game development essentials an introduction l.
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Game Development Essentials An Introduction

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Game Development Essentials An Introduction - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Game Development Essentials An Introduction. Chapter 7. Levels creating the world. Key Chapter Questions. ■ What is level design and how is it related to gameplay?

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chapter 7

Chapter 7


creating the world

key chapter questions
Key Chapter Questions

■ What is level design and how is it related to gameplay?

■ What is the importance of the structural features of game worlds—such as duration, availability, relationship, and progression?

■ What is the importance of the temporal features of game worlds—such as authentic, variable, player-adjusted, and altered?

■ What is the importance of the spatial features of game worlds—such as perspective, scale, and boundaries?

■ How are reality and style achieved in a game environment?

structure goal

Mission briefing in Wings Over China.

structure flow

Open-air levels usually lack natural boundaries.

(Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004)

structure duration

Children’s levels often have shorter durations

(Toontown Online / Spongebob Squarepants)

structure availability

Players can sometimes choose from several open levels at once

(Warlords Battlecry)

structure relationship

Mission levels can be related to each other through difficulty or sequence

(Command & Conquer: Generals)

time authentic

Boktai uses a sensor

to detect the presence of daylight.

time limited

Baldur’s Gate allows players a limited amount of real-world time to accomplish tasks within the game.

time variable

The Sims depicts both day and night – but time speeds up when the characters go to sleep.

time player adjusted

Players can adjust the time interval

in sports games such as

All Star Baseball 2005.

time altered

Players can stop time in

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.

space perspective camera omnipresent
SpacePerspective & CameraOmnipresent

Black & White: Creature Isle

space terrain materials
SpaceTerrain & Materials

Interiors made of concrete, brick, metal, and wood textures in Half-Life 2 contrasts with exteriors made

of grass, dirt, and water textures in GravRally.

space radiosity effects
SpaceRadiosity & Effects

A scene before and after radiosity is applied.

space scale

Knights and Pikemen are as big as

mountains and cities in Civilization II.

space boundaries

Praetorians uses terrain as a boundary.

space reality

True Crime: Streets of LA uses

environmental details to portray

the game world realistically.

The open exterior in Fable

is more realistic and stunning.

space style

Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee is filled with surreal characters

and environments.

Viewtiful Joe uses cel-shading

to bring a 2D look into a 3D world.

  • Structure
  • Goal
  • Flow
  • Duration
  • Availability
  • Relationship
  • Progression
  • Time
  • Authentic
  • Limited
  • Variable
  • Player-adjusted
  • Altered
  • Space
  • Perspective
  • & camera
  • Terrain
  • & materials
  • Radiosity
  • & effects
  • Scale
  • Boundaries
  • Reality
  • Style