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Travel Guide: Anchorage Alaska PowerPoint Presentation
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Travel Guide: Anchorage Alaska

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Travel Guide: Anchorage Alaska - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Travel Guide: Anchorage Alaska
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  1. Travel Guide: AnchorageAlaska Eco-Conscious Style

  2. Some Northern Exposure •

  3. Anchorage Attractions City Activities Family Vacation Ideas visit: family-favorites Golf opportunities visit: sun • Camping, Kayaking, rafting and more visit: • (gold AGA certification) • Night Life and Restaurants: • Live music and entertainment • Great seafood and view • Romantic night out on the town

  4. Destinations • Fairbanks, Alaska (7 hrs. N)- at the doorstep of the Alaskan wilderness Fairbanks offers a beautiful view of the northern lights as well as exploration into the history of the Alaskan gold rush and rich art and culture • Lodging Options: -hotels (AGA certified) • -cabin rental • - b&b • Transportation options: -train or bus • Rental car

  5. Destinations • Denali National Park (3 hrs. NE)- Denali offers a rich wildlife experience featuring beautiful mountains(Mt. McKinley) lakes, and wildlife • For travel and lodging visit:

  6. Destinations • Seward Alaska (2 hrs. S)- Seward is another scenic destination. This seaside village is home to quaint shops and galleries and the beautiful Kenai Fjords National Park with views artic marine life. • Lodging: (AGA Gold certified) • Transportation: 2.5 hour drive from Anchorage • Bus, railways, etc. visit:

  7. Transportation Options -Because Alaska is so spread out with few large city destinations it is able to incorporate quality public transportation opportunities that will benefit your wallet and the environment. • • Options for traveling into Anchorage • Cruise: although cruises have a very high carbon export they are getting better a good option would be princess cruise lines who use alternative energy sourcing and greener detergent: • Plane: Frontier, Continental, Delta, and Alaskan airlines • Car

  8. Synopsis • As far as Ecotourism goes you can not go wrong choosing Anchorage to be your next vacation destination. The all natural, wildlife protected parks and the local lifestyle make it easy for you to have an entertaining and eco-friendly vacation. • Eco-friendly things to avoid • -cruise liners- emit too much co2, trying seeing the oceanic views and wildlife from a smaller boat or kayaking tour • -rental cars- plenty of other transportation methods • -hotels- try another lodging method and absorb the Alaskan Wilderness • Adventure Green Alaska businesses and certification criteria •