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    2. OBJECTIVES TODAY WE WILL. Summarize an article Identify authors purpose Use academic language: summarize, authors purpose

    3. VOCABULARY REVIEW Talented Able to do something well Single Only one of something Proper Correct or right Useful Being of use Excitement Feeling of being happy because something good has happened or will happen Acceptance Agreement or way of saying yes to something

    4. STRATEGY: Summarize Helps you understand what you have read because you have to figure out what the text is about, identify the most important ideas, and retell the ideas in your own words. Identifying the main ideas and supporting details in a paragraph, passage, or selection can help you summarize. Summarizing can help you figure out the authors purpose.

    5. SKILL: Authors Purpose Authors purpose is the reason an author writes something. Authors write to Entertain Inform Persuade Knowing an authors purpose can help you understand what you have read

    6. PREVIEW & PREDICT When I say Go, take 1 minute to preview the illustrations. Ask yourself: Why do you think the author is writing this story? On your index card, write your predictions. After we listen to the selection, we will see if your questions were answered.

    7. FOCUS QUESTION Read to find out Why does the author decide to write childrens stories? NOWyou will read along as we listen to.

    8. AUTHOR: A True Story

    9. Lets Check our Predictions! Share with your criss-cross/shoulder partner your questions. Were they answered? Do you know why the author decided to write childrens books? TOMORROW WE WILL Use our Authors Purpose chart to answer the Think and Compare questions on page 273.

    10. SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT. If you could write a book, what would it be about?