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NATA Foundation. Supporting and Advancing the Athletic Training Profession through Research & Education. Foundation Goals. To advance knowledge base of athletic training profession To encourage research among athletic trainers & those that can contribute to the athletic training knowledge base

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NATA Foundation

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nata foundation

NATA Foundation

Supporting and Advancing the Athletic Training Profession through Research & Education

foundation goals
Foundation Goals
  • To advance knowledge base of athletic training profession
  • To encourage research among athletic trainers & those that can contribute to the athletic training knowledge base
  • To provide forums for the exchange of ideas
foundation goals1
Foundation Goals
  • To facilitate presentation of programs & production of materials providing learning opportunities about athletic training topics
  • To provide scholarships for undergraduate and graduate athletic training students
  • To plan & implement an on-going total development program
leadership directory

Leadership Directory

Mike Sitler: President, Chair Exec Committee

Clint Thompson: Vice President, Exec Committee

Sue Hillman: Treasurer, Exec Committee

Mark Hoffman: Research Committee Chair

Beth Raitz Rex: Scholarship Committee Chair

R.T. Floyd: Member Development Chair

MaryBeth Horodyski: Public Relations Chair

Tara Lepp: Nominating Committee Chair

Jeff Kearney: Sponsor Development Chair

Ronnie Barnes: At Large

Mick Koester: At Large

Chuck Kimmel: NATA Board of Directors Liaison

District Chairs & State Representatives

staff members

Staff Members

Foundation Director: John Oliver

Capital Campaign Manager:John Honaman

Development Coordinator: Patsy Brown

Foundation Associate: Barbara Niland

Foundation Associate: Velma Meza

Accounting Coordinator: Reyna Zamora

district chairs fulfilling the foundation s mission

District ChairsFulfilling the Foundation’s Mission…

District 1: Charlie Redmond

District 2: Steve Bair

District 3: Bob Casmus

District 4: Sally Nogle

District 5: DC Colt

District 6: Matt Comeau

District 7: Tamara McLeod

District 8: Brent Mangus

District 9: Mike Wilkinson

District 10: Tara Lepp

scholarships well over 1 75 million so far

ScholarshipsWell over $1.75Million so far…

976 scholarships awarded thru 2007

2007: 77 x $2000=$154,000

Approximately 1 out of 3 applicants receive a scholarship!!

Apply now!!

Thanks to Bill Chambers for all his work

In obtaining scholarship sponsorship!

scholarship application deadline postmarked by feb 10th

Scholarship Application DeadlinePostmarked by Feb. 10th

Must have 3.2 GPA

Must be NATA member

Must have sponsor ATC

Applications available online September 1!!

Don’t drop the ball!!


Congratulations 2007 Scholarship Winners!

41 - Undergraduate scholarships

22 - Master’s scholarships

14 - Doctoral scholarships


2007 District 6 Scholarship Winners

2007 District 7 Scholarship Winners

2007 District 8 Scholarship Winners


2007 District 9 Scholarship Winners

2007 District 10 Scholarship Winners


Supporting & Funding

NATA Continuing Education

Committee Activities

Annual Topics


’94-’96: Head Injury

’96-’97: Sudden Death

’97-’98: Pharmacology

’98-’99: Psychology of Rehab

’99-’00: Lumbar Spine

’00-’01: Hand/Wrist

’01-’02: Infectious Disease

’02-’03: Athletes with Physical & Cognitive Impairment

’03-’04: Emergency Preparedness

’04-’05: Evidence-Based Athletic Training

’05-’06: Cervical Spine Injuries

’06-’07: The ATC/Clinical Instructor

foundation sponsored pass home study programs for ceu s

Foundation-sponsored PASS/Home Study Programs for CEU’s

Myofascial Release (4.5)

Psychology of Sport Injuries (4)

Managing Low Back Problems (5)

Sudden Death in Sports (5)

Disordered Eating Among Athletes (8)

Management of Bloodborne Pathogens (7)

Progressive Rehab - Lower Extremity Injuries (12)

Assessing/Rehabilitating Shoulder Instability (5)

Pharmacology: Therapeutic Medications (10)

Pharmacology: Performance Enhan. & Soc. Drugs (3)

Hand & Wrist in Sports (10) (Online)

Care & Treatment of Asthma (12.5)

Current Trends in Use of E-stim (8.5)


Lecture ExchangesPromoting Education and the Transfer of Knowledge through Exchanges with these Prestigious Organizations:

sponsoring summits on vital health care topics summaries available through foundation website

