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Workshop. Facilitator: . Agenda. Introduction Overview Key Benefits testGEAR Functionality Enrollment BrainScan SMART Curriculum Tests. TestSCOPE Summary Enrollment BrainScan Lesson scores Practice test results Student responses Implementation Models Rollout.

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  • Introduction
  • Overview
  • Key Benefits
  • testGEAR Functionality
  • Enrollment
  • BrainScan
  • SMARTCurriculum
  • Tests
  • TestSCOPE
  • Summary
  • Enrollment
  • BrainScan
  • Lesson scores
  • Practice test results
  • Student responses
  • Implementation
  • Models
  • Rollout
  • Professional Tools
  • testGEAR homepage
  • Customer support
goals and outcomes
Goals and Outcomes
  • Understand the purpose and added benefits of the testGEAR resources
  • Learn the format and functionality of the various features
  • Recognize some instructional uses for testGEAR
  • Report and track student progress using TestSCOPE
  • Consider which Implementation Model(s) best suits your site
  • Define key Next Steps for implementing testGEAR at your school
  • Know how to access Bridges support and key tools
purposes of testgear
Purposes of testGEAR
  • Increase student access to test preparation
    • 24/7 access
  • Raise student test scores
  • Prepares you for multiple high stake exams
    • ACT, SAT, PSAT, Math, ELA, Social Studies, Science
  • Improved accountability
    • Adequate Yearly Progress
added benefits for students
Added benefits for students
  • Recognize structure of target test including time allowances
  • Become familiar with style of questions
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Minimize test anxiety
  • Review of curricular content
  • Carryover to other tests
activity 1 enrollment
Activity 1 - Enrollment
  • If you haven’t done so already, using the Site Selector and your PAAK or AC, create a Professional Account (Grants access to both testGEAR and TestSCOPE)
  • Access testGEAR
  • Update Graduation Year
  • Update Keyword field (If you want to divide students by sections, classes, etc., in order to separate the results more easily in testSCOPE)
testgear brainscan
testGEAR BrainScan
  • 30 minute diagnostic tool
  • Creates an individualized “SMART Curriculum” for strengthening identified academic weakness
  • Subjective and objective type questions
    • Perception, learning styles, content
  • One time opportunity
  • Why skip the BrainScan?
activity 2 brainscan
Activity 2 - BrainScan
  • Log into your student testGEAR account
  • Select “Take the BrainScan” and work your way through the questions
  • You have 10 minutes for this activity, so please don’t spend to much time answering the objective questions
  • Review the BrainScan results
smart curriculum
SMART Curriculum

An individualized curriculum using a combination of preparation methods to build student skills and confidence on high stake exit exams

There are four components to the SMART Curriculum:

  • Instructions
  • Your Entire Curriculum: View the organized units
  • Course Library: View stored elements, definitions and legends
  • Progress Report
  • Focus on specific test taking tips and strategies
  • 15-25 minutes per Practorial
  • Fun roadmap format
  • Quizzes to test students understanding of skills presented in Practorial
  • Printable summary notes for study review
  • Skill based questions related to a specific subject
  • Fun road map format, same feel as practorials
  • 25-35 minute learning segments
  • Each skills concludes with 3 learning question
  • Printable summary notes for study review
vocab lab
Vocab Lab
  • Fun, fast paced trivia game show format
  • Build students vocabulary and sentencecompletion in 20 minutes per game
  • Play as many games as desired
  • Points are accumulated and displayed in a top ten list
activity 3 smart curriculum
Activity 3 – SMART Curriculum
  • Select a Practorial from your favorite subject area
  • Read the instructions and follow the directions
  • Take the quiz and view your results




  • Select a MicroCourse from your favorite subject area
  • Read the instructions and follow the lesson presented
  • Answer the 3 learning questions
activity 3 continued
Activity 3 - Continued


