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Time For A Change

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Time For A Change - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Time For A Changennhttps://www.nokiantires.com/tires/passenger-car/summer-tires/

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Time For A Change

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time for a change 1
Time For A Change
  • As the weather is changing, so should our tires. Change from summer tires to winter tires to ensure that you car will manage safely on the winter roads, just as your car was handling on the summer roads. When you have made the shift, you can drive safely after the winter weather will arrive. If you haven’t made the change you can’t drive safely once winter weather will hit.
time for a change 2
Time For A Change
  • The art of doing the change in a planned way and ensuring that you are all set prior to when winter arrives is key. If you manage that, you have done well, as it seems like most people somehow manage to miss it and have to live with all the problems and aftermath of not getting it done on time. Driving safely during winter if you have winter conditions is limited to driving with tires that are approved for these conditions.
time for a change 3
Time For A Change
  • For more information regarding winter tires, visit us athttps://nokiantires.com/