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Profile Information Your Name: Josh Levine Company Name: (none) Application Title: TeePipe

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  1. Profile Information • Your Name: Josh Levine • Company Name: (none) • Application Title: TeePipe • Brief Summary: What RAID did for hard drives, TeePipe does for network connections. Today many users have access to multiple, inexpensive broadband connections like DSL, Cable, and Wifi. TeePipe uses Vista’s new Windows Filtering Platform to transform any combination of links into a single mega-connection for wicked fast, reliable, and cheap surfing!

  2. About My App 1. What does your app do? • Normally Windows OS’s can only use one Internet connection at any given moment because there can only be one active default gateway. TeePipe leverages the new Windows Filtering Platform API to enable Vista to seamlessly load balance HTTP traffic among multiple internet connections and multiple ISPs. 2. What type of application is it? (ex: sidebar tool, RSS alert, etc.) It is a combination of a driver, a system service, a tool tray app, and a sidebar tool. 3. Who is the target audience? Anyone who wants to access the internet at speeds faster than available through any one broadband connection, but doesn’t want to pay for a NxT1 or T3 circut.

  3. About My App 4. What is the target industry? Power Surfers. 5. What problem(s) does your App solve for its users? The price per megabit for technologies like DSL and Cable Modems are fantastic, but these technologies have fixed maximum capacities per link, and you are only able to use one link at any given moment. TeePipe solves this problem by letting users mix and match any number and combination of individual pipes to create a single virtual pipe that is as large and as reliable as they like, without having to move up to other technologies like NxT1s and T3s that cost much more per megabit. 6. Describe a situation in which your App would be useful. A person has maxed out their DSL connection. They want more speed, but they already have the fastest DSL line their carrier offers. With TeePipe, they can order a second DSL line and get almost twice the throughput for the same low cost per megabit.

  4. About My App 7.What system requirements are necessary to run your app? (Ex: Windows XP, SQL Server, etc.) Windows Vista. 8. Which Windows Vista functions does your app use? We’re not judging based on this—just curious. Windows Filtering Platform 9. What additional technology, if any, does your app use? (Ex: web services, 3rd party software, etc.) Again, this isn’t part of the judging criteria—just wondering. None.

  5. About My App 10. Does your app have an installation routine? Yes. 11. Did you document your coding process? No. 12. Is your app web-enabled? Yes. 13. If you make to to the final round, may we feature screen shots of your app in an online Code Master Showcase? Absolutely!

  6. Cost of Bandwidth in New York City in 2006 • Once a single connection size gets bigger than 5Mbps, the cost per Mbps jumps 15x! • With TeePipe, you can build fat pipes by combining a cable connection* and one or more DSL connections without hitting the price hump. • A fault tolerant TeePipe connection is actually much more reliable than any of the single connections since *all* component lines must fail for an outage to happen. *multiple cable connections don’t really help, but multiple DSL connections scale well up to about 3-4 especially when from different ISPs

  7. AdvancedSettingsScreen • While TeePipe can self configure for most typical setups, users can also take control of all settings • Pick which links are combined • Even connect multiple ISPs to a single NIC! • Assign weights representing relative speed of links if you want to favor specific paths

  8. Dashboard • Shows link usage stats in real time • Shows apparent aggregate bandwidth calculated based on peaks during overlapped requests • This display could/should be a Sidebar gadget, but I can’t get it working in the latest beta 2 yet!  • All stats are available via WMI so anyone can create a cool and visual dashboard display that looks much better than mine.

  9. In closing… TeePipe is a simple program with almost no user interface, but it leverages new Vista technology under the covers to let people take advantage all the broadband capacity they have available. Why buy one big and expensive pipe when you can have lots of little ones? Thanks! -josh

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