  • Time for a friendly competition.. How are your vocabulary skills?
  • Enter the Vocab lab
  • You have 5 minutes to answer 30 questions
  • Once all 30 questions are answered we will see who has the most right
  • Don’t take too long on one question
  • Mirror the look, feel, timing, and questions of the actual exam
  • Designed to help students become familiar with standardized test questions
  • Three types:
    • Practice Tests
    • Full Tests
    • Mini Tests (no mini tests

with the ACT testGEAR)

practice tests
Practice Tests
  • Based on actual test sections or question types
  • 25-30 minutes long
  • Learner Mode
    • Not timed
    • Confirm and review work
  • Test Mode
    • Timed
    • No review until results are generated
full tests
Full Tests
  • Simulate the target examination
  • Same time duration
  • Same types of sections, distribution of question types
  • Same number of questions and numbers of questions
  • Include time breaks
mini tests
Mini Tests
  • Condensed version of a full test
  • Allow students to experience range of question type within a compressed time frame
  • Typically 60 minutes
  • Included with High School Exit Exams suite
activity 4 practice tests
Activity 4 – Practice Tests
  • Select the first practice test from the list
  • Use learner mode
  • Answer the first 5 questions
  • Submit your answers
  • Review the results
  • Summary
    • Visual overview of classes’ performance
  • Enrollment
    • Student enrollment and activity
  • Brainscan results
    • Question by question results and students’ perceptions
  • Lesson Scores
    • Students’ activity and performance on Practorials and Microcourses
  • Practice Test Results
    • Students’ activity and performance on tests
  • Students
    • Detailed reports on individual student activity and performance
activity 5 testscope
Activity 5 – TestSCOPE
  • Using Professional Account: _________ and password _________ , log into TestSCOPE
  • Look through each of the different reports to gain a feel for what information they provide
  • Compare the BrainScan reports. Evaluate the student perceptions of abilities versus their actual results
  • Review individual student data.
implementing testgear
Implementing testGEAR
  • Traditional test prep
  • Pressure on schools
  • Accountability / AYP
  • Success with test prep

What about implementation?

How do we roll this program out?

Will testGEAR be a success?

Who needs to be involved?

making testgear a success
Making testGEAR a success
  • Proper Rollout strategy
    • Getting faculty buy in
    • Informing Parents
    • School Newsletter
    • Host a family night
    • “Marketing” to your school
implementing testgear25
Implementing testGEAR
  • Curriculum Enhanced
  • Programmed Course
  • After School/Weekend Program
  • Stand Alone Program
curriculum enhancement
Curriculum Enhancement
  • Integrate testGEAR curriculum into an existing program
  • Typically used at sites where there are mandated state exit exams
  • Should possess a faculty receptive to trying new methods and strategies
  • Must have computers labs available
programmed course
Programmed Course
  • Intended for schools that offer or intend to offer a test prep course
  • Variations on models (crash course, semester course, scheduled course)
  • Credits can be offered for this program to ensure completion of the course
  • School must have sufficient internet access
after school weekend program
After School/Weekend Program
  • Intended for schools that have a group of motivated kids to take the program after normal school hours
  • Typically these schools have a high volume of college bound students
  • Schools are flexible with after schools hours for student access
  • Must have staff willing to commit to after hours program
stand alone program
Stand Alone Program
  • Intended for students to take the testGEAR program at their own pace and time
  • Ideal for smaller groups of students who are committed to preparing for high stakes exams
  • Schools should be confident students are motivated to direct their own learning
  • Students must have access to computers and internet
  • Parent involvement is key
activity 7 implementation
Activity 7 – Implementation
  • Divide yourselves into groups of 3-4
  • Read through the site selected case study
  • Discuss and list the pros/cons of this implementation strategy
  • List the steps to reach successful implementation
  • Prioritize the steps
  • Plot a timeline for completion of steps
  • Assign responsibilities
  • Record plan on Implementation Worksheet
  • Be sure to designate a follow up contact personand contact date
wrap up
Wrap Up
  • 5 minute review
  • Questions?
  • Evaluation survey
  • Did you fill out your follow up contact information?