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The Future of the Internet PowerPoint Presentation
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The Future of the Internet

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The Future of the Internet
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The Future of the Internet

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  1. The Future of the Internet

  2. The Big Picture Net Attitude needed We Haven't Seen Anything Yet Power of the click – On Demand Expectations rising by the day The Internet evolving rapidly Pervasive Internet

  3. The Pervasive Internet Everything connected to everything Millions of e-businesses Billions of people Trillions of devices Security and Privacy possible at all levels Power of the Click

  4. Power Of The Click The Opportunity is Huge End-to-end solutions Click here to call Accomodation or On Demand e-business

  5. E-business is Real Business Key is to satisfy all constituencies Water does not flow uphill Same economy – new tools The Internet is thriving and growing NGi

  6. Fast Content closer than we think Adam Smith's Invisible Hand Optical Backbone Shifting Bottlenecks Always On

  7. Always On Pringles To The Rescue Dial-NOT! “Long” Distance? WiFi: the reality exceeds the hype Everywhere

  8. Everywhere Wireless transactions are key Where is the Internet anyway? Natural

  9. Natural The Writeable Web Instant messaging – not just for kids Next Generation IM Pervasive e-meetings & e-learning Blogging revolution underway Intelligent

  10. Intelligent Autonomic and Grid Computing converging Content isn't what it used to be Global Application Web unfolding Application Integration – The Holy Grail The ASP is back Easy

  11. Easy Press file to print and start to stop: Huh? e-business on demand is here Open standards taking hold Linux changing the game Trusted

  12. Trusted Trusted transactions are the end game Security redefined Privacy policy and framework essential Linkage of brand and digital ID Spam control through technology Net Attitude

  13. eBay Back to Power Power of the click

  14. Travel 4 1 2 3 5 Next page

  15. Major telecommunications company introduced a new pricing plan and you can “Order online”

  16. Insert text herer “Please call customer service at the following numbers(s).... “Hours of operation.... Monday – Friday (8am – 5 pm) Sat (8 am – 4 pm)

  17. Insert text herer Simple administrative mailing asking for a yes or no reply…

  18. Insert text herer “I would not be able to take a request of this kind through e-mail”. You would have to speak to customer service at 1-800-456-1234, Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM – 5 PM EST” “Any other questions, please email us at!”

  19. Insert text herer “We offer gift certificates and registry purchasing online.”

  20. herer “You would need to contact the store where you are wanting to get the gift certificate from. We currently do not offer the purchase Gift Certificates online. If you have any further questions or would like to offer feedback, please email us at

  21. e-blood Insert text herer

  22. e-pharmacy Insert text herer Insert text here

  23. e-government Content good – transactions lacking Early leadership by governments 91% of U.N. Countries have Web sites 20% of users take advantage Potential for transparency & democracy Opportunity

  24. Weatherbox

  25. Home Control

  26. eSuds

  27. NGi Insert text herer Insert text here

  28. IM Demo Natural

  29. Pringles1

  30. Pringles2

  31. ante Cantenna

  32. Nalley

  33. Weatherpage

  34. TV

  35. Pager

  36. PDAs

  37. Phone

  38. Korean HealthOne Smartcard Security and nationwide medical network e-prescription data Emergency medical data e-cash and credit/debit payment e-ticketing for Seoul mass transit system

  39. LinuxWatch

  40. XM Radio XM Radio

  41. XM Radio

  42. Device Collage Everywhere

  43. Kiosk

  44. Content Management Intelligent

  45. Internet Attitude Think Partners and Prototypes Think Outside In Think Big – Act Bold Start Simple – Iterate Fast Think Integration Surviving

  46. How To Survive (and thrive) Get a Taste of Net Attitude Listen to the people Anticipate the evolution of the Internet Build a framework for On Demand Talk to Kids

  47. The Writer Exchange patrickWeb

  48. patrickWeb

  49. Linux Easy

  50. Blank with background and title