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New Brighton Rangers

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New Brighton Rangers Proposal Merge 2 existing clubs, Rangers Association Football Club and New Brighton Association Football Club to create one new club Reasons for merger Create attractive viable option for football in eastern suburbs region

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Presentation Transcript
  • Merge 2 existing clubs, Rangers Association Football Club and New Brighton Association Football Club to create one new club
reasons for merger
Reasons for merger
  • Create attractive viable option for football in eastern suburbs region
  • Combine one club with strong asset base with another with strong balance sheet
  • Rationalize club size to be more competitive
  • Lessen burden on club volunteers and organizers
  • Follow greater New Zealand Football strategic plan to reduce and strengthen local football clubs
  • Appeal to council and enable a new 10 year plan to capitalize on the additional ground available for future
  • development
  • To guarantee future survival of both clubs
  • Playing numbers in both clubs have a declining trend
  • Demographics have changed – more rugby/league orientated residents
  • Volunteer numbers are near crisis point
  • New Brighton sits about 10th Rangers sits about 13th with regard to player numbers – if merged new club
  • would sit about 3rd
  • Club profiles viewed by the public and potential sponsors tend to relate to the senior men's profile – New
  • Brighton do not have premier league status Rangers finished in last position in 2007
  • Players are now more mobile therefore do not necessarily play for local club – will play for the best
  • New Brighton and Rangers are no longer in an area with large football numbers to sustain 2 clubs
  • Stronger club
  • Greater financial stability
  • Improved funding sources and opportunities
  • Simplified management and administration
  • Stronger management committee
  • Greater support from local government
  • Potential growth in localized area
  • Greater sponsorship potential
  • More attractive to players
  • Opportunity to create a new “Brand”
perceived disadvantages
Perceived Disadvantages
  • Loss of local identity
  • Historic reaction to change
  • Potential domination of one club or the other

These although important, must not hinder progress

individual assets
Individual Assets

New Brighton

  • Across the board participation –juniors, men's, women’s, Sunday league
  • Indoor training facility
  • Guaranteed rental income
  • Large playing facilities – Bexley
  • Minimal Liabilities
  • Good potential to increase playing facilities


  • Mainland Premier position
  • Good participation – juniors, men's, women’s
  • Strong balance sheet – ability to convert asset to cash
  • Flexibility to enable shift
  • Strong local trust relationship through Linfield Sport
  • Large Playing facilities – Cuthbert's Green
how it would work
How it would work
  • Forming the new club
  • Governance
  • Linfield Cultural Recreational Sports Club (Linfield Sport)
  • Football Development
  • Playing and Training
  • Clubrooms
  • Name
forming new club
Forming New Club
  • Both clubs would eventually cease to exist
  • Existing contracts cancelled
  • New identity formed and registered with Mainland and New Zealand Football
  • New administration formed and coaches appointed
  • Separate trusts formed to house individual assets for a trial period (Bexley facilities, sale of Eric Adam Park)
  • Bexley, Cuthbert's Green, and Linfield facilities used by new club
  • Results of investment made by Rangers trust go into running new club
  • Club to operate under Linfield Cultural Recreational Sport Club Inc umbrella and Linfield Sport to employ development manager – costs incurred covered by grants through operating club.
  • A board of 6 – 8 people elected to administer new club
  • Major operational areas managed by sub committees lead by the board and assisted if necessary by Linfield Sport staff
  • An independent chairman would need to be appointed during the first few years of merger
  • Day to day running of the club done by Linfield Sport
linfield cultural recreational sports club
Linfield Cultural Recreational Sports Club
  • Administration base for individual sports clubs and community groups.
  • Specialize in administrative duties, financial management and planning

- administration support (order placing, receiving goods, account preparation, subs invoicing, banking reconciliation, financial audits, meeting space)

- football support (provide development manager, resources for development manager, administration support, office space)

  • Currently service about 3000 members from 7 various clubs. Our clubrooms offer a fantastic social environment for club functions

These services are funded by application to trust prepared by Linfield Sport on behalf of

football and claimed as required

football development
Football Development
  • Both clubs have upwardly skewed player base – strong social emphasis
  • Develop strong junior and youth programs
  • Develop quality coaching programs which align with Mainland and NZ Football programs
  • Provide the best playing, training and after match facilities
  • Attract premier men and women throughout Canterbury and the upper south island
  • New “super club” theme will move the club into the new modern era
  • Attract 15 – 19 year old boys and girls
  • The eastern side of town will have a strong football presence
    • New club
    • Canterbury United Academy
    • Other local clubs e.g. Burwood, Parklands
playing and training
Playing and Training
  • Bexley and Cuthbert's Green will be used for training and playing
  • Increase lighting levels at both facilities to assist training
  • Linfield Sport will have 2 high quality football grounds - by 2010 they will be available to play on
  • Both fields will be lit to appropriate operating standard to play on
  • The current Bexley clubrooms will remain as a clubroom for use after training and on Sundays for the Sunday league and women's leagues.
  • On Saturday game days the modern Linfield Sport clubrooms will be used for all after match functions
  • All junior teams of the week will be held at the Linfield Sports clubrooms
  • A complete new identity is the best way to combine the two traditional clubs
  • A new logo will have to be developed – one that assists with providing a new more modern image. Many options have been suggested such as New Brighton Rangers, Pegasus, Eastern Suburbs, Eastern Bays
  • Ultimately the decision is up to the new members.
goals of new club
Goals of new club
  • To be up and running for the 2008 season
  • To consistently be one of the top 3 clubs in Christchurch in terms of playing numbers, teams and results
  • Both men's and women's 1st teams to play in highest leagues available
  • Men's 1st team to be placed in the top 4 of Mainland Premier League (MPL) in its inaugural season and 1st by 2010. Also to reach open round of Chatham Cup.
  • Women's 1st team to be placed first in the 2008 Women's Premier League (WPL). Also to reach open round of Uncle Toby’s
  • All other competitive and non competitive teams to be placed mid table or higher from 2008 and beyond
  • Sunday league team to be placed 1st in 2008