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A Crusade for All

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A Crusade for All - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Crusade for All. The Task.

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The Task

You have been assigned your crusade in Social studies class.  You need people to follow you to the promise land.  How will you get them to follow you?  Of course, you need to be persuasive by creating a catchy slogan and a persuasive paragraph. The use of propaganda techniques will certainly help you in your quest.


The Process

  • 1.  Your first task is research your assigned crusade.  Click on the crusade that you have been assigned and gather five historical facts about that crusade.  List those facts on the paper provided.  These facts must be included in your persuasive paragraph.
  • **you may have to scroll through some of the websites to find your information
  • a. Saladin
  • b. Noble’s Crusade
  • c. Children’s Crusade
  • d. Peasant’s Crusade
  • e. King’s Crusade
  • 2. Click here to view slogans. On a piece of paper, write down the slogan and explain why it is “poor slogan”. Use your guide to slogans
  • 3. You are almost done. Now, it is time to create a slogan for your crusade. Click here for how to set up your slogan paper
  • One last thing to do-Write a persuasive paragraph that includes the five historical facts from your research. Click here for how to set up your paragraph. Remember you are trying to convince people to join your crusade. Be creative and be persuasive.
  • Need a rubric for your paragraph? Click here

Saladin's Crusade

Click here for the informational page that your social studies teacher gave you


Noble's Crusade




4. Click here for the informational page that your social studies teacher gave you


Peasant's Crusade

  • (Click here if this link does not work
  • 2.
  • 3. Click here for the informational page that your social studies teacher gave you

The Peasants Crusade (1096-1096) was rallied in response to the same problems that precipitated the First Crusade. Two preachers called the peasants of France to leave their fields and go to fight in the Holy Land: Peter the Hermit and Walter the Penniless. Famine, civil war, and sickness made rural France an unpleasant place in which to live, so the peasants went quite willingly in droves. This Crusade was unorganized, and many of the people who went had no idea what they were doing, where they were going, or what they were in for. The nobility of England who passed by these Crusaders viewed them "with contempt as persons who had altogether lost their wits," according to Ekkhard of Aurach in Hierosolymita (ca. 1101). The deeds of any peasants who did manage to fight with the noble Crusaders of the First Crusade were considered part of that First Crusade.


Children's Crusade

  • 4. Click here for the informational page that your social studies teacher gave you

King's Crusade



Copy the slogan on a sheet of paper and write down why they are “poor” slogans

1. Get land or die tryin

2. The Kings Want You

3. Come with Steven and you’ll be leavin’

4. You’ll Gain a lot if you just try. We are protected by GOD in the sky

5. If all you do is daydream about lots of ice cream then come to the Children’s Crusade

6. Join us Now

7. Protect your family from violence. Save the Holy Land from the Christian infidels

8. Gather your friends, follow Stephen of Cloyes, follow in his footsteps, and gain some toys.

9. Protect our holy land or die

10. Protect or Islam Dies


Slogan Rough Draft

  • Brainstorm Area for Slogans
  • List Three Slogans
  • _______________________________
  • _______________________________
  • _______________________________