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DPC Collection Builder Support

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DPC Collection Builder Support. March 2004 Katy Ginger ( ginger@ucar.edu ) Metadata Architect DLESE Program Center (DPC) Univ. Corp. for Atmospheric Res. (UCAR). Talk Organizer. Terminology Metadata formats used by collection builders How to contribute a collection

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dpc collection builder support

DPC Collection Builder Support

March 2004

Katy Ginger (ginger@ucar.edu)

Metadata Architect

DLESE Program Center (DPC)

Univ. Corp. for Atmospheric Res. (UCAR)

talk organizer
Talk Organizer
  • Terminology
  • Metadata formats used by collection builders
  • How to contribute a collection
  • Support specifics and examples
  • Support to Collections Accessioning Taskforce
  • Collection development issues
  • Crosswalk - to change metadata formats
  • Transform - code that performs the crosswalk
  • OAI - harvesting method by the Open Archives Initiative - Protocol for Metadata Harvesting
  • Validation - verify required metadata & vocabs
  • Native metadata - the metadata format of a collection builder’s records before transformation to a DLESE metadata format
dlese dpc frameworks formats
DLESE/ DPC Frameworks/ Formats
  • ADN - online and offline resources
  • DLESE-IMS - online resources only
  • Annotation - resource reviews, comments, connecting additional resource content
  • Collection - collection characteristics
  • News-Opps - announcements, conferences
  • Object - FAQ’s, glossary terms
  • SMS - Strand Map Service for AAAS benchmarks
native metadata formats used by collection builders
Native Metadata Formats Used by Collection Builders
  • FGDC - data (government agencies)
  • IMS - learning objects
  • Onix - book publishers format
  • NSDL-DC - NSDL’s version of Dublin Core; ADN records are transformed to this for NSDL
  • Other Native- particular to each collection
  • DPC helps collection builders change their metadata to a DLESE metadata format
contribute a collection process 1
Contribute a Collection Process (1)
  • Determine if collection is within scope
  • Determine DLESE collection type and DLESE metadata format
  • Understand collection accessioning (adding) and deaccessioning (removing)
  • Determine membership for DRC
  • Create a collection scope statement
contribute a collection process 2
Contribute a Collection Process (2)
  • Determine DLESE required metadata fields
  • Create metadata records in the appropriate DLESE metadata format
  • Compile overarching collection information
  • Send metadata records to the DLESE Program Center (DPC)
      • support for sending to NSDL
contribute a collection process 3
Contribute a Collection Process (3)
  • Test the collection in DLESE systems
  • Obtain Collections Accessioning Taskforce approval to be a DLESE collection
  • Maintain the collection
support maintenance feedback
Support & Maintenance Feedback
  • Provided at all steps in contribution process
  • Provided as maintenance after accessioning
  • Includes technical and non-technical issues
  • Done by: phone (40%); email (50%); face to face meetings (10%)
  • Received about 500 emails related to cataloging and collection support in 2003
overarching technical support
Overarching Technical Support
  • Crosswalks to DLESE metadata formats (requires learning CB’s native metadata)
  • DLESE software training for the catalog system (DCS) and harvest system (OAI)
  • Database design (what information to capture)
  • Keep CB’s DLESE software upgraded
  • Create collection record for NSDL
  • Troubleshoot DLESE software installs & use
technical record checks
Technical Record Checks
  • URL links
  • Proper XML encoding
  • Syntax checks on email addresses
  • Duplication (on URLs and identification numbers)
  • Validation (has required metadata & vocabs)
  • Test in discovery system
  • Crosswalk records to NSDL format
non technical support
Non-technical Support
  • Assist in writing scope statements
  • Assist in use of correct vocabularies
  • Provide examples of good descriptions
  • Suggest gathering or organizing strategies
  • Resource quality checks
  • Metadata quality checks
  • Catalog training
  • Explain policies and accessioning process
collection support examples 1
Collection Support Examples (1)
  • All records have the same URL or id number
  • Descriptions are cutoff in mid-sentence
  • Descriptions use 3 words or less
  • Every description is the same
  • Records use vocabs and required metadata but won’t index in the discovery system
  • Records don’t use controlled vocabularies & required metadata
collection support examples 2
Collection Support Examples (2)
  • Records use improper character encoding
  • 50% of the records have broken URLs
  • Records using almost every NSES standard
  • CB says go get new records but then there are no records to get
  • CB did not assign own record ids but rather used ids that already exist in DLESE
  • Metadata field is misinterpreted
support to collections accessioning taskforce
Support to Collections Accessioning Taskforce
  • Records
  • Collection description
  • URL to scope statement
  • Summary of collection robustness in terms of metadata quality, link checking and resources
  • Provide the collection contact information
  • Stats of the collection (number of records, will it go on to NSDL, topics covered)
collection development issues
Collection Development Issues
  • Must now actively seek out collections
  • Must be very proactive to move collection builders through the contribution process
  • Must be very proactive with current collections in maintaining robustness (e.g. URLs)
  • Must propagate NSDL metadata changes down to DLESE collections