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AIANEA - APIO. Employee Training Conference. Anchorage, Alaska August 14 -18, 2006. Conference Logo Representation of Alaska. The big dipper and north star (Alaska State Flag, designed by an Alaska Native high school student). 

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    1. AIANEA - APIO Employee Training Conference Anchorage, Alaska August 14 -18, 2006 Conference Logo Representation of Alaska • The big dipper and north star (Alaska State Flag, designed by an Alaska Native high school student).  • The aurora borealis ( the northern lights) represents the beauty and mystery of our natural world.  • The mountain is a silhouette of Denali. It represents the wilds and ruggedness of Alaska. • The river with salmon returning.  It represents NRCS’ commitment to conservation and it also represents the Native peoples of Alaska connection with nature and their dependence on salmon. 

    2. AIANEA and APIO 2006 Joint Training Session • Diversity of our employees and knowledge gained by training are two factors which keeps NRCS the best Federal agency in the USDA. • The AIANEA and APIO employee associations will be meeting jointly in a training session. • The instructors are either NRCS employees who are at the forefront of this knowledge or outside educators known and respected for their skills. • All of the training sessions will be pertinent to the type of work done by the vast majority of employees.

    3. Alaska is a far away place, Where mountains rise and fall.

    4. With many an ethnic race, And the rivers send their call.

    5. Its richness invites you to come, With camera, family and friend.

    6. The beauty leaves you numb, The scenic vistas never end.

    7. Come and see what you need, To be better than you are.

    8. Learning you must concede, Will help you become a star.

    9. So under the long summer’s sun, And the shimmering Northern Lights,

    10. Just think of the learning fun And your new found working bytes.

    11. Do you really need an excuse, To see new lands and faces?

    12. Come, be part of the NRCS crew, And join us in new found places.