welcome micronet n.
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Welcome Micronet!

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Welcome Micronet! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome Micronet!
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  1. Welcome Micronet! TAM: Susan Tobes Enterprise Windows: Mike Blasingame Enterprise UNIX: Jeff Makaiwi Database Services: Karen Kato Web Applications: Vahid Nadi Data Center: Steve Aguirre DOCS: Michelle Bautista

  2. Technical Account Management http://tam.berkeley.edu tam@berkeley.edu

  3. Account Management Marketing and Communications Services Development

  4. Account Management Single point of contact for new IST solutions Manage customer relationships Identify customer requirements Recommend and design IT solutions Provide project management for short-term IST service delivery

  5. Marketing and Communications Develop IST marketing plans Promote IST services and solutions Manage IST customer communications Manage the Services and Solutions catalog

  6. Services Development Identify technology solutions with potential for campus application Collaborate with IST Service Providers to develop new or enhanced IST service offerings Develop strategic partnerships to enhance IST product offerings

  7. Enterprise Windows Services

  8. Enterprise Windows Services Server Provisioning Physical (Dell Blade) Virtual Standard Enhanced System Administration Bronze Silver Gold

  9. Enterprise Windows Services CalShare Web Hosting CalWeb Web Farm Certificates Verisign SSL Self-Signed Microsoft SSL

  10. Enterprise Windows Services Active Directory CalNetAD forest Encrypted File Service (EFS) Distributed File System (DFS) Exchange 2007 Root Server

  11. Enterprise UNIX Services

  12. Enterprise UNIX Services Supported Operating Systems RedHat Enterprise Linux 5 (CentOS possible) Solaris 10 IBM AIX 6 Server Provisioning HP – Opteron (DL xx5 series) Sun – SPARC IBM – pSeries Power5/6

  13. Enterprise UNIX Services System Administration Bronze Silver Gold Web and Compute Hosting CalWeb Pro UNIX Web Farm – Dev, QA, Prod

  14. Database Services

  15. Database Services Service Packages Supported Database Platforms MySQL 5.0 (~60 applications) Oracle 10g (~35 applications) PostgreSQL 8.2 (~5 applications) SQL Server 2005 (~40 applications)

  16. Database Services Basic Package MySQL 5.0 Bronze Package MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL Server Silver Package MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL Server Gold Package SQL Server, Custom

  17. Web Applications

  18. Web Applications Consulting services Software development services Operations support and application management Security Applications CalWeb-in-a-box

  19. Web Applications What is CalWeb-in-a-Box? pilot service Joomla, Drupal, and Wordpress installation MySQL database. Who are the targeted clients for CalWeb-in-a-Box? ideal for small departments without technical staff campus departments as well as faculty members

  20. Web Applications Features and benefits Additional fee based services Service Limitations Request this service: webapphelp@lists.berkeley.edu

  21. Windows Application Example Services Purchased Windows IIS Webfarm SQL Server Bronze Package Web Applications Development

  22. Customer Examples Our Unit – Unix Webfarm and Basic MySQL Berkeley Equipment Tracking System – Windows Webfarm, SQL Server Bronze Package & Web Application Services Cashiers Deposit System – Unix Webfarm, Oracle Bronze Package & Web Application Services myBerkeley App – Colo Windows Servers & Oracle Gold Service Package

  23. Co-location/Data Center Services

  24. Co-location/Data Center Services 10,000 square ft of floor space 7224 rack units in 180 racks 47 departments/organizations hosted Physical security Conditioned power and cooling Redundant network connectivity Operational monitoring

  25. Co-location/Data Center Services Future Plans Mark Twain space Redundant UPS Sustainability improvements

  26. Departmental On-site Computing (DOCS) Services

  27. Departmental On-site Computing (DOCS) Services DOCS Subscription - provide ongoing maintenance and support desktops and/or servers (in-house or datacenter) - Apple and Windows (+ Parallels) support teams 8-5 M-F, within the local area subscribe partial units, work with dept tech staff

  28. Departmental On-site Computing (DOCS) Services DOCS Hourly - technical support and assistance - Apple & Windows Examples of hourly - mass imaging and roll-out - emergency server support during leaves/vacations technical consultation on Apple servers and others (inventory, Parallels images)

  29. Departmental On-site Computing (DOCS) Services DOCS Hardware Support Official Campus Warranty Repair Unit Apple, Dell, and Lenovo; partnered support for Sony, Toshiba - Data backup and recovery - Both in warranty and out of warranty machines Service available for personally owned machines -campus users (staff, faculty, students) -Located at Hearst Field Annex -next to the Scholar’s Workstation

  30. Departmental On-site Computing (DOCS) Services Future DOCS Pilot programs - PDA/Smartphone support Thin Client (IST Pilot) Emergency Server support Future partnerships to provide campus discounts Mac OS X Server calls to Apple Contact docs@berkeley.edu for more information.

  31. The End