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  1. Welcome Sales & Customer Services Kybotech LtdParry Business ParkGrassthorpe Road,Sutton On Trent,Nottinghamshire,NG23 6QX

  2. Unusually Delicious Foods from Barbecues! For those of us who desire becoming a BBQ aficionado, there are some really incredible foods that can help you reach that goal that most people do not correlate with barbecues. There are many more foods that can be barbequed other than burgers and steaks. Here are some really good food ideas that can help you reach that peak of BBQ perfection!

  3. Fruits! Have you ever tried grilling pineapple? The sweetness that comes off of a barbequed piece of fruit is something that can only be achieved through the grilling process. There are other fruits that taste heavenly when placed on a BBQ as well. Take peaches, for example. If you put peaches on the grill, they become softer from the heat and they become sweeter from the caramelization that the BBQ provides. Putting peach halves on cinnamon sticks, similar to a kebob, helps them be flipped to get the flavor all the way around the peach as the grill infuses the cinnamon flavor.

  4. Seafood! Many people do not ever think of seafood when they consider BBQs, but there are some really amazing flavors that can come from grilled seafood. You can BBQ anything from shellfish like clams or muscles, to octopus, and wind up with some of the most wonderful flavor combinations you have ever experienced. Many people have used barbeques for smoking seafood, but grilling pieces of fish using just a little bit of oil to keep it from sticking can give that old, standard fish recipe, a whole new appeal.

  5. Many different types of foods stand up to being barbecued incredibly well. You can use BBQs for anything from salads to desserts and many recipes in between, and have flavors that your palette has never experienced before. Barbecues can bring an entirely new format of flavors to some of your favorite foods and should never be overlooked when trying to refresh an old favorite recipe!

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