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LIGHTING A GREEN DORM Taylor Ellis Bragg Syed Muhasin Sayeed Steven Michael Scardato Gregory Ter-Zakhariants Introduction The costs of wasting energy Our project, why we are doing it, and how we went about it How much electricity does lighting use?

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lighting a green dorm


Taylor Ellis Bragg

Syed Muhasin Sayeed

Steven Michael Scardato

Gregory Ter-Zakhariants

  • The costs of wasting energy
  • Our project, why we are doing it, and how we went about it
how much electricity does lighting use
How much electricity does lighting use?
  • Total Electricity: 10,656 kWh per year per household, 1.1 trillion kWh for the country for residential lighting
  • 9.1 percent of electricity to lighting-110.6 billion kWh for the nation.
how much does this cost
How much does this cost?
  • 8.3 cents per kWh
  • 9.2 billion dollars nationally for residential lighting alone
  • One 60-watt light bulb on for an hour, is 0.06 kWh (60/1000)
  • One 20-watt light bulb on for an hour is 0.02 kWh
  • For Stanford university room, 2x60 watt incandescent light-bulbs run for 3 hours a day + 4x20 watt ceiling fluorescent bulbs for 10 hours a day=.36+.8 kwH/day=423.4 kwH/year
  • 423.4*.083=$35 per year
  • For entire freshman class, about $60,000
  • Source:
powering a 100 watt lightbulb for a year
Powering a 100 watt lightbulb, for a year:
  • 740 lbs coal
  • 5 lbs. SOx (source of acid rain)
  • 5 lbs. NOx (source of acid rain, smog)
  • 1,852 lbs. COx (greenhouse gas)
  • Source:
our project an overview
Our Project: An Overview
  • Lighting: An easy way to address energy consumption
  • Numerous approaches to the problem
  • Our focus: Light, Power, Power Management, Light Direction
lighting a bright efficient future
Lighting: A bright, efficient future
  • Why LED's
  • Current Technology
  • Future Technology
why led s
Why LED's
  • Benefits -
    • Life Span
    • Durability
    • Maintenance
    • Flexibility
what is an led
What is an LED?
  • A solid state light source that uses an electrical signal run across a semiconductor
current technology
Current Technology
  • Very attractive options for certain situations
    • Traffic Lights
    • Car Lights
  • Not yet feasible everyday light replacements
    • No market = high cost and low production
  • There is a lot of research being conducted in LED technology because of its potential
future technology
Future Technology
  • Most promising lighting technology
  • Cost Reducing
    • 50% reduction on energy used for lighting
    • 10% worldwide total energy reduction
  • Environmentally Friendly
power plugging in to green energy
Power: Plugging in to green energy
  • Sunny Day  1000 W/m2
  • Photovoltaic (PV) module:

Solar Cells

    • Single crystal silicon
    • Polycrystalline silicon
    • Others


storing the energy
Storing the Energy
  • Deep Cycle Batteries
  • Utility Grid
    • Inverter: DC  AC
  • Expensive: $9 per Watt
    • prices expected to decrease in the future


relevant projects
Relevant Projects
  • BJ’s Wholesale Club
    • 12K sq. ft., 1330 - 2x4ft. Panels, 52-kW
    • Saved $1M, 12M kW-hr/yr
  • Synergy House
    • 7.5 kW
    • $77,816
    • Saves 11,164 kW-hr/yr, $1,987/yr


power management switching it up for the better
Power Management: Switching it up…for the better!
  • Cutting down on

unnecessary power


  • Three main lighted

areas in any dorm…

  • Dorm Room, Hallway,

and Lounge area.

power management dorm room
Power Management – Dorm Room
  • Keep manual light switches
  • Possible Improvements
    • “Dimmer” switches  $20-30
    • Power Management workshops


power management hallway
Power Management – Hallway
  • Hallways aren’t commonly used during certain hours of the day
  • Timers  $40-50
  • Motion Sensors  $20-60


power management lounge
Power Management – Lounge
  • During the day  Plenty of natural light
  • Big Windows
  • “Photosensors”  $40-60


lighting direction putting lighting in its place
Lighting Direction: Putting Lighting in its place
  • Individual Needs
  • If the dorm doesn’t meet these with efficient lighting, students will be forced to meet them on their own
  • Inefficient solutions
three choices
Three Choices:
  • One overhead light
  • Desk lamps
  • All-included system
our solution include high efficiency desk lamps
Our Solution: Include High Efficiency Desk Lamps
  • Higher initial purchase costs
  • Reduce student costs
  • Decrease energy consumption
conclusion lighting the dorm of the future
Conclusion: Lighting The Dorm of the Future
  • Lighting
  • Power
  • Power Management
  • Lighting Direction