Sponsoring Summits on Vital Health Care Topics(Summaries available through Foundation website)

  • Sudden Death
  • Healthcare of Youth Sports Participants
  • Consensus Conference
  • Infusing Evidence-Based Medicine into Athletic Training and Clinical Practice
  • Advancing Outcomes of Care in Athletic Training Summit
research grant program accomplishments
ResearchGrant Program Accomplishments
  • Over 2.28 million dollars of funded research
  • Over 160 funded research projects directly applicable to the healthcare of the physically active
  • REF funded research has appeared in numerous scientific journals
general grants program
General Grants Program
  • Application Deadline February 15 & August 15
  • General Categories:
      • Basic Science
      • Applied Science
      • Educational Research
  • Online pre-proposals process
general grants program process

Recommend to REF BOD for Funding

Pre-Proposal(Evaluated within 6 weeks)

Recommend Not to Fund with Approval for Resubmission

Accepted Pre-Proposals:

Investigators Invited to Submit Full Proposal within 2 Years

Recommend to REF BOD for Funding After Revisions

Recommend Not to Fund without Approval for Resubmission

Grant Proposal Submitted February 15 or August 15

Proposal Reviewed by Research Committee & Content Specific External Reviewers

Investigators Notified of REF BOD Action

(January for August submission and June for February submission)

Research Committee Consider all Proposals at Face-to-Face Meeting

General Grants Program Process

Pre-Proposal Submission

(Rolling submissions)

Research Committee Makes one of the following Recommendations for Each Proposal

REF Board of Directors takes Action on Recommendations

current research priorities
Current Research Priorities
  • The effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of care provided by Athletic Trainers.
  • Studies documenting the outcomes of techniques used by Athletic Trainers focusing on patient-oriented and quality-of-life outcomes measures.
  • Prospective, longitudinal studies of the epidemiology of conditions typically managed by Athletic Trainers which will help establish a firm scientific foundation for care provided by Athletic Trainers.
  • Studies examining the outcomes of various procedures and approaches used in the education of Athletic Trainers.
  • Studies that elucidate mechanisms that have a direct applicability to Athletic Training that could serve as a foundation for clinical practice.
dissemination of funded research

Title of Study

Take Home


Description of

study, with results and conclusion

Dissemination of Funded Research

Grant Information Summaries (63 available), 10 new summaries for 2007





Previously Funded Researchers

John B. Abt, MS, ATC

Jatin Ambegaonkar, MS, ATC, CSCS

Naoko Aminika, ATC

Mike Anderson

Patricia Anivizio, BS, ATC

Marchell Austin, MS, ATC

Jessica Barrett, BS, ATC

Aikane L. Belez, ATC, LMT, BS

David R. Black, PhD (2)

J. Troy Blackburn, MS, ATC/L

Michelle Boling, ATC

Shawn Bonsell, MD

Erica Borgia, BS, ATC

Matthew Bracken, ATC

William F. Brechue, PhD

Anna T. Brockmeyer, MS, ATC

Stephen P. Broglio, BA, ATC

Paul Buchheit, BA, ATC

David Carney, ATC, CSCS

Douglas Casa, PhD, ATC, CSCS

R. Dawn Comstock, PhD

Tracey Covassin, MS, ATC

Nicole L. Craig, BA, ATC

Nathan Crockett, BS, ATC

Paul DeVita, PhD

Kimberly L. Dolak, ATC

Christine Douglas, BA, ATC

Geoffrey Dover, MS, ATC, CAT(c)

Stacy Downar, ATC

David Draper, EdD, ATC

Jeffrey B. Driban, ATC, CSCS

Kenneth Eaves, MS, ATC

Mary Ann Erickson, EdD, ATC

Charles C. Emerson, BS, ATC, LAT

Russell Emrich, MD

Melisa Fazio, BS, ATC

Reed Ferber, MS, ATC, CAT(C)

