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Workshop. on. Achieving synergies among all projects towards making Economic Census 2013 a success. Kabir Uddin Ahmed Project Director, SISB Project, BBS (On behalf of the PDs forum). Outline of the presentation. Brief introduction of BBS Who we are: the PDs forum

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    1. Workshop on Achieving synergies among all projects towards making Economic Census 2013 a success KabirUddin Ahmed Project Director, SISB Project, BBS (On behalf of the PDs forum)

    2. Outline of the presentation • Brief introduction of BBS • Who we are: the PDs forum • What we do: Activities-in a nutshell • Short description of 10 ongoing projects • Project brief • Major activities undertaken • Synergies towards Economic Census 2013 • The way forward

    3. Brief introduction of BBS • Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS), the NSO of Bangladesh is working under Statistics and Informatics Division (SID), Ministry of Planning; • The broad functions of BBS are to collect, compile, analyze and disseminate data and statistics on social, economic, demographic, and agriculture sectors; • BBS is headed by a Director General and perform its duties through eight wings headed by Directors; • Five subject matter wings • Three service wings

    4. Organizational Structure of BBS

    5. Who we are : the PDs forum • Population and Housing Census 2011 • Monitoring the Situation of Vital Statistics, Bangladesh • Economic Census 2013 • Strengthening of Industrial Statistics, Bangladesh • Geographic Information System (GIS) • Digital Information System (DIS) • Monitoring the Situation of Children and Women • Food Security-Nutritional Surveillance Component • Harmonization of Agricultural Statistics • National Strategy for the Development of Statistics

    6. What we do (major activities) • Conduct decennial Population Census • Estimate intercensal demographic events through survey • Conduct decennial Economic (non-farm activities) Census • Develop Classifications & produce industrial statistics • Produce GIS maps for censuses and surveys • Web-enabled dissemination through GIS • Monitor the situation of children and women • Conduct PEC for main surveillance of nutrition • Harmonize the methodology for crop yield rate • Prepare National Strategy for the Development of Statistics

    7. Project brief: Population Census 2011 project

    8. Major activities ►This Project has completed the Pre-Census and During-Census activities ● Main Census conducted during 15-19 March 2011 ● Preliminary result published in 16 July 2011 ● Final Result (Community Report) published in 16 July 2012. ● PEC conducted during 10-14 April 2011 ● Sample Census conducted 15-25 October 2011 ● Socio-Economic report published in 30th December 2012 Present Activities: ● Preparation of District Reports, Urban Area report, Union Statistics, Administrative Report. ● Population Projection

    9. Synergies towards Economic Census 2013 • ● Use of IT Equipments, • ● Sharing Census Experience • ● Human Resources • Showcase Product: • ● Community Reports • ● National and District Reports • ● Socio-economic and Demographic Report • ● Population Projection • ● IMPS Design and Thematic Analysis

    10. Project brief: MSVSB Project

    11. Major activities • Data collection at field level • Printing of Survey Tafsil • Data edit, entry and process • Training /Refresher Training • Selection of Firm for Local Consultant • Publication of report • Seminar on Report • Procurement of office equipment • Working group, TC , and Steering committee meeting • Workshop • Procurement of Vehicle

    12. Synergies towards Economic Census 2013 • Thru providing trained local Registrars at field level • Show case product • The retired age limit of govt. service has been increased from 57 year to 59 year by dint of increasing expectation of life at birth • To monitor the progress of Millennium Development Goal by 2015, 4 (four) important indicators are data obtained from the survey. Such as (a) Under Five Mortality Rate (b) Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) (c) Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR) and (d) Total Fertility Rate (TFR)

    13. Project brief: Economic Census 2013 Project

    14. Major activities Pre Census: ● Updating of Enumeration Area (EA) and supervisor maps and geo-codes ● Designing and pre-testing of questionnaire ● Pilot Census for verifying overall preparation for the census ● Preparation of publicity material and actuation of publicity During Census: ● Training of Master Trainers, Zonal Officers, Enumerator and Supervisors ● Holding Census Committee Meeting at Different level ● Main Count Post Census: ● Storing and Inventory of Questionnaire ● Data capturing, Editing, Analysis and Report Writing ● PEC & Conducting Sample Census

    15. Synergies towards other projects • ● SISB Project: BSCO and BCPC, Business Register • ● GIS Project: GIS maps • Show case Product: • ● Business Register • ● District and National Reports 15

