c friday 7b 4th hour mrs fisher
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C. Friday 7B 4th hour Mrs. Fisher

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C. Friday 7B 4th hour Mrs. Fisher - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Kek And Kauket. C. Friday 7B 4th hour Mrs. Fisher. Ancient Egyptian gods. KEK AND KAUKET.

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c friday 7b 4th hour mrs fisher
Kek And Kauket

C. Friday

7B 4th hour

Mrs. Fisher




  • The ancient Egyptian's believed that before earth was created it was nothing but dark, directionless, chaotic, watery mass. In this chaos there were many gods and goddesses. This chaos existed without light therefore, Kek and Kauket came to represent this darkness. They also represented obscurity, the kind that comes with darkness and night. They were "the darkness beyond the horizon, before the creation and outside the created world“.
  • Kek means darkness. He was the god of the darkness of chaos. He was the god of obscurity, hidden in the darkness. Kek was also related to the day - he was called the "bringer-in of the light". He was the god of the hours before dawn, the twilight which gave birth to the sun. Kek was also believed to be responsible for the darkness that came just before sunrise.
  • Kek wore a overall like dress/skirt, with a staff and with a snake like head. (kek on the right)
  • Kauket was a much more Obscure Goddess than her husband. She was a snake-headed woman who ruled over the darkness with her husband. Her name also meant darkness, as did her husband's name, but with a feminine ending. Kauket was the feminine side to Kek'smasculanity, who represented duality as a supernatural being. She was more an abstract rather than an actual goddess. . The goddess of the evening, the time when night covered the land of Egypt, after the sun had sunk below the horizon. She was a goddess of the twilight hours which turned into the darkness of night.
  • Kauket wore a white robe like dress with a staff and a snake like head. (Kauket on the left)