Advancing knowledge to create safer healthcare without infection. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

september 10 2019 annual business meeting n.
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Advancing knowledge to create safer healthcare without infection. PowerPoint Presentation
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Advancing knowledge to create safer healthcare without infection.

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Advancing knowledge to create safer healthcare without infection.
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Advancing knowledge to create safer healthcare without infection.

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  1. September 10, 2019 Annual Business Meeting Advancing knowledge to create safer healthcare without infection. Infection Prevention through education, membership support, professional practice and strategic alliances. BADGER Bringing Infection Preventionists together to help, Advancing their knowledge, Demanding quality, Growing competence , Excellence through professional development, Role models to serve our local, national and international community

  2. Programs – President Elect, Katelyn Harms

  3. Business Meeting Opening • Internet access • Bathrooms • Lunch availability • Welcome New Members or Guests • Acknowledge recent certifications • Call for additions to the agenda

  4. Schedule: • 10:00am – 10:45am Business Meeting • 10:45am – 11:15am Hot Topic- Creating IC Website • 11:15am – 11:45am Newsflash- Community Outreach • 11:45am – 12:00pm Open for member questions • 12:00pm – 1:00pm Lunch and Vendors • 1:00pm – 2:30pm Educational Presentation- ST97- Conducting a Risk Assessment • 2:30pm – 3:00pm CIC Review Questions

  5. Secretary Reports (Michelle Schmitz) Current Members per National APIC – 99 8 New Members Please review your information is correct on the Sign-In sheet. Send updates to Michelle Schmitz at

  6. Finance Committee-Treasurer Report-Diep Hoang Johnson • Previous Balance End 2Q 2019= $27371.65 • Current Balance = $27974.86 (8/19/19) Income= 3Q 2019: $600 (expected $900) • 3 vendors for September 10, 2019 meeting, 1 vendor pending Expenses= 3Q 2019: $2823.03 • This included $800 wire transferred to Narobi Sister Chapter • Scholarship Availability • 5 General Awards (up to $300); 1 approved • 5 New member awards ($200 for state conference); 5 approved

  7. Flash Drive power point sessions included – Outbreaks, SSI, Hand Hygiene, Clinical Microbiology, Biofilms, Reprocessing (Endoscopes, Probes) and more. Please note: The resources may be checked out for two months at a time. If at the end of the two months no one has requested to borrow the resource, then it may be checked out again.

  8. Bylaws (Andrea McSherry) NO CHANGES to BYLAWS Mentoring program –Documents available on APIC website

  9. Strategic/Synergistic Alliances (Linda McKinley) Criterion 1. Establishes alliances with other organizations with complementary missions and goals (Domestic). • PEER (patients engaged in education and research) Group • great feedback from badger APIC members and Board • Will hear feedback from PEER group on 9/16.

  10. Written by:  Diep Hoang Johnson, BS, CEBAPIC Badger Chapter, SecretaryMadison, WI A critical step a person can take to avoid getting sick and spreading germs to others is practicing proper hand hygiene. As IPs, we strive to bring awareness to the importance of hand hygiene in our healthcare centers and frequently find opportunities to educate our healthcare workers. However, finding effective methods to share the importance of hand hygiene with our patients and families can be challenging.To improve hand hygiene in the community, the APIC Badger Chapter partnered with the 2019 UW-Madison Science Expeditions to educate members of the community. We provided a hands-on exploration station that showed how easily germs transfer from surface to surface using glow powder. Free hand-sanitizer was given out to educate visitors on how to effectively clean their hands. Additionally, handouts on why, when, and how to clean cell phones were available. This was a reminder that touching an unclean cell phone is a common way to pick up germs.Overall, the event was a very successful! More than 530 visitors reported that the activities were fun, interesting, and useful. This opportunity allowed our chapter to explain what we do as IPs, and provide a fun and creative way to reach potentially future healthcare workers, patients, and families in the community. Chapters looking to identify similar community outreach or engagement opportunities should reach out to science programs at universities, local and state health departments, as well as science and career fairs at local schools. These events are usually free for attendees and organizations committing their time. Participation at the UW-Madison Science Expeditions came at no financial cost to the APIC Badger Chapter. All exhibit materials were either donated by members or reimbursed by the university science program. The APIC Badger Chapter was established in 1980. It currently serves 109 members in Southwest Wisconsin and is one of four chapters in the state.

  11. Strategic/Synergistic Alliances (Linda McKinley) Criterion 1. Establishes alliances with other organizations with complementary missions and goals (International). • ‘Sister’ chapter with Nairobi Infection Control Nurses Chapter 2018 report • 5/18 symposium (Nairobi) - 121 participants from hospitals within and around the capital city. • 9/18 Annual Conference (Kisumu) - 163 participants from all counties in the country. 2019 report • 5/19 symposium (Machako County) - 144 participants from all counties in the country • 9/19 Annual Conference (Mombasa)

  12. Nairobi ICNC Activities 2018-2019

  13. Strategic/Synergistic Alliances (Linda McKinley) Criterion 2. Develops and influences public policy independently or in conjunction with allied organizations as appropriate. • 2019 Voice for Infection Prevention (VIP) competition – what state can activate the highest percentage of its members to contact elected officials on key infection prevention priorities

  14. Share your outreach activities • Badger APIC Community Outreach Program Activity Form: • Return your completed form to Linda McKinley by email. • Questions:

  15. Legislative Report (Heather Kloth):

  16. Nominating & Awards Committee (Kathy Matteson) • Nominations for Officers (term begins January 2020): • President Elect – Brian Simmons, MLS, CIC (3 year term) Infection Preventionist – Gundersen Health System • Secretary – Megan Meller, MS, MPH (2 year term) Infection Preventionist – Gundersen Health System • Results from Badger APIC Chapter membership election (Survey Monkey) – that closed at midnight on September 6, 2019 Please contact Kathy Matteson if you have questions concerning award nominations or are interested in serving your APIC BADGER Chapter

  17. President’s Report (Sarah Van Hoof) Goals for 2019: • Establish New Mentoring Program (in place) • Design New Membership packets (in process) • National APIC updates: • Conference for 2020 in AZ • Updating chapter resource guides for BOD

  18. Board of Directors Meeting, August highlights: • Badger APIC supports the state APIC planning committee • One volunteer from Badger is needed for the position on Resources Committee • Chapter picture-will take one this month to update website • BOD are reviewing all job descriptions and updates will go to Badger Webpage on APIC

  19. Please reach out to board members with ideas, questions, suggestions-Board member list on MyAPIC •

  20. ANNOUNCEMENTS Surgical Site Infection (SSI) Prevention Summit VII Friday, September 27, 2019 11:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Wilderness Resort, Wisconsin Dells Badger APIC meeting- ICRA Training November 12, 2019- New meeting format **please invite facilities staff from your org.**

  21. Next Badger APIC Meeting (Katelyn Harms, President Elect)