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Plan For Winter

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Plan For Winter

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Plan For Winter

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plan for winter 1
Plan For Winter
  • I think everyone that live in a place where winters come every year, should plan for the arrival of winter. When it comes to your vehicle, then you should also start planning on changing to winter tires. It doesn’t matter if you have a truck or a SUV, you will need an approved winter tyre from the first snow for these as well. As it is not safe to drive any distance with tires that haven’t been approved for winter conditions.
plan for winter 2
Plan For Winter
  • In order not to be taken by surprise by the winter weather, make sure that you plan your tyre change. Also make sure that you have a kit in the car in case you end up in a bad situation. This would include an ice scraper, a broom, a shovel and some appropriate clothes for winter, including extra gloves, winter hat and a warm jacket. Some sand can also be good in case you get stuck somewhere. Also a power bank can be good in case you go a on a longer trip. Being able to call for help can be invaluable.
plan for winter 3
Plan For Winter
  • Always try to change to winter tires a few weeks before you believe the winter will arrive. If the snow arrives before you have made the change, avoid using your vehicle until the snow has melted away.
plan for winter 4
Plan For Winter
  • For more info regarding winter tires, visit: