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DPC 2002 Retreat

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DPC 2002 Retreat. Metadata Status Report (2002 Sep. 4). Metadata Purpose. Capture resource information in a structured format for discovery Resources : websites, services annotations, collections, activities, images, news&opps, etc.

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dpc 2002 retreat

DPC 2002 Retreat

Metadata Status Report

(2002 Sep. 4)

metadata purpose
Metadata Purpose

Capture resource information in a structured format for discovery

Resources: websites, services annotations, collections, activities, images, news&opps, etc.

  • Services: Capabilities that enhance DLESE functions (e.g. OAI)
  • Annotations: Additional information about a resource that is provided by non-resource creators or users of the resource.
  • Collections: Resources grouped together because they are organized around a theme, organization or some criteria.
five facets of metadata
Five Facets of Metadata
  • Framework Development: Develop XML structures for capturing resource information
  • Metadata Maintenance: Make structural or semantic changes records
  • Framework Documentation: Interpretation of the framework, vocabularies and cataloging best practices
  • Collection Management: Export or import records in appropriate formats
  • User Support: Tool instructions, cataloging support and collection building
1 framework development
1. Framework Development
  • NSDL: DLESE-IMS records  NSDL compliant
  • Collection-level: Describes a group of item-level metadata records as a whole
  • Item-level: Describes individual resources
  • New & Opportunities: Describes community conferences, workshops, grants, jobs etc.
  • Annotation: Review status of item-level records
  • Services: Describes available services
2 metadata maintenance
2. Metadata Maintenance
  • Addition or update of fields: (ESS vocab, standards, more geospatial coverage)
  • DLESE-IMS  ADN: dfsdf
3 framework documentation
3. Framework Documentation
  • Cataloging best practices: How to complete a field; 1 pt of chg, 6 pts of propagation.
  • Framework interpretations: The definition, occurrences & use of fields; 1 pt of chg & prop.
  • Vocabularies: Defintions; 2 pts of chg, 6 pts of propagation (e.g. NSES implementation)
    • Develop the vocabulary, its definitions and use:
      • 6-12 months or longer depending on the vocabulary.
      • not required here because used National Academy of Science.
    • Vocabulary in the metadata: Aug. 2001
    • Vocabulary in the DCS: March 2002
    • Vocabulary in the discovery system: To be determined
4 collection management
4. Collection Management
  • Incoming DCS collections:
    • Carleton, DWEL, Eval. Toolkit (100+ records)
      • Have DPC support in tool and record maintenance
      • In DLESE-IMS
  • Incoming non-DCS collections:
    • COMET, AVC, JDL, NAP, CRS, JESSE (9000+ records)
      • Not in current DLESE-IMS rather in Dublin Core or native
      • Have little or no DPC support
  • Outgoing collections:
    • DLESE-IMS, Simple Dublin Core, News & Opps, Qualified Dublin Core
5 user support
5. User Support
  • Cataloger Training/Support: Reached 185 people directly since Jan. 1, 2002
  • Collection Support: How to map COMET native metadata to DLESE-IMS?
  • Will change dramatically
    • Increase in cataloger training/support with more remote DCS users
    • Increase in collection builder questions about getting to the DLESE-IMS format
issues policy questions
Issues: Policy questions
  • Metadata cannot do everything: e.g. including advertising info. is beyond item-level metadata.
  • Establish a framework development process: To create framework versions and a less haphazard method for adding fields & vocabs.
  • Establish a collection approval process: Explain the mechanics of the Collections Accession Policy process of becoming a collection.
exposures priority resource limits
Exposures: Priority & Resource Limits
  • ESS vocabulary development: DPC participate
  • Alpha and beta testing: metadata not have
  • Metadata maintenance: shuts down the DCS for the transition to ADN and DCS code upgrades
  • Dramatic increase in collection support: For non-DCS collection builders to get correct metadata format; need framework docs
  • Need ADN now: To enforce required metadata & vocabs for non-DCS’ers; collaboration is slow.