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Samir Jaradat CEO October 22 , 2009 PowerPoint Presentation
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Samir Jaradat CEO October 22 , 2009

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Samir Jaradat CEO October 22 , 2009 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Samir Jaradat CEO October 22 , 2009. ANNA’s role in standardization. ANNA Structure. ANNA Partners. ANNA Membership. ANNA Board. ASB Board. ANNA Secretariat. Working Groups. Task Forces. International Standards Organization ISO Standards. ISO 6166 : ISIN codes

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Samir JaradatCEO

October 22, 2009


ANNA Structure



ANNA Membership

ANNA Board

ASB Board








International Standards Organization

ISO Standards

  • ISO 6166 : ISIN codes
  • ISO 10962 : CFI codes
  • ISO 10383 : MIC codes
  • ISO 18773 : Abbreviations
  • ISO 18774 : FISN
  • ISO 16372 : IGI
isin standard
ISIN Standard

Existing standards

ISIN : International Securities Identification Number

  • Scope

Uniform structure for use in any application in the trading and administration of securities

  • ISIN International securities identification numbering system (ISO 6166)

provides a uniform structure for a number, known as the lSIN, that uniquely identifies fungible financial instruments. Financial instruments subject to ISIN allocation include equities, debt instruments, entitlements (rights and warrants) and other instruments

The ISIN consists of

  • a prefix using the alpha-2 country code of ISO 3166
  • the basic number, which is nine characters in length
  • a check digit
  • Example
  • JO1302311013 Arab Bank
cfi standard
CFI Standard

Existing standards

CFI : Classification of Financial Instruments

  • Scope
  • It defines an internationally valid system to classify financial instruments
  • CFIClassification of Financial Instruments (ISO 10962)

The CFI code system provides a set of codes which can be used by all market participants in an electronic data processing environment and permits electronic communication between participants


  • The CFI reflects characteristics that are defined when a financial instrument is issued
  • The CFI consists of six alphabetical characters
  • The first character indicates the highest level of classification (categories) the second is the group, and the remaining letters show special attributes of the group

CFI Standard

  • Categories
  • Groups(within Equities)
  • S = Shares, i.e. common/ordinary
  • P = Preferred shares
  • R = Preference shares
  • C = Convertible shares
  • F = Preferred convertible shares
  • V = Preference convertible shares
  • U = Units, i.e. unit trusts/mutual funds
  • M = Others (Miscellaneous)
  • E = Equities
  • D = Debt Instruments
  • R = Entitlements (Rights)
  • O = Options
  • F = Futures
  • M = Others (Miscellaneous)
cfi standard1
CFI Standard
  • Attributes
    • Voting right

 voting or non-voting

    • Ownership/transfer restrictions

restrictions or free

    • Payment status

nil, partly or fully paid

    • Form of securities

bearer or registered

    • Example
mic standard
MIC Standard

Existing standards

MIC : Market Identification Code

  • Scope

This code provides a uniform structure for exchange and market identification

  • MIC Market Identifier Code (ISO 10383)specifies a universal method of identifying exchanges, trading platforms and regulated or non-regulated markets as sources of prices and related information in order to facilitate automated processing. The code consists of four alphabetical characters
  • Composition

Four continuous alphanumeric characters

4 Examples

The following are examples of exchange/market identifier codes (MIC):

  • XAMM (Amman Stock Exchange - Jordan, Amman)
  • XCAS (Casablanca Stock Exchange – Morocco, Casablanca)
  • XJSE (JSE Securities Exchange – South Africa, Johannesburg)
  • XCAI (Egyptian Exchange – Egypt, Cairo)
  • Scope

It aims to harmonize existing market practices, which are in use on a national and individual entity level

  • Principles

It shall be assigned upon issuance of the related financial instrument

  • Issuer Short Name limited to a maximum of 15 characters
  • Abbreviation of terms used in the securities business processes
fisn standard
FISN Standard

Standards in preparation

FISN : Financial Instrument Short Name

  • Scope

It has been developed to provide a consistent and uniform approach to standardize short descriptions for financial instruments

  • FISN Financial Instrument Short Name (ISO 18774)

The FISN incorporates the issuer short name and the abbreviated characteristics for the financial instrument. It has a maximum length of 35 alphanumeric characters

The FISN is composed of:

  • an issuer name with a maximum length of 15 alphanumeric characters To ensure uniformity, the same issuer short name should be used for different financial instruments of the same issuer
  • a “/” as the delimiter between issuer name and instrument description
fisn standard1
FISN Standard
  • an instrument description with a maximum length of 19 alphanumeric characters, assuming that the available length of the issuer name has been fully used. In the event that all the 15 characters have not been used in the issuer short name, the remaining space may be used to describe the characteristics of the financial instrument

The FISN shall be assigned upon issuance of the related financial instrument together with ISIN (ISO 6166) and CFI (ISO 10962)

igi standard
IGI Standard

Standards in preperation

  • IGI Issuer & Guarantor Identifier (ISO 16372)

ISO has developed the IGI unambiguous issuing entities identification, in particular with respect to cross-border business activities. The IGI is a standardized code, which is allocated to Issuers & Guarantor entities (branches will not get an IGI)

The IGI consists of 20 characters (preliminary proposal) decomposed as follows:

  • a prefix which is the alpha-2-country-code specified in ISO 3166,
  • the basic identifier, made of 17 alphanumeric characters, and
  • a check digit, computed using the modulus 10 “Double-Add-Double” formula
igi standard1
IGI Standard


Where: DE Country code for Germany

X0B1C28324356789N Basic identifier (incl. existing national ID such as tax ID etc.)

0 Check digit computed using modulus 10 “Double-Add Double”


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