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THE BENNETS/MINERS - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  1. THE BENNETS/MINERS • It was approaching James’ 10th birthday. All of the family were busy. James was playing on one of them annoying computer games, whatever you call it. Jane, James’ mum was sunbathing out in the garden while Gary, his Dad was fixing the car. Sarah, his sister, was watching a movie in her bedroom.

  2. The otter egg Late afternoon, that same day, James and Sarah were taking a delightful stroll in the local forest. They wereapproaching the bench they normally sat on for theirafternoon snack, when James tripped over abig sticking out log. James stumbled up, unaware he had a little scratch on his leg. Walking over to the bench, Sarah picked a large leaf to wipe his wound when she discovered a small egg.” Wow, what is this? “ asked Sarah. James ran over to Sarah and gasped in delight. “Do you know what this is?” said James in amazement. ”It doesn’t look very appetising,” answered James . Sarah walked over to the battered old bench . Taking her lunchbox out of her purple bag, she carefully slipped the small yellow balls in the plastic tub. Not only did she put leaves in there but she also placed some small pieces of Grass inside . The eggs looked quite snug in the mansion they gave it.

  3. THE EGGS HATCH Rushing home just in time for tea as it was James’ birthday. James was buzzing with excitement which we could see it in his actions. He was jumping up and down on his bed .Sarah and James said to Jane they wasn’t hungry. James and Sarah strolled into the garage to see if the otter eggs had hatched. The next morning James and Sarah ate there breakfast as quick as lightning. They rushed into the cobwebbed infested garage. They opened the plastic lid to find three squeaking little otters . Sarah looked like she was going to faint. James looked like he was going to faint .They both looked like they were going to faint. James had a idea he thought if he could go to the RSPCA centre so he could look at the animals but also buy a warmth light without letting his parents know he's bought it.

  4. AT THE RSPCA CENTRE • When they arrivedat the humongous building ,James and Sarah hopped out of blue ford fiesta with the money in his pocket. Skipping and jumping, James and Sarah ran through the sliding doors and into the huge building. James stared with amazement at the animals in their pens. “Isn’t this great “ said Sarah glaring into space .Out of the corner of James; eye he saw the gift shop. Sarah said “I ,m going to go in the gift shop to look while you go and glare at the amazing animals. • James bought the warmth light and hid it under his new blue jumper he got for his birthday . • James went to find his mum and dad .He found them looking at the baby ducklings. ”Come on” said James as he was approaching the fun sliding doors.

  5. THE SHOOTING • James and Sarah quietly tiptoed into the messy garage were the baby otters were laying in thehay. They fixed the light into the black cage it was past their bedtime. • That night the baby otters were making a annoying noise . James dad heard the noise and leaped out of bed and grabbed his brown gun .He entered the garage BANG the gun made a terrific noise .He looked on the floor, the otter was dead.