggies need to cool down a bit before you serve them to your guests. Call 1-800-338-1323

    11. Don’t poke your food while they’re being grilled. Doing so will make their juices come out. Thus, they will end up dry and not-so-tasty anymore. Call 1-800-338-1323

    12. Only apply sweet sauces when the food is almost cooked. This will prevent the sweet content from burning and giving your food a bitter taste. Call 1-800-338-1323

    13. We hope that you learned a lot from these outdoor barbecue grilling tips. To serve delicious grilled dishes, only use the best barbecue grill in town. • Use a La Caja China! Visit our website to order yours now! Call 1-800-338-1323