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A Career Journey

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A Career Journey - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Career Journey
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  1. A Career Journey …More Than a Series of Jobs Jerry Toomer April, 2012

  2. The Next 15 Minutes • Share career choices and experiences • Why I am doing what I am doing….now • Implications for your career choices and opportunities

  3. Early Choices • Education level (and career achievement ) are closely related to mother’s education & influence • Being a dentist would be cool…well maybe not?…technical / scientific choices are often made early • I did not want to stay in a small town or on the farm: I knew more clearly what I did not want to do • Community influence & early role models

  4. Education • Psychology undergraduate; Wartburg College • Influential role model (DrFruehling); leadership opportunities continued in College • Counseling Psychology PhD program at U of Iowa: ‘top ten’ program. Serendipity. • Go forth and teach • Go forth and do research, receive grants, publish or…..

  5. The First of Three Careers (4 years at American University, DC) • ….or perish… “I perished” • Loved teaching and outside consulting; immensely disliked University politics, inefficiencies, pressure to publish “stuff” • Where can I do what I like to do? • Ahh….government or business settings ? • Searching (of soul and job market) • The Right Fit: Under the clock at the St Francis Hotel in SF

  6. A Second Career….(25 years with Dow) • The meeting at the clock in the lobby “Yes” !! • Dow Chemical Company, Michigan …..the “front door” for the job was: • Employee Assistance • Training and Development • Selection

  7. A Second Career • I can work under “one umbrella” and essentially change jobs every 3-4 years if I perform well ! • Labor relations, recruiting, generalist HR work, compensation technology, coaching of mid-level managers and senior leaders re: people issues • Strategic Human Resources leadership in a new era: a full partner at the leadership table

  8. A Second Career….reflecting • Hey, I’m pretty good at this leadership stuff • I can press my ideas tactfully, advocate for constructive change and be rewarded • I really like working in teams, and with teams • I wonder how influential I can be within Dow? • Hmmmm…..I’d love to lead Human Resources for a major segment of the organization

  9. You Sometimes Get What You Ask For….and More • Compensation Design Director for Dow • HR Director for Dow’s Ag business • A Joint Venture with Eli Lilly’s Ag business • And….Whooops. “They” (my bosses) had not forgotten that I was willing to go overseas. Succession planning at work ! • Hong Kong: a four year post-doc • 14 countries • Full HR breadth • Quality Performance

  10. A Second Career Closes • VP of Global Human Resources and Site Ops for Dow AgroSciences (1995-2003) • 5000+ employees • 40+ countries • 12+ acquisitions or joint ventures • Applied Human Resources….another post – doc ! I never had a day when I did not want to get out of bed and go to work. How lucky. • Note to self: keep learning !

  11. Ahh…Finally, A Third Career • Do what I want to do, on my own terms, and work less than 60-70 hours per week! • I love the university setting: Butler University • Executive in Residence program • Teaching at the MBA level • Real Life, Real Business • Support Faculty …And, I formed my own consulting practice / LLC: Executive Coaching, Strategic HR, Organization Effectiveness, plus YourEncore,Inc

  12. A Third Career • Publish….And not Perish….(thank you very much) ….do some writing and research “on my own terms” • Leadership. Eg.Battier Effect; Butler Leadership 360. • Take my “Academic Summers” in Arizona from December-April: teach during the summer/fall. • Morning Coffee and Reflection

  13. A Third Career • Happy as a Pig in the Mud. (Maybe I am really farming again?) • Positively influence students, faculty, not -for – profit and business leaders, peers • Big Brother to Malcolm for 8 years • Board work: Jordan College of Fine Arts; Center for Faith and Vocation; Church

  14. A Fourth Career? • More of the same…..I think. • But what about teaching overseas? • What about opening a school in partnership with my son in Indonesia? • What about writing a book? • What about…….? ….Ahhh…..Those enticing “Bubbles of Interest”

  15. Thank you…….and what about YOU? • Which career are you in, and why? • What are your core skills? And how can you build on them to meet market needs? • What is unique about you…and how can you brand this? • What have you learned in this program that you can leverage?

  16. Additional Skill Development and/or Certification….some ideas • American Society for Training and Development • World at Work (compensation/benefits/workforce issues) • Society for Human Resource Development (human resource skills in a wide range of areas) • American Productivity Council (Quality Perf) • Coaching Certification (numerous programs)

  17. Questions?