E2C2 FST Obsolescence
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E2C2 FST Obsolescence Management Team . DoD Teaming Group May 2, 2001. Francisco Rios riosf@navair.navy.mil 619-545-7727. E2C2 Obsolescence Team. FY00 Charlie Haliscak Assigned PMA-231 Obsolescence Coordinator PMA-231 DMSMS/Obsolescence Management Plan Developed (February 01)

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E2C2 FST Obsolescence

Management Team

DoD Teaming Group

May 2, 2001

Francisco Rios



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E2C2 Obsolescence Team

  • FY00 Charlie Haliscak Assigned PMA-231 Obsolescence Coordinator

  • PMA-231 DMSMS/Obsolescence Management Plan Developed (February 01)

  • PMA-231 DMSMS/Obsolescence Team Charter Developed (February 01)

  • North Island Team Formed and Kick-off Meeting Held 5 February 01

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E-2C Aircraft Obsolescence Issues

  • 50 of 64 total Aircraft have over 7 years in service

  • Many Avionics Systems in New Production Aircraft are Configured with Legacy Systems

  • Many of the Systems in Newer Production Aircraft are recycled from Retired Aircraft

    • L-304 Mission Computer (Case Study)

    • APS-125/138/145 Radar WRA’s

    • Trailing Wire Antenna

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Obsolescence Management Process

  • Obsolescence Coordinator Establish Priorities as:

    • AN/APS-145

    • AN/APS-138

    • L-304 Mission Computer

    • CPU-140A SCADC / NSIU (C-2A Peculiar)

  • Create Bills of Material/Indentured Parts List (BOM/IPL)

    • Electronic Format

    • Electronic BOM/IPL Loaded into TACTRAC

    • Appoint Server Administrator

Obsolescence management process5 l.jpg
Obsolescence Management Process

  • Identify Obsolete Parts or Those at Risk

    • TACTRAC Output Reports (Green/Yellow/Red Format)

    • Use Other Tool to Resolve Not Reported Parts (Haystack, Parts Plus, etc…)

    • May Require Re-Formatting BOM/IPL and Re-Loading

  • Resolve Unreported Parts Due to Suppliers or SCD’s

    • Convert SCD’s to Manufacturer or Generic P/N’s or find NSN’s

    • Re-Load BOM/IPL

Obsolescence management process6 l.jpg
Obsolescence Management Process

  • Assess Component/SRA/WRA/System Availability and Demand Rates

    • Requires Logistics Analysis

    • Use Data from USN Fleet Maintenance (NALDA)

    • Also Depot Usage Data

Case study l.jpg
Case Study

  • E-2C Mission Computer Upgrade Planned

    • MCU/ACIS, Only for New Production Aircraft

    • MC RePLACE Planned for E-2C GR II

      • Currently Unfunded?

    • No Retrofit for Group I Aircraft

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Case Study

  • In 1998 Litton Industries discontinued support for L-304 Mission Computer

    • North Island visited Litton and Tagged Inventory

    • All Inventory Turned over to N-G

  • In the Mean Time, components for L-304 were Becoming Scarce

    • Shop Request Alerted Engineering of L-304 Component Availability Issues

Case study9 l.jpg
Case Study

  • Components made by DDC used on L-304 MC were not in Production/Available

    • North Island Production Contacted FISC regarding Litton P/N (19645) 861814

    • FISC contacted DLA – Item Manager

    • DMEA Contacted by DLA and Began Redesign of Component P/N (19645) 2158

      • Same as Litton Part Number 861814

      • DMEA Effort Separate from North Island

    • DMEA/DLA Requested North Island Perform Board Level Qualifying Test of Redesigned Part

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Case Study

  • Qualification and Bench Testing performed at NADEP North Island Feb – March 2001

    • First Built a Golden SRA to Test Unit in Circuit

    • SRA was as Close to Center Test Values as Possible.

    • After Witnessing Test/Values, P/N 861814 Approved by Engineering for Removal from SRA

Case study11 l.jpg
Case Study

  • Qualification and Bench Testing (cont.)

    • First Article Inserted into SRA

    • Initial Test Discovered Inconsistencies in First Article Component

      • Thought to be Circuit Trace Problem

Case study12 l.jpg
Case Study

  • Qualification and Bench Testing (cont.)

    • A Second Unit was Produced by DMEA and Rushed to North Island

      • Recommended NOT to Encase New Item

Case study13 l.jpg
Case Study

  • Qualification and Bench Testing (cont.)

    • The Second DMEA Prototype 861814 was received March 16th

    • Testing Began March 19th

    • End to End Testing of SRA Found No Faults

    • Bench Testing Results Forwarded to DLA/NAVICP/PMA-231

    • MIL-Qual Testing to be Performed by DMEA

      • North Island Recommended MIL-Q-883

Case study14 l.jpg
Case Study

  • Royal Singapore Air Force requested PMA Assistance in Obtaining Part for ASN-92

    • P/N 861812 no Longer Supported by Litton

    • PMA Contacted North Island for Assistance

    • North Island Contacted Litton for Spec of Part

  • North Island noticed ASN-92 Part, also made by Litton, was Common to L-304 MC

    • Found Component RSAF was looking for was Family Member of Part Recently Redesigned

    • North Island Already Affected by Unavailability of Litton P/N 861814, 861812, and 861815

    • Forwarded information to PMA-231/NAVICP

Case study15 l.jpg
Case Study

  • Opening Sealed Unit Found

    • Extensive Corrosion.

    • One set of leads had completely separated

    • Packaging was holding in moisture.

Sample of Part Number 861815 Corrosion

Case study16 l.jpg
Case Study

  • North Island Requested NAVICP/DLA Response for Navy and FMS Issues

  • NAVICP Requested DMEA Quote on Fourteen Components

    • NAVICP has received bid for rest of Components

  • North Island Awaiting Funding Decision

    • Potential candidates for Rapid Retargeting

      • Would Not Help Singapore Issue