A. Louise Fincher, EdD, ATC, LAT

Sheryl D. Finucane, PhD, PT

Paul Fiolkowski, MA, ATC

R. T. Floyd, EdD, ATC, CSCS

Susan Foreman, MPT, ATC

Julie Fritz, PhD, PT, ATC

Steve Fuzie, PT, ATC

Gale Gehlsen, PhD

Peter R. Giacobbi, Jr., PhD

Matthew Gilbert, BA, ATC

Mary Beth Gilliam, ATC

Vickie Graham, MS, ATC

Phillip Gribble, MA, ATC

Terry L. Grindstaff, DPT, ATC, CSCS

Matthew M. Grinsell, MD, PhD

Dawn T. Gulick, PhD, PT, ATC

Aimee Gunnoe, ATC

K. M. Guskiewicz, PhD, ATC (2)

Kellie Guth, BS, ATC

Ayako Habu, BS, ATC

Kim Hannigan-Downs, MS, ATC

Gary Harrelson, EdD, ATC

Rod A. Harter, PhD, ATC

Jolene M. Henning, PhD, ATC-L

Stephen Herrmann, ATC, LAT

J. Hertel, MED, ATC

Charlie A. Hicks-Little, MS, LAT, ATC

Mark Hoffman, PhD, ATC (2)

J. Ty Hopkins, PhD, ATC

Tricia Hubbard, MS, ATC

Cale Jacobs, MS, ATC

Lennart D. Johns, PhD, ATC (2)

M. B. Johnson

Sam Johnson, MS, ATC, CSCS

Stephen Johnson, PhD

Mary E. Joos, BA, ATC

I. Kimura, PhD, PT, ATC

Thomas Kohl, MD

Kenneth C. Lam, MEd, ATC

Alison Lane, ATC

Jill W. Lassiter, ATC

Scott Lephart, PhD, ATC

L. T. Leverenz (2)

Robert S. Charles Lipscombe, ATC

Nicole M. Livecchi, MS, ATC/L

Scott C. Livingston, MS, PT, ATC

Keith J. Loud, MD (2)

Robert Malina, PhD

Emily Markis, BS, ATC

Stephen W. Marshall, PhD


Previously Funded Researchers

Philip W. McClure, PhD, PT

Jennifer McKenzie, ATC

Patrick O. McKeon, MS, ATC, CSCS

Thomas McLoughlin, MA, ATC

John A. Mercer, PhD

Jennifer Merkle, BS, ATC, LAT

Mark Merrick, PhD, ATC

Lori Michener, PhD, PT, ATC, SCS (2)

John Miller, PhD, ATC

Dawn M. Minton, BS, ATC

Dani M. Moffitt, MA, MPE, ATC

C. L. Moss, EdD, ATC

Larry B. Munger, Jr., MS, ATC, CSCS

Anh-Dung Nguyen, MSEd, ATC

Jeanne F. Nichols, PhD

Marc F. Norcross, BS, ATC-L

Lacey Nordsiden, BA, ATC

Catherine O'Connor, MD, ATC

Erin M. O'Donoghue, BA, ATC

Regina O'Hara, BS, ATC

James A. Onate, MA, ATC/L

Louis R. Osternig, PhD, ATC

Riann M. Palmieri, PhD, ATC

Kristina A. Palmer, BA

Akshay V. Patel

Junita R. Payne, ATC

Frank M. Perna, EdD

David H. Perrin, PhD, ATC (5)

Anthony B. Piegaro, Jr., BS

Scott G. Piland, MA, ATC

Jeffrey A. Potteiger, PhD

John W. Powell, PhD, ATC (3)

Christopher M. Powers, PhD, PT

Michael E. Powers, MS, ATC, CSCS

Mitchell J. Rauh, PhD, PT, MPH

William A. Romani, PhD, PT, ATC (2)

Scott E. Ross, MA, ATC

Jeffrey A. Russell, MS, ATC

Michelle Sandrey, PhD, ATC

Julie Sandy, ATC

Eric Sauers, PhD, ATC, CSCS

Emily Schlitz, BA, ATC, LAT

Megan Janette Schorr, ATC, LAT

Jennifer Sebert, BS, ATC

Natalie Senese, ATC

Amelia Sesma, BS, ATC

Megan Shaw, ATC

Yohei Shimokochi, MA, ATC

Sandra J. Shultz, PhD, ATC (2)

Eric J. Simmons, ATC

Gary Simoneau

Mike Sitler, EdD, ATC

James Slauterbeck, MD

G. A. Smith

Lyndsay Smith, BS, ATC

Allison R. Snyder, PhD, ATC (2)

Lynn Snyder-Mackler, ScD, ATC, PT (2)

Eric A. Sorenson, BA, ATC

Kristin Stoneberg, ATC

Katie M. Strasser, ATC

Lindsay J. Strickland, ATC

Jeffrey A. Sullivan, MA, ATC

David N. Suprak, MS, ATC, CSCS

Buz Swanik, PhD, ATC

Kathleen A. Swanik, PhD, ATC (2)

Erik E. Swartz, PhD, ATC (2)

