stm 1 adm and tm n.
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STM-1 ADM and TM PowerPoint Presentation
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STM-1 ADM and TM

STM-1 ADM and TM

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STM-1 ADM and TM

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  1. STM-1 ADM and TM

  2. STM-1 CPE Overview • OPCOM3100-155 and OPCOM3101-155 are carrier-class design SDH CPE. • High capacity of E1 or Ethernet service at low cost • Two STM-1 optical interfaces for up link, with options of either two individual path or 1+1 path protection. • To be used as TM or ADM equipment • Support point-to-point, chain and ring network topology

  3. OPCOM3100-155 Construction • OPCOM3100-155 is compact 1U standalone STM-1 ADM and TM • Provide flexibility E1 and Ethernet services access • Uplink: two STM-1 optical interfaces • Downlink: fixed 16E1 interfaces and one expansion slot • Optional 4/8 Fast Ethernet interfaces module or 16E1 interfaces module for the expansion slot

  4. OPCOM3100-155 Features • Provide the capability of VC12 unblock cross-connect in 126X126, together with 1+1 channel protection • The protect switching time is within 50ms, ensuring the reliability of transmission • The Ethernet supports GFP, LAPS encapsulation, along with VCG/LCAS • All services are physical isolation, which delivers security at private leased line service • SNMP/Telnet/Console management method

  5. OPCOM3101-155 Features • OPCOM3101-155 is compact 1U standalone STM-1 Multiplexer • Uplink: two STM-1 optical or electrical interfaces • Downlink: fixed 63 E1 interfaces • Provide the capability of VC12 unblock cross connect in 126X126, together with 1+1 low level channel protection • The protect switching time should be within 50ms, ensuring the reliability of transmission • SNMP/Telnet/Console management method

  6. Multi-Service Access Platform Overview • OPCOM3500 SDH multi-service access platform is aggregation equipment, which is designed for traditional TDM service and broad band IP data service of MAN. • It can meet carrier and customer’s requirement of different class bandwidth and multi-service access.

  7. OPCOM3500 Construction • OPCOM3500 adopts rack design, including chassis, fans board, plug board and power supply board. • For the plug board, including following parts: OPCOM3500-NMS and OPCOM3500-STM1-M compose the basic system of OPCOM3500.

  8. OPCOM3500 Slot Description Network Management Board Power Supply Board Power Supply Board Aggregate Board

  9. OPCOM3500 Features • Provide two STM-1 uplink for line side • Provide no-block cross connection of 16×16 VC4 or 1008×1008 VC12 • Provide VC12 cross connection between all tributary units and aggregate unit • OPCOM3500 chassis provides 15 slots, including 2 slots of power supply, 1 slot of network management, the left 12 slots are design for customer service. • Provide one 2Mbit and one 2MHz clock output

  10. OPCOM3500-NMS SNMP network management port • OPCOM3500-NMS is network management module of OPCOM3500 system 1) It communicates with network management software of upper layer and accepts management of upper layer. 2) It can manage OPCOM3500 equipment, and corresponding remote equipment. 3) Provide clock for whole OPCOM3500 system. 4) Support on-line upgrade of system and tributary board. Console port RS232 control channel 2M clock input 2M clock output

  11. OPCOM3500-STM1-M • OPCOM3500-STM1-M module is aggregate unit of OPCOM3500 system 1) Provide two STM-1 optical interfaces, with options of either two individual path or 1+1 path protection 2) Embedded cross module of 16x16 VC4 or 48x48 TU3 or 1008x1008 TU12 3) Support software on-line up-grade of local and remote equipment

  12. OPCOM3500-240x2 • OPCOM3500-240X2 is tributary unit of dual PDH Mux, it’s embedded two individual PDH module, it can communicate with remote PDH equipment through two PDH optical link. • Capability of each PDH module is 8 links E1. • PDH optical interface supports ALS function. • Provide local and remote loop-back function of E1 • Indicator can indicate local and remote alarm • Support on-line software up-grade

  13. OPCOM3500-16E1 • OPCOM3500-16E1 is E1 service unit of OPCOM3500, it can provide 16 unbalanced E1 interfaces, and it can be mapped in SDH frame through aggregate unit of OPCOM3500 • Provide complete alarm, performance monitor.

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