    16. Project brief: SISB Project

    17. Major activities • Review of International Standard classifications and develop Bangladesh standard classifications; • Design, pre-testing of forms & questionnaires; • Survey fieldwork & follow-up for non-response; • WG, TC, and Steering committee meeting; • Workshop & Stakeholders’ opinion; • Develop human resources thru training on survey methodology and data analysis;

    18. Synergies towards Economic Census 2013 • Economic Census will be using the standard classifications developed by SISB Project. • Show case product • Bangladesh Central Product Classification (BCPC) • Bangladesh Standard Classification of Occupations (BSCO) • Business Register (manufacturing industries)

    19. Project brief: GIS Project

    20. Major activities • Field verification for GIS Mauza/Mahallah map. • Data collection on Health and Education facility using GPS • Preparation of Small Area Atlas of 64 Districts. • Thematic Mapping. • VAW/Gender based survey, data entry, processing and report writing. • Local training/Orientation for GIS and SVRS enumerator / supervisors. • Foreign training/Study tour.

    21. Synergies towards Economic Census 2013 • Thru developing GIS • Show case product • Small Area Atlas for 64 Districts. • Digital EA Mauza/Mahallah Map with Health and Education facilities • VAW / Gender based survey report • Thematic maps.

    22. Project brief: DIS Project

    23. Major activities Establishment of a Digital Data Lab Procurement and installation of Machinery equipments (Servers, Storage and Network) Arrangement of Study tour in Australia and Malaysia Acquisition of attribute data on Population Census-2011 Acquisition of spatial Data from GIS Section of Computer Wing Development of Web enabled Digital Information System linkage with Spatial and Attribute database Local Training on Digital Information System

    24. Synergies towards Economic Census 2013 Using Server, Network, Storage and Dissemination of Data through Web Show Case product It will be the first Web enabled GIS Software in Bangladesh for disseminating Censuses and Surveys result through Tables, Maps and Graphs

    25. Project brief: MSCW project

    26. Major activities • Conduct global pilot survey on MICS • Organize wrap-up workshop on pilot • Conduct MICS 2012-13 as pioneer country • Institutionalize and update of BDInfo • Support to SVRS

    27. Synergies towards Economic Census 2013 • Team-based and participatory approach • Exclusive and intensive training • Close monitoring and supervision (SID-BBS-UNICEF-ROSA-Global MICS team-ToT) • Field Monitoring Consultant • Show case product • MDG indicators • MICS indicators • BDInfo

    28. Project brief: FS-NSC Project

    29. Major activities • To conduct Post Enumeration Check ( PEC ) survey of Nutritional Surveillance conducted by BRAC University and Helen Keller International, Bangladesh ( HKI ) • To arrange different training programs for the officials of Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics ( BBS ) on the relevant areas of Nutritional Surveillance • To support BRAC University and HKI on sample designing, questionnaire preparation etc. for the main Surveillance • To involve local, unemployed, educated women as female facilitator in our PEC survey and making them as local workforce for our future activities

    30. Synergies towards Economic Census 2013 • Sharing experiences and team concepts at the field level activities; • Coordination of field staffs; • Show case product • Nutritional Surveillance Results

    31. Project brief: HDUAPS Project

    32. Major activities • Conducting Experimental Crop Cutting; • Conducting workshop with stakeholders; • Conducting training to 15oo officers (BBS 750, DAE 750); • Conducting data processing training ; • Preparation of Crop Cutting Manual; • Publication of Analytical Report;

    33. Synergies towards Economic Census 2013 • Show case product • Crop Cutting Manual (to be completed) • Analytical Report (To be completed)

    34. Project brief: Capacity building of BBS (phase-2) Project

    35. Major activities • Face to face interview with the policy makers, senior officials, researchers, academicians, experts etc; • Getting mass opinion on the present situation of statistics through Assessment Framework; • Arranging 9 workshops, 6 at divisional headquarters outside Dhaka; • Forming ‘Focal Point Officers Group’ with the representative from ministries/agencies and conducting two meetings; • Forming ‘Development Partners’ Focal Point Officers Group’ and conduct a meeting; • Preparing Implementation Plan involving senior officials of BBS; • Preparing Draft NSDS;

    36. Synergies towards Economic Census 2013 • The Economic Census 2013 is a significant component of NSDS • Show case product • NSDS Report 36

    37. The Way Forward • Explore and integrate the deliverables of all the projects to provide inputs for the Economic Census 2013; • Enhance knowledge-base through interacting among the PDs; • Develop better understanding in harmonizing activities.