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A journey

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A journey

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  1. A journey Through the World Of photosynthesis By: Tyler Rogers next

  2. Click the sound button

  3. Click on the component you would like to begin with OXYGEN CARBON DIOXIDE WATER A WORLD WITHOUT SUGAR OUIZ/REVIEW

  4. WATER We are all familiar with water it makes up 70% of our bodies, but water is more then that. It is a chemical compound that contains oxygen and hydrogen atoms. Click on the boxes Below to find out more. YOU CALL IT… WE CALL IT WHERE DOES IT GO ?

  5. You Call It …. We Call It You call it water but in the science community we refer to it as H20. Which stands fro 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom. Click each letter below oxygen Hydrogen O H 2 go back

  6. Where does it go ?? • In the process of photosynthesis water is absorbed by the plants roots so that they plant can be hydrated before it begins the full process of photosynthesis. Take a look at the picture below to get a better understanding.

  7. Carbon Dioxide • Carbon dioxide is a heavy odorless gas formed during respiration and by the decomposition of organic substances. In the process of photosynthesis it is absorbed from the are by the plants. You call it.. We call it Is it good Or Is it bad Mini activity

  8. You Call It…We Call it You call it carbon dioxide but in the science community we refer to it as CO2 a chemical bond containing 2 oxygen atoms and one carbon atom. Click each letter below Oxygen Carbon Dioxide c o 2

  9. Is it good or Is it bad Click on each icon to learn more about why carbon dioxide can be both a good and bad GOOD BAD Go back

  10. Good • Carbon dioxide can be a good thing for plants because they can consume it to make more oxygen and it is essential to the process of photosynthesis. and from the plants making oxygen we use that oxygen to survive. Watch the video below to learn more

  11. BAD • Carbon dioxide can only be a bad thing if there is to much of it in the air. When there is two much of it in the air two things can happen. 1. global warming 2. air pollution

  12. Mini Activity ! What is the scientific term for both carbon dioxide and water ? CO3 H3O C20 HO2 CO2 H2O

  13. Oh no you got it wrong !! But try again and next time think really hard about where the numbers belong Try again

  14. Yes !!! Your correct H20 AND CO2 is the correct way to write water and carbon dioxide the scientific way ! AWESOME JOB !

  15. OH SO CLOSE ! But remember the number that goes along with the letter is very important. So think TWICE as hard !!

  16. Oxygen • A colorless odorless gas that is the third most abundant element in the universe. Breathe in Breathe out

  17. You Call It…We Call it • You call it oxygen but in the science community we refer to it as 02 Click each letter below o Oxygen 2 Goback

  18. BREATH IN .. BREATH OUT • Oxygen is released from the plant after photosynthesis has begun • It is important part of the atmosphere and we need it to sustain life . Its what we BREATH IN and OUT everyday ! • Now you try breathing in and out ! You feel the oxygen flowing !

  19. Sugar • Sugar also known as glucose is a carbohydrate found in all plants one of the main produts of photosynthesis Mini Activity Watch me Watch me

  20. You Call it … We Call it • You call it sugar but in the science community we refer to it as C6H1206, which means 6 carbons, 12 hydrogen's, and 6 oxygen. Hydrogen c o carbon H 6 12 Oxygen Go back

  21. Now watch this short video of the process of photosynthesis Next

  22. Now take a minute to look at the picture below and notice where each component is place in the process of phototsynthesis

  23. Mini Activity ! Using the letters A,B,C,&D tell the correct placement of the component • WORD BANK: • Carbon dioxide • Oxygen • Water • Glucose/sugar A D. B A. B. C. D. C

  24. A World Without Have you ever wondered why photosynthesis is important and what would happen in a world without it Plants Animals Humans

  25. Plants • If a plant didn’t go through photosynthesis they wouldn’t be able to get the food they needed to survive

  26. Animals • Then the animals that ate only plants would die off because they had no plants to eat and the animals that ate those animals would eventually die off

  27. Humans • Humans would have the biggest threat without the process of photosynthesis because not only will they die because the lack of oxygen but also because the lack of food sources with all the animals dying off

  28. Mini Activity ! In the text box below briefly explain in your own words of the cycle that would happen if we didn’t have the process of photosynthesis

  29. What Time is it ?? Review Quiz

  30. Review Now that you have gone through the slide watch this short video to review every thing you have learned and after the video you can move onto the quiz click the sound button and then click play on the movie !

  31. Quiz Time Question 1 Why is it important that a plant receives water when beginning the process of photosynthesis ? A. To have energy B. To stay hydrated C. Because it is good for you

  32. OH NO !! So close but remember it’s the sun that gives the plant its energy. Not water ! Lets try again Go back

  33. Not quite !! Even though water is good for you its not the purpose in the process of photosynthesis ! Lets try one more time ! I know you can do it Goback

  34. AWESOME !! You got it right ! A plant needs water to stay hydrated just like we do ! Awesome job Next

  35. Question 2 For this question match each component with it correct scientific term • Water • Carbon dioxide • Oxygen • Sugar • C6H1206 • 02 • H20 • CO2 Use the pen to draw your lines Next

  36. You can check your answers from the previous questions with these answers. Did you get them righ ? AWESOME ! • Water • Carbon dioxide • Oxygen • Sugar A. C6H1206 B. 02 C. H20 D. CO2 next

  37. Question 3 In the box name off each component that matches the letter A. B. C. D. A D B C Finish

  38. HUURRAAAYYYYY ! You have successfully made your way through the journey of photosynthesis ! Your photosyntastic !!!!