gain recommendation and referral summary
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GAIN Recommendation and Referral Summary

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GAIN Recommendation and Referral Summary - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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GAIN Recommendation and Referral Summary Downloading, Installing, Generating and Editing Dionna Christian Chestnut Health Systems, Bloomington, IL

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gain recommendation and referral summary

GAIN Recommendation and Referral Summary

Downloading, Installing, Generating and Editing

Dionna Christian

Chestnut Health Systems, Bloomington, IL

Presentation for SAMHSA Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT) Adolescent Treatment Grantee meeting, Baltimore, MD, February 23-25, 2004. The opinions are those of the author and do not reflect official positions of the government . Available on-line at

what do i need

Microsoft Word 97 or higher


Access 2000 or higher

What do I need?
what do i need3
What do I need?
  • ABS installed
  • GAIN version 5.3 or higher installed
  • ABS and GAIN license registered
  • Staff IDs and Permissions set up
where do i get it
Where do I get it? Updates/Index.html

  • Click on the ICP/G-RRS link
  • When asked whether to Save or Open, choose Save
  • Save the file where you are sure to remember it’s location
icp g rrs installation extracting the files
ICP/G-RRS InstallationExtracting the files
  • Open the G-RRS file you downloaded
  • WinZip will open, displaying a list of files contained in the zip file
  • Click the “Extract” button
icp g rrs installation extracting the files6
File pathICP/G-RRS InstallationExtracting the files
  • Select where you would like the extracted files saved
  • Select the “All Files” option
  • Click the “Extract” button
  • When extraction is complete, close WinZip
important notice
Important Notice!

Before attempting to install the ICP/G-RRS, it is CRITICAL that you are logged on to the computer as a local administrator.

If you are not, the program cannot register itself with your Windows registry and the installation will fail.

icp g rrs installation running the setup
ICP/G-RRS InstallationRunning the Setup
  • Run the ICP_G-RRS SetUp.EXE program by:
    • Finding the file using Windows Explorer & double-clicking on it
    • Accessing the file through the “Run” command from the “Start” menu
    • Find the file using My Computer & double-clicking on it
icp g rrs installation running the setup9
ICP/G-RRS InstallationRunning the Setup
  • Read the licensing agreement and click the “Yes” button to accept the agreement, which takes you to this screen:
  • Select the directory where ABS is installed and click the “Install” button

File path to ABS

icp g rrs installation finishing step one
ICP/G-RRS InstallationFinishing Step One
  • Click “OK” at the message confirming the installation is complete.
  • Click the close button
  • Launch ABS while still logged on as a local administrator (This will register the ICP/G-RRS program)
  • This will finish the first step of the installation
icp g rrs installation completing the process
ICP/G-RRS InstallationCompleting the process
  • Return to the location of the extracted files
    • Windows Explorer
    • The “Run” command
    • My Computer
  • Take a copy of the file
    • on your keyboard
    • Right-click with your mouse and choose “copy”
    • Select the file and choose “copy” from the Edit menu
icp g rrs installation completing the process12
ICP/G-RRS InstallationCompleting the process
  • While still viewing a list of files, find your ABS Server directory
  • Open the Support folder within that directory
  • Paste the file into the Support folder
    • Right-click with your mouse and choose “paste”
    • on your keyboard
    • Choose “paste” from the Edit menu
  • This file must be pasted into each instance of ABS Server (“Server” version & “Local” versions)
generating an icp or g rrs
Generating an ICP or G-RRS
  • Log on to ABS and open the case you wish to run a report on
  • From the menu at the top of your screen, choose AddIns, then ICP/G-RRS
  • Verify the path to your Lookup Tables
    • If the path is correct, click “Yes”
    • If the path is incorrect, click “No” to change it
generating an icp or g rrs15
Generating an ICP or G-RRS
  • You should then see this screen:
  • Select which report you wish to generate
  • Click the “Run” button
  • Click “OK” to continue
the icp
  • If you chose the ICP report, you will see a calculation screen.
  • When the calculations are finished, a box will pop up saying “Complete”
  • Click “OK” to open the report in Microsoft Access

Sample ICP Report

the g rrs
  • If you choose the G-RRS report, you will see this screen:
  • Here you can choose to show client name or initials, and the name of the referring agency
  • Once these choices are made, click “Run”
the g rrs18
  • After the calculations are complete, the report will open in Microsoft Word, where you can save and/or edit the file

Sample G-RRS

customizing the g rrs template
Customizing the G-RRS template
  • Open Microsoft Word and select Open from the File menu
  • Browse to the Support folder in your ABS Server directory
  • Select to open the file (Note: Do not try to open this file from Windows Explorer. That will create a new document, NOT open the template.)
customizing the g rrs template20
Customizing the G-RRS template
  • From the menu, select Tools, and then Options
  • On the View tab, put a checkmark in the box labeled “Bookmarks” and then close the window
  • Locate the section you wish to delete from the G-RRS and highlight it. (The section should be between to large brackets, […])
customizing the g rrs template21
Customizing the G-RRS template
  • From the menu, select Insert and then Bookmark
  • The bookmark you highlighted will be highlighted in the list
  • Jot down the name of the bookmark
customizing the g rrs template22
Customizing the G-RRS template
  • Close the Bookmark window and delete the selected text
  • You should be left with two square brackets, like this: []
  • Return to the Bookmark window (Insert, Bookmark)
  • Find the Bookmark name you wrote down, select it, click the Delete button, then close the window
  • Make any spacing adjustments in your document and then save it
where do i go for help
Where do I go for help?
  • Your site’s ABS Administrator
  • Your site’s APSS website
  • Contact ABS Support
    • Dionna Christian (309) 820-3543 ext. 83400