Samantha Lynne Sweet, BS, LAT, ATC

Brittany Taylor, ATC

William F. Taylor, MEd, ATC, LAT

Jill Thein-Nissenbaum, MPT, ATC, SCS

Masaaki Tsuruike, MS, ATC

Giampietro Vairo, BS, ATC

Jessica Walter, ATC

Noah J. Wasielewski, MS, ATC, CSCS

A.W. Watson

Thomas Weidner, PhD, ATC/L (3)

Denise Wiksten, PhD, ATC (2)

Daniell R. Wilderman, BS, ATC/L

Nancy L. Williams, ScD (2)

Andrew Winterstein, ATC

Shawna Wood, BS, ATC/L

K. Wright, DA, ATC

Susan W. Yeargin, MS, ATC

Anthony Zaino

Steven M. Zinder, MS, ATC

dissemination of funded research1
Dissemination of Funded Research
  • Scientific Journals
    • Journal of Athletic Training
    • Gait and Posture
    • Journal of Electromyography & Kinesiology
    • Clinical Biomechanics
    • Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise
    • Journal of Women's Health and Gender Based Medicine
    • Journal of Hand Therapy
    • Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery
    • Journal of Physical Therapy
    • European Journal of Applied Physiology
    • Journal of Applied Sport Psychology
    • International Journal of Neuroscience
    • Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy
    • Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy
    • Journal of Sport Rehabilitation
    • International Journal of Sports Medicine
funding of graduate student research
Funding of Graduate Student Research
  • Osternig Master’s Grant
    • Multiple awards up to $1000
    • April 15th & October 15thApp. Deadline
  • Doctoral Grant
    • $2500 Maximum
    • March 1st App. Deadline
  • More Information at
nata foundation distinguished scholars awards
NATA Foundation Distinguished Scholars Awards
  • Distinguished Athletic Training Research Award
  • New Investigator Award
  • Doctoral Dissertation Award
distinguished athletic training research award
Distinguished Athletic Training Research Award
  • Presented in honor of Joseph S. Torg, M.D.
  • Sponsored by Riddell, Inc.
  • Award Winners
    • Kevin M. Guskiewicz (2006)
    • Christopher D. Ingersoll (2005)
    • Craig R. Denegar (2003)
    • Scott M. Lephart (2002)
    • David O. Draper (2001)
    • John W. Powell (2000)
    • David H. Perrin (1999)
    • Louis R. Osternig (1998)
    • Kenneth L. Knight (1997)
new investigator award
New Investigator Award
  • Presented in honor of Freddie H. Fu, M.D.
  • Award Winners
    • Riann M. Palmieri-Smith (2007)
    • Darin A. Padua (2006)
    • Joseph B. Myers (2005)
    • J. Ty Hopkins (2004)
    • Sandra J. Schultz (2003)
    • Jay N. Hertel (2002)
    • Douglas J. Casa (2001)
    • Mitchell L. Cordova (2000)
    • Kevin M. Guskiewicz (1999)
    • Scott M. Lephart (1998)
doctoral dissertation award
Doctoral Dissertation Award
  • Presented in honor of David H. Perrin, PhD, ATC
    • Annually recognizes highest quality research that emanates from a doctoral dissertation
  • Award Winners
    • J. Troy Blackburn (2007)
    • Timothy A. Butterfield (2006)
    • Riann M. Palmieri (2005)
  • More Information at
free communication program
Free Communication Program
  • Submissions have increased significantly in recent years
  • Quality of presented research has increased
  • Journal of Athletic Training Supplement reaching over 30,000 NATA members
nata foundation is involved with the bone joint decade 2000 2010

NATA Foundation is Involved with the “Bone & Joint Decade” 2000-2010

Global campaign to help understand & treat musculoskeletal disorders through prevention, education and research

Working in concert with UN, WHO, and other healthcare organizations


NATA Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization:How can you help to support Athletic Training, and ensure that all the Foundation’s activities continue?.....

Participate in Foundation’s Fun Events

Donate to the Foundation!!

Fund/sponsor publishing, scholarship, events, etc.

Donate speaker stipends or awards

Explore “planned giving” options, including stocks, shares, wills, and more

NATA Night 2007 with Los Angeles Angels!

Fun Run

Foundation Golf Classic

keep in touch with the foundation s many activities

Keep in touch with the Foundation’s many activities…

Foundation eBlast Newsletter

Foundation News

thank you for your support

Thank you for your support!!

Be sure to take advantage of all the NATA Foundation’s activities!!