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Ohio Education

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Ohio Education. Unmet needs. Spending. Spending. Low Bar. Proficient? Reading Math 3 rd grade … 57-69% 3 rd grade …. 58-79% 4 th grade ... 47-76% 4 th grade …. 48-71% 6 th grade … 35-60% 6 th grade …. 40-57%

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Ohio Education

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ohio education
Ohio Education
  • Unmet needs
low bar
Low Bar
  • Proficient?
  • Reading Math
  • 3rd grade … 57-69% 3rd grade …. 58-79%
  • 4th grade ... 47-76% 4th grade …. 48-71%
  • 6th grade … 35-60% 6th grade …. 40-57%
  • 7th grade … 45-65% 7th grade …. 32-57%
  • OGT
  • Reading Math
  • Advanced….. 79-100% Advanced…… 77-100%
  • Accelerated….. 66-78% Accelerated….. 63-76%
  • Proficient…… 43-65% Proficient….. 43-62%
  • District needs 75% of their students to be Proficient to meet the indicator.http://www.oagc.com/files/OAGC_Grading_On_A_Curve_Final.pdf
ohio education1

Ohio Education

What do we do?

what has been done last few years
What has been done?Last few years
  • 1. 3rd Grade Reading Guarantee
  • 2. A-F Grading System
  • 3. OTES, OPES and SLO’s
  • 4. HB 165
  • Complaints=not involving enough teachers
  • 5. Common Core
  • 6. Assessments
  • Complaints=not involving enough teachers or citizens
1 3 rd grade reading
1. 3rd Grade Reading
  • Ohio’s third grade reading guarantee was part of a package of education policy backed by Gov. John Kasich and approved by state lawmakers in spring 2012 as part of Senate Bill 316.
  • Update: On Tuesday, September 11, the Board did vote to approve the cut scores of 390 for 2012-2013 and 392 for 2013-2014.
  • These are below Proficient but above “Basic”

Several states including Florida and Texas have had third-grade reading requirements in place for about a decade. Florida has seen the percentage of fourth graders who can read at a fourth grade level rise since putting the requirement in place, as measured by the NAEP. Texas has not

otes has critics
OTES has critics
  • Ohio Teacher Evaluation System: Dishonest, Unrealistic, and Not Fully Supported by Academic Research
3 ohio s proposed new accountability system
3. Ohio’s Proposed New Accountability System
  • 2014-2015 School Year Overall Grade
  • A-F
  • Achievement: How well are students doing against
  • national and state standards of success?
  •  Gap Closing: Are students in all demographic groups
  • making gains in reading and math?
  •  Graduation Rate: Are all students graduating on time?
  •  Progress: Are students of all abilities growing
  • academically?
  •  K-3 Literacy: Are students in kindergarten through third
  • grade reading at or above grade level?
  •  Prepared for Success: Are students ready for college
  • and careers?
4 sb 165 of the 129 th ge
4. SB 165 of the 129th GE
  • (b) Not later than July 1, 2012, the state board shall incorporate into the social studies standards for grades four to twelve academic content regarding the original texts of the Declaration of Independence, the Northwest Ordinance, the Constitution of the United States and its amendments, with emphasis on the Bill of Rights, and the Ohio Constitution, and their original context. The state board shall revise the model curricula and achievement assessments adopted under divisions (B) and (C) of this section as necessary to reflect the additional American history and American government content. The state board shall make available a list of suggested grade-appropriate supplemental readings that place the documents prescribed by this division in their historical context, which teachers may use as a resource to assist students in reading the documents within that context.
osblc legislation recommendations
OSBLC Legislation Recommendations
  • Things that need to change
  • 1. Require all pay and benefits to be paired with community pay and benefits. Everyone works to prosper in their community.
  • 2.Allow only one levy request per year, November only. Remove the once per five years for the repeal of a levy, making it once per year, November only. Limit the repeal of a levy to a minimum of 2.
  • 3. Disallow any Annuity, car allowance, Pick-up, health care coverage beyond the rest of district employees, paid memberships, and other benefits beyond salary for any district employee. 4. Mandate Transparency Projects such as the one on the Springboro Community City School web site.

5. Mandate that both original and final offers from the unions and the governing body be made public immediately after the first meeting.

  • 6. Mandate that district pay and benefits changes mirror the community they operate in.  Economic reality borne by all. Makes everyone work toward economic success in the community.
  • 7. Allow for school districts in Ohio to declare bankruptcy and avoid the futile task of having a state takeover.
  • 8. Allow districts to permanently replace a striking worker.
  • 9. After employee retirement, a mandatory 1 year "cooling off" period before re-employment in any capacity, and a life-time prohibition on returning to the position that the employee retired from. 

10. Remove income cap on school vouchers and increase to be available to all students. 

  • 11. Convert all defined benefit retirement plans to defined contribution plans with no more than 10% of any employees' pay being directly contributed by the taxpayer.
  • 12. Return control of the curriculum to the local district. Neither the State nor the Feds have any business dictating what is taught. School
  • Boards should be responsible and accountable for what is taught -- right now the education establishment can hide behind various "mandates" that have too
  • much influence over content, quality and quantity.

13. For core subjects (e.g., math, English, history, chemistry, etc.), high school teachers must have mastery (a minimum of 24 semester hours, or a college degree or major) in the subject they are teaching.

  • 14.Require districts to reduce sick days to 7, no more than 1 personal day and no more than 70 accumulated sick days, to be paid at 25% per diem at retirement, averaged over all years in public education.
  • 15.Discontinue Tenure or Continuing Contracts.