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Technical Training: DIR-615 PowerPoint Presentation
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Technical Training: DIR-615

Technical Training: DIR-615

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Technical Training: DIR-615

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  1. Technical Training: DIR-615 Wireless N Router DIR-615

  2. Agenda • Setting up of DIR-615 • Internet Setup • Wireless Setup • Remote Management • Port Forwarding/DMZ • Dynamic DNS • MAC Filtering/Parental Control Note: All configurations based on latest firmware version available on

  3. Product Overview DIR-615

  4. Product Overview • Share your broadband Internet connection with multiple computers in your house by simply connecting the DIR-615 Wireless N Router to your cable or DSL modem. Once connected, you can create your own personal wireless home network and share documents, music, and photos.

  5. Product Overview

  6. Product Overview

  7. Product Overview • 4 x LAN ports + 1 WAN port (10/100 Mbps) • 2 x 2dBi Omni-directional detachable antennas • 2.4GHz wireless b/g/n channels • WEP 64/128bit • WPA/WPA2 – Personal (PSK)/Enterprise (RADIUS) • WPS support • Firewall/NAT/DMZ • Virtual Server/Port Forwarding • Network/Website filtering (Parental Control) • WAN management • DDNS

  8. Setting up of DIR-615 Internet Setup

  9. Setting up of DIR-615 • Please ensure that the cable modem is powered off. • Connect the Ethernet cable from the WAN port of DIR-615 to the cable modem • Then connect another Ethernet cable from your PC to any of the LAN ports on the DIR-615

  10. Setting up of DIR-615 • Next, power on the cable modem first followed by the router. • Open a web browser and enter into the URL field. • Login using “Admin” as the username and leave the password field blank.

  11. Setting up of DIR-615 • Once login, go to “Status” tab, “Device Info” sub-tab, and check that the router has received a valid WAN IP address. • Try opening any website to check if there is any problem.

  12. Setting up of DIR-615 Wireless Setup

  13. Setting up of DIR-615 • Go to “Setup” tab, “Wireless Settings” sub-tab • Click on “Manual Wireless Network Setup”

  14. Setting up of DIR-615 • Check the box “Enable Wireless” to enable the router’s wireless capability. • Set the Wireless Network Name to a name of customer’s choice. • Note: • Set “802.11 Mode” to Mixed b/g/n for better compatibility. • Enable “Auto Channel Scan” unless encounter wireless interference. • Set “Channel Width” to enjoy 300Mbps wireless speed.

  15. Setting up of DIR-615 • Set “Security Mode” to WPA-Personal • Set “WPA Mode” and “Cipher Type” to Mixed mode for better compatibility • “Pre-Shared Key” to be entered by choice of customer. • Note: • Switch to WEP mode if there is compatibility issue with existing b/g client. (Wireless speed will drop to 54Mbps) • Using TKIP as Cipher type will also cause wireless speed to be 54Mbps.

  16. Setting up of DIR-615 • Click on “Save Settings” to apply the settings. • Go to “Status” tab and check that the wireless settings are correct. • Wireless link will drop to B/G speed (11Mbps/54Mbps) if legacy wireless B/G adapters are used.

  17. Setting up of DIR-615 Remote Management

  18. Setting up of DIR-615 • Go to “Advanced” tab, “Advanced Network” • Make sure that the box “Enable UPnP” is checked. • Check the box for “Enable WAN Ping Response” • Click “Save Settings”, reboot later.

  19. Setting up of DIR-615 • Go to “Tools” tab, “Admin” sub-tab. • Define a new password of the customer’s choice to login to the router. • Check the box “Enable Remote Management” • Click “Save Settings” • To access remotely: • http://public_IP:8080

  20. Setting up of DIR-615 Port Forwarding/DMZ

  21. Setting up of DIR-615 • Go to “Advanced” tab, “Virtual Server” sub-tab. • Add a rule to open a single port on the firewall to allow local servers to be accessible from the Internet. • Note: • Port Forwarding – Open multiple ports or range of ports and redirect data to a single host on the network.

  22. Setting up of DIR-615 • Go to “Advanced” tab, “Firewall Settings”. • Check the box for “Enable DMZ”. • Enter the IP address of the host to be used for DMZ. • CAUTION: • Putting a host into DMZ makes it vulnerable to threats from the Internet. • Use this feature only for testing purposes or last resort.

  23. Setting up of DIR-615 Dynamic DNS

  24. Setting up of DIR-615 • Go to and subscribe for a free DDNS service account. • Go to “Tools” tab, “Dynamic DNS” sub-tab. • Check the box “Enable Dynamic DNS” and enter DDNS account details. • Save settings and wait for Status to be Connected.

  25. Setting up of DIR-615 • Once DDNS is connected, user can now access the router’s remote management via:http://ddns_hostname:8080 • Likewise for device configured in Virtual Server/Port Forwarding • DCS-5220 remote management: http://ddns_hostname:8888 • DNS-320 FTP Server: ftp://ddns_hostname

  26. Setting up of DIR-615 MAC Filtering/Parental Control

  27. Setting up of DIR-615 • Go to “Advanced” tab, “Access Control sub-tab” • Check the box “Enable Access Control” • Click “Add Policy”

  28. Setting up of DIR-615 • Define a name for the policy. • Select a schedule for the policy to take effect.

  29. Setting up of DIR-615 • Select “Address Type” by MAC • Enter the MAC address to apply the filter on. • It should be in the format xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx • Click “OK” to add the MAC to the filtering list.

  30. Setting up of DIR-615 • Select “Block All Access” to deny the selected hosts of all service from the router. • Select “Block Some Access” to deny the selected hosts of access to certain websites as defined in the Website Filter list.

  31. Setting up of DIR-615 • Select “Enable” for “Web Access Logging” to record the websites that the selected hosts are accessing into the router’s log • Click “Save” for the changes to take effect.

  32. Setting up of DIR-615 • Go to “Advanced” tab, “Website Filter” sub-tab. • Select “DENY computers access to ONLY these sites” • Add in keywords to filter • Example: “google” – this will block Google and all its sub domains. (,

  33. Setting up of DIR-615 • Once all configurations are done on DIR-615, remember to reboot the router for the settings to take effect. • Go to “Tools” tab, “System” sub-tab. • Click “Reboot the Device”.

